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Movies We are Looking Forward to in 2015

Here we are at the start of a new year and of course that means new movies are coming out this year, I put together a list of some of the geek movies we are looking forward to seeing this year.


Jupiter Ascending: 6

All I can think every time I see this trailer is that it looks like another movie that Sean Bean is going to die in.  The visuals, special effects and CGI look great, but that is about it, nothing is saying please see me.

Fifty Shades of Grey: 13

Ok, probably not all that geeky but is has its fan base, since I wasted part of my life reading the books, I would actually go see the movie.  Now, I am not going opening weekend or anything like that, unless I have friends that wanted to.  I would get around at some point heading to theater to check it out, just because I want to see how they did it.  Its probably better then the book because they would have to cut things out.


Chappie: 6

Not really all that thrilled with this, but these kinds of movies are rarely my thing.  With that being said I will probably see it as some point because Huge Jackman is in it; I watch just about everything he does and I am always hoping to see him shirtless.

Cinderella: 13

I would go see this only because its a live action version of Cinderella and it looks pretty interesting.  They are actually going with the fairy tale version so I am wouldn’t mind going to see this.

Divergent: Insurgent: 20

Well this has to make the list because well Divergent is a series that a lot of people like.  I have yet to attempt it but that is because I am Hunger Games person and I am really can only handle one post apocalyptic obsession at a time.


Avengers: Age of Ultron: 1

Do I need to even say if I am going to see this, because everyone is going to see this. We will be there thurs night checking this out.

Mad Max: Fury Road: 15

Looks interesting, I am sure a lot of guys will be running out to see this.  I really have no desire to see this movie, it really does not do anything for me. I am not a big enough Tom Hardy fan for him to be a draw.

Tomorrowland: 22

This looks like a live action Disney movie, not fully sure what this is about, Wiki doesn’t know what this is about either.  It’s hard for me to want to see a movie that I really don’t know anything about.


Jurassic World: 12

I feel like this movie is didn’t they learn anything the other times?  I think I will wait on seeing this one, I have seen dinosaurs go crazy enough times already.  Can someone please explain trying to turn dinosaurs into Shamu?

Inside Out: 19

Ok, so this basically let’s us see what goes on in other people’s head, well mainly Riley’s.  I am not sure how I feel about this, someone else is going to have to watch this and then tell me if it is any good.  I am just not feeling this one.


Terminator: Genisy: 1

Well it’s another Terminator movie, so the likely hood is that I will be checking it out at some point, just don’t know if it will be theaters or on cable.  I do like the whole alternate reality concept of it, because they had to do something to change the story up because well we have seen it so many times.  How many times can Arnold get sent back to save John Connor, also Khalessi as Sarah Connor.

Minions: 10

Well I am sure many will be flocking out to see this, because pretty much everyone loves the minions from the Despicable Me movies.

Ant-Man: 17

Well its a Marvel movie, so yea checking it out is a thing.  Not to mention I am curious to see how they do the movie and the whole him shrinking down to ant size and riding bugs.  Seriously, I am kind of wondering how he doesn’t get stepped on.

Pan: 24

Well it is another live action Disney movie, checking it will be a thing, just not sure when.  It is nice that they are doing a prequel because rarely do we get a chance to see how Peter got to Neverland.  Also Hook before he is Hook and Hugh Jackman as the villain, that will be interesting to see.


Fantastic Four: 7

Well I am wondering how they do the reboot since the first attempt was not all that great.  Also I want to know how they are going to explain Johnