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DC and Marvel Cinematic Timelines

To make everyone’s life easier, here is a timeline of all the future Marvel and DC movies that will be coming out (as of Jan 7, 2015):


age of ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron: May 1


Ant-Man: July 17

fantastic four reboot

Fantastic Four: August 7



Deadpool: Feb 12

Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: March 25

Captian America- Civil War

Captain America: Civil War: May 6

X-Men Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse: May 27

Suicide Squad Movie

Suicide Squad: Aug 5

Gambit - Movie

Gambit: Oct 7

Doctor Strange Movie

Doctor Strange: Nov 4


Sinister Six: Nov 11


Sandman: December



Wolverine 3: March 3


Guardians of the Galaxy 2: May 5

fantastic four reboot

Fantastic Four 2: June 2


Wonder Woman: June 23

Thor Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnaror: July 28

Black Panter

Black Panther: Nov 3

Justice League

Justice League: Nov 23


The Flash Movie

The Flash: March 23

Avengers Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War Part 1: May 4


Man of Steel 2: May

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel: July 6


Unknown X-Men Movie: July 13


Aquaman: July 27


Inhumans: Nov 2



Shazam: April 19

Avengers Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War Part 2: May 3

Justice League

Justice League 2: June 14



Cyborg: April 3

Green Lantern

Green Lantern: June 19

There are a few movies that are slated to come out but we don’t have official release dates:


Female Lead Spider-Man spin-off

Venom: Carnage

Lego Batman


Amazing Spider-Man 3


There are a few movies that are rumored but we don’t have any release information on:


Justice League Dark

Untitled Superman Movie

Untitled Batman Movie

Kevin Conroy added to Batman vs Robin Animated Movie, But Not as Batman

Batman vs Robin

A new Batman animated feature called Batman vs Robin, it will be based on the Night of the Owls storyline. They recently cast Kevin Conroy to voice Thomas Wayne. Now this is perfectly fine since Conroy did the voice of Thomas Wayne in the Animated Series. Someone else will be the voice of Batman; Jason O’Mara. O’Mara was the voice of Batman for last years Son of Batman as well as Justice League: Thrones of Atlantis.

I don’t know about the rest of you but as someone who grew up on the Animated Series from the 90’s, I don’t understand. If its Batman related and Conroy is in it, why is he not the voice of Batman.

Conroy has played the voice of Batman for more than 20 years spanning at least 9 different television series, 12 animated movies and 7 video games. Let’s face it the man is Batman. He is still voicing Batman, he will still be doing the voice of Batman in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight video game. He is currently rumored to be doing the voice of Batman in the Lego Batman Movie.

He has not stopped doing the role, he is the most iconic Batman voice out there. People know him as Batman, so to have him in that movie and not doing that voice is going to make people ask questions.

I personally am not happy about that choice at all, while I am happy that they will have Conroy doing the voice of Thomas Wayne. It is not time for Conroy to hang up his cowl yet, he still has many more years doing this voice left in him.

Here is Jason O’Mara as Batman:

Here is Kevin Conroy as Batman:

I think it is pretty obvious who the best Batman voice is, O’Mara is just too gravely, too Christian Bale. Which is not shocking since they are both European, one Welsh and the other Irish.  The voice just does not work, Conroy has a much better voice.

What is your opinion about Kevin Conroy not being the voice of Batman in the upcoming Batman vs Robin?

Ezra Miller to Play “The Flash” in “Batman v. Superman,” and I Don’t Care

(As you may be able to tell, I have lost all ability to mask my disdain at all things DC movie universe. But on with the article… )


Ezra Miller (“The Perks of Being a Wallflower”) has been cast as the Flash for an appearance in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” but it is still unknown as to what capacity we will be seeing any of the second tier JLA-ers in. Miller’s casting also has led some non-disillusioned fans to speculate as to which of the men to bear the mantle of the Flash he will be playing.

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“Gotham” S1E3 Recap – “the Balloonman”

Howdy, nerds. PattyinRealLife here filling in for ChristenaGarcia this week, bringing you a recap of last night’s episode.

Let’s just jump right in.

Last week ended on a bit of a cliffhanger.

About time.

About time.


Last night’s episode opens with Penguin’s return to Gotham, heralded by a series of petty thefts just within his own line of sight, and a story being broadcast on the news about Bernie Madoff a fellow named Danzer who is charged with a massive Ponzi scheme.

Enter: The Balloonman.

