Agent Carter: Time and Tide Recap


Here we are at the newest episode of Agent Carter, we are also coming closer to the half way point of this series since it is only 8 episodes. If you want to know what happened on the 2 hour season premiere well check here; Agent Carter Season Premiere.

Peggy is looking super chic while she is doing research on the symbol was being drawn. There is a man coming out along the outside of the room. I am thinking it is Jarvis, nope it’s not Jarvis. Peggy is there to greet him with a gun to the face. It seems he is there to see the girl next door.

The rules of that place are strict, well the nothing gets past Miriam who had that girl kicked out in front of everyone letting them know that this will not be tolerated but it helped give Peggy an idea.

Peggy heads down to see everyone’s fav butler, figuring that someone broke into Starks house. Which is easy to do on days when it rain and there is candle light because that just knocks Jarvis out. Before they can do some research the SSR come down because they found the bumper from the car.  Go thing Jarvis got rid of the rest of the car at Peggy’s urging and declared it missing.

Jarvis heads downtown with them where he is completely cool and collected in the interrogation room. Jack is trying to do everything to break him down, including bringing up his treason charge and use the deportation word.

Peggy is on it, unfortunately is means that she has to play the role of a dumb female but she was able to save Jarvis.

Peggy heads over that night to Starks where her and Jarvis do some spelunking. Peggy asks Jarvis what happened because she needs to trust him. It seems that he forged the General’s signature on order to get his sweetheart out because she was Jewish. He got caught when he was filing them, but Stark came in to help him. Now Jarvis is very happily married to his sweetheart.

While they are walking down the tunnel they run across Stark’s ship, the one everyone has been looking for. Peggy and Jarvis investigate the ship where they find some of the “stolen materials.” Peggy wants to call it in but Jarvis knowa that it will not help her because she cannot say how she found it. She has Jarvis phone in the tip, where he tries to pull off an American accent.

Agent Carter - Peggy fighting

While Jarvis is doing that a thug comes because he was told to expect trouble especially from Peggy. After he decided to throw Peggy, which I was not alright with. Well Peggy lets him know it won’t be easy and she doesn’t make it easy. Peggy is an amazing fighter, I think May might have wanted to be Peggy.  The guy does get the upper hand on Peggy but Jarvis comes in to save her only to then find himself in trouble.  Peggy comes to the rescue using the green thingy that caused the guy’s bones to break.

Jarvis then runs Peggy out of there before people can find her but she is worried about the thug giving her away.  As Krzeminski is driving the thug away, the thugs begins to mention about Peggy.  Before it can go any further someone comes up behind them and shoots them both.

In the office the next day Peggy finds out about what happened, it is a loss to the entire office.  This causes Peggy to talk to Angie who she had been ignoring because of work.

It was nice to have something besides that formula to worry about, not to mention find out more about Stark’s missing things.  We also got to learn more about Jarvis, which makes me wonder if he might be a bit more useful then we think, because there has to be a reason besides keeping an eye on Peggy for why Stark left him.

Life in the office is not any better, but at least Peggy can keep using it to her advantage.  It is unfortunate but there really is nothing that she can do.  I am happy that she has a friend in Angie, but I also get that she is trying to protect her.

Also the person who killed Krzeminski, that seemed like a female.  Is anyone else thinking the ballerina, because that timing.

I am not happy that I have to wait two weeks for another episode, but at least it will have a Stan Lee cameo:

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