Agent Carter Premiere: Now is Not the End and Bridge and Tunnel Recap


It is finally here and I don’t think I can tell you how excited I am for Agent Carter.  I have been looking forward to it for months.  It is going to be great having a show lead by a strong female lead.  Agent Carter has been amazing in everything that she has been in.  From Captain America to the short that was made about her and her cameo spots on Agents of SHIELD.

What I am really hoping to get from this show is seeing how she comes to start SHIELD with Stark and the General.  I am also hoping that we will see who it is that she marries because I am curious who was able to replace Cap in her life.

It starts off with Agent Carter getting ready for work, but as she is doing that she is also remembering what happened to Captain America.  As she is leaving she sees her roommate laying in bed sick.  Her roommate has no idea what Peggy does for a living.  Which is evident by Peggy hiding the fact that she has a gun.

Agent Carter - Peggy

While Peggy is working for the SSR, she is really just a secretary there, assigned to answer phones.  She is allowed into meetings where she tries to give imput but no one will listen to her.  This is all very different from what she is use to during the war.

After Peggy is done enjoying some pie, also having vented to her waitress/friend Angie, Peggy heads out only to be ambushed by some guy in an alley. Well the guy attempts to ambush her but not with much success.  Howard Stark drive up letting her know that he will be needing her help.

I don’t see this Jarvis being anywhere near as useful as his computer generated version or Alfred.

The only good thing about the fact that all the men underestimate Peggy is that she can ease drop on conversations that they think she he has no idea about.  It also helps when she can use lady troubles as an excuse to leave work early.  That can be the nice thing about working for a guy, using that excuse to get out of things.

Peggy does a great job of going undercover in a blond wig and an amazing dress.  She is able to locate a protype of the bomb in a safe, but that is not before going a rather good American accent.  I am sure the fact that Hayley Atwell’s father is American and she spent time in the US helped with that.

She does a great job of being seducing the guy and then using poison lipstick on him.  Seriously what happened to the drugged lipstick of yore, do spies still use that and how do we get an over the counter version.

Agent Carter - Peggy defused bomb

While Peggy is back in her apt she grabs all the ingredients she needs to defuse this bomb, I think it is more amazing that some regular only household items will work. If it is that easy to defuse a nuclear bomb why do they make such a big deal in movies, just get some baking soda.  Anyway, she defused to bomb only to find out that her roommate has been killed.  The guy is still in the apt but Peggy makes quick work of him.

After all of these we see Peggy meeting with Jarvis at the diner but they do not sit together they actually sit back to back so no one can accuse them of knowing each other.

Agent Carter - Villain with bomb

They both break into a chemical plant where Peggy finds a truck that is carrying all of the chemical formula.  Which is a bad thing because well this truck could blow up a lot of people.  While Peggy fights off the guys, one of them gets away with formula but not before he throws one of the bombs at Peggy.  Peggy calls Jarvis to bring the car around so that they can escape, which they do but not before losing the bumper off the car.

While Peggy is at the diner the next day talking with Angie about needing a place, she over hears a guy not being so nice to Angie.  Well Peggy had an opinion on how he should treat his waitress:

We find out that the place that Peggy will be staying for now is at one of Stark’s places.  It happens to be one that he does not use a lot.  Lucky for Peggy, Stark keeps few costumes in the closet.  The only way that Peggy is going to find out who’s milk truck that is by going undercover.

Unfortunately, this turns up nothing but it does give Peggy a name of someone else to check out.

While all of this is going on the guys at the SSR are also trying to track down the missing milk truck as well as the blonde from the party who took the formula.  Luck would have it, Peggy managed to turn her head at all the right moments so there are no shots of her face.  Well Peggy happens to be a really good spy.

Now the SSR is investigating all the milk truck people, they plan on using the device that Peggy had been using.  They call her down to help because they need a female to check the girls, because the bomb radiation can stay on a person stuff for a bit.  Peggy then does a quick check on herself only to find out that her watch contains some.  While they are doing checks, Peggy notices one of the guys from the warehouse that she hit.  After suggesting that after a clothing change and shower, he would no longer have a of the radiation, so they should check his other clothes.  He takes off running, Peggy manages to cut him off before the boys do, stopping him.

Peggy and Jarvis head down to Jersey where then track down the milk truck that contains the formula. After interrogating the milk truck driver, who had no manner, she leaves him tied up to a chair while she leaves in his milk truck.  Thankfully to Jarvis who helped her out even though she told him to leave, they are able to escape.  One of the guys finds them and Peggy has an amazing fight sequence with him on top of the truck.  After jumping from the truck:

After all of this is done, Peggy decides to take Angie up on the offer to move into her apt building, well there are some rules to this place:

I am not sure how that whole curfew thing is going to work for Peggy.

Agent Carter - Bad Captain America radio show

Some other interesting things from this episode would be the Captain America radio show, which was really annoying.  Everyone in the show was getting annoyed by the radio program especially Peggy.  Peggy is dealing with her own lose of Cap, so the really crappy radio program is not helping.

Also the text messaging typewriter, how do we get a typewriter that does text messages. One of the bad guys communicated via a typewriter. This makes sense since none of them could talk without a voice machine.  Seriously, I don’t remember hearing about this technology, where did they have that hidden.

I have to say I am really happy with the first two episodes of Agent Carter, granted it would have been more fun to have a different villain.  I am looking forward to more interactions between Peggy and Stark.  Jarvis, well he gives some great comic relief, I am loving the dynamic between him and Peggy.  I am wondering what it is that Stark and Jarvis are hiding.  It sounds bad but I am sure it probably is not that bad, more than likely the thought of SHIELD.

I am sure many people are upset about the sexism in show, I am not saying that I am all right with it.  I do understand that was common during that time.  Things like this are the reason that feminism happened, because women didn’t like having a purpose and then losing it.  Many women lost jobs, couldn’t vote, or were expected to go back into the homes.  It will be nice to see how the show incorporates that aspect in, because Peggy is the female who got treated like one of the guys during the war, she had a purpose and a job.  Once all of that was over she was expected to go back to doing and wanting woman things.

With that being said, I am sure at some point I bet they are going to bring her husband in, I am hoping that it is the new guy Sousa.  Also Chad Michael Murry’s character is a dick, and what is he doing on this show.  I still think of him as the guy from One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, and a few Disney movies. I am just having a hard time taking him seriously.

I am looking forward to more episodes, I really wish the season was not so short but it is probably for the best. This way the story stays good and I am sure it is not a cheap show to make with all the period pieces.


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