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“Gotham” Casts Harvey Dent/Two-Face

Fox’s “Gotham” is already moving forward with plans for its second season, adding another future villain to its cast.

That fresh face ain't gonna stay fresh for long...

That fresh face ain’t gonna stay fresh for long…

Nicholas D’Agosto (Masters of Sex) has signed on to play Harvey Dent. Although D’Agosto looks very young, he is in his mid-30s, so it appears that he’ll be a contemporary of Jim Gordon’s rather than young Bruce Wayne.


How exactly they’re going to play that remains to be seen. Personally, I’ll be eagerly anticipating all of the double entendres that will henceforth and forevermore be slipped into the dialogue whenever he’s around.



Costume Analysis – Wonder Woman in “Dawn of Justice”

Okay. Right off the bat. We’re not addressing the casting. We’re not talking about Gadot or her acting chops or her figure. We’re just talking costume dynamics.

This is a fan-made composite of the three solo character promotional images. From Reddit.

This is a fan-made composite of the three solo character promotional images. From Reddit.

So let’s get dangerous!

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“Dawn of Justice” Teaser LEAKED!

We can’t embed it, and chances are good that Warner Brothers will delete it as soon as they find it, but click here to watch!


Let us know what you think in the comments! 

Why Batman is an Amazing Superhero

Today is Batman Day, so the lovely ladies here at the TFP thought we would put together all the reasons why Batman is an awesome superhero.


  • He is rich, lets be fair Batman has all the money, he one of the top 5 wealthiest comic book characters. With all his money, he is able to fund all of his gadget and transportation. He is also able to buy some really amazing properties, hotels, business, and cars.
  • Batman is hot, come he is tall like 6’2’’, a great body and jet-black hair and amazing blue eyes. Pretty much any actor who has played Batman has been considered one of the sexiest men alive.


  • He gets all the ladies; Catwoman, Talia, Wonder Women, Black Canary, Zatanna, most of the Justice League, Vicky Vale, Poison Ivy, etc. Batman oozes sex appeal.
  • He is a pinnacle of human achievement, both physically and intellectually. Batman’s training regiment is extremely intensive. He is at Olympic level shape and performance at all times.   He also has insane intelligence, he is able to dissect and break down all his opponents so he can defeat them. Batman even complied a list on how to defeat every member of the Justice League since they are all so strong and if even one of them ever turned they needed to know how to defeat them. He also has amazing detective skills that he uses to break down crime scenes, letters, riddles, etc.


  • Batman has a heart; he took in a fellow orphan with Dick Grayson and raised him like his own son. He took in Tim Drake when this went bad with him. We can even mention Jason Todd, who Batman took in and raised as well. He did not just move these kids in and ignore them, he trained them to be Robin’s, he put them in private schools, paid for things, got them cars, I am pretty they have trust funds. Batman treated them as his own kids. No matter what issues Dick and Tim have with Bruce they still consider him their dad. Even to some extent so does Jason Todd.


    If we want to look at other aspects of him having a heart, he put a wheelchair ramp in for Barbara after she lost her legs. Batman put money aside for Selina Kyle’s daughter to have a college education and even put a baby seat in the Batmobile.

batman has a heart

  • He has loyal friends and family, Alfred, Dick, Tim, Jim Gordon, Lucius Fox, Selina, Superman, and the Justice League. Everyone that he comes in contact respects him and many them love him as well. Alfred, Dick, Tim, Jim, Selina, and Superman would do anything for him and would protect him. Superman is his best friend; Superman is not besties with just anyone.   Batman is one of the few people Superman trust with kryptonite, he knows that Batman would only use it in an extreme situation. It takes a lot for someone to trust you with something that can kill them.


  • Batman is a founding member of the Justice League, he help create a group where follow superheroes protect the world. More importantly there are Gods, aliens, and super powered superheroes in this group and they all fear Batman. It takes a lot to be a human who scares beings stronger then you.


  • He is human, Batman doesn’t have super powers, he is just a guy in a batsuit. Yet, he is one of the most feared people in the Justice League. He has defeated super powered villains and aliens on his own.

Green Lantern & Batman

  • Most importantly, Batman has flaws; he is the most flawed character in the entire DC universe. He saw his parents murdered right in front of his face that scarred him it traumatized him. He is also a spoiled rich kid and he acts like one sometimes. He has all the issues, like all the issues. Batman knows it, he knows he is flawed and we all know he is flawed. It is because of his flaws that people can relate to him because they can see part of themselves in him.

These are just some of the reason why Batman is an amazing superhero; really, we could be here all day.

Happy Batman Day and let us know why you think Batman is an amazing superhero.

DC Rumoured to Plan 7 Movie Releases in 2 Years

According to Nikki Finke, formerly of Deadline, Warner Brothers is planning to release over a half-dozen live-action movies based on DC Comics properties.

We're getting there... But it probably won't look anything like this.

We’re getting there… But it probably won’t look anything like this.

The schedule is reportedly as follows:

  • May 2016 – Batman v Superman
  • July 2016 – Shazam
  • Christmas 2016 – Sandman
  • May 2017 – Justice League
  • July 2017 – Wonder Woman
  • Christmas 2017 – Flash/Green Lantern team-up
  • May 2018 – Man Of Steel 2


So, a couple of things from this. Assuming that this is accurate…

Apparently, Dawn of Justice is not Man of Steel 2. Man of Steel 2 is going to be a separate movie, released 5 full years after its first installment. That… Seems like bad planning. If/when fans have their little movie marathons, Superman’s going to be aging super-fast. How old will he be by the time the third movie comes out?!



And then there’s BatFleck, who has bulked up a bit, but who still faces a heck of a lot of nerdrage.

Tight shirts help.

Tight shirts help.

Also… Can we not just call it “Captain Marvel?” Are we so sure that audiences are so uninformed as to confused Captain Marvel with Marvel Studios? I mean… I guess, but I’m sick of people calling one of DC’s heaviest hitters by the wrong name.



Also, if DC darkens this character, too, I don’t know what I’ll do with myself.

How tied-in to the rest of the DC Universe is the “Sandman” movie going to really be? Is he involved in JLA shennanigans? It’d certainly be a shake-up, but I don’t know that I would like that. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t, unless the story were truly tremendous.

And speaking of movies that will need a fantastic story for me to really get behind them… GL and Flash? Yeah. I love Green Lantern (the characters, not the movie *barf*), but have little attachment to the Flash. I loved Bart Allen in Young Justice and that was the end of my association with the Speed Force.

Can we get someone OTHER than Hal Jordan? I'd take Guy Gardner over him.

Can we get someone OTHER than Hal Jordan? I’d take Guy Gardner over him.

But the biggest deal here for me, for my Fangirls, and for women and feminists everywhere is going to be the supposed Wonder Woman movie. Will it stay true to the comics, pre-DCnU? Hopefully, as the New 52 origin of Diana of Themyscira has been butchered to make the only truly independently female icon’s beginnings now based on a man.

Also, a few weeks ago, Gal Gadot posted a progress picture of her workout to her Facebook page, certain that her new buff body would finally silence all of the nay-sayers complaining about her being too thing to play the Princess of the Amazons.



Now, maybe it’s the angle. There is some bicep and deltoid definition there, but that’s a hell of a slim brachialis still, so I don’t think that this photo is going to quell any of those fans’ concerns. It certainly isn’t doing anything for mine… I’ve made no secret of the fact that I have little faith in the casting, and I should clarify that I don’t like pretty much all of the casting news that I’ve heard so far, but I am going to go into the movies with as unbiased an opinion as I can. After all, I was pleasantly surprised by Anne Hathaway’s portrayal of Selina Kyle in “The Dark Knight Rises.”

But, really, there is so much that they could do wrong with the character. The story could be garbage, the costume could be wrong, they could over-sexualize her, Gadot may not be a good fit for the character, they could put her together with Superman and make me hate them even more than I did when they cast Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

Worst characterization of a strong female character ever.

Worst (non-cheesecake) characterization of a strong female character ever.

The one thing that Warner Bros really does have going for them is that all of their licensing falls under their own label, so they don’t face the limitations that Marvel has with respect to crossovers between Spider-Man (Sony), X-Men (Fox), and the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel Studios).

Of course, Marvel is doing just fine for themselves and DC has been treading water since the mid-90’s.

What do you think of this schedule? Will it work? With WB already pushing back the release date of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” by a years already, do you think that this schedule will actually be met?

Let us know in the comments!



“Batman: Arhkam Knight” Batmobile Gameplay Trailer

Howdy, nerds.


News hit a few days back that “Batman: Arkham Knight,” the fourth (console) installment of the stellar Arkham games, had its release date pushed back to early next year. Well, if the following trailer is any indication, this baby is going to be well worth the wait!


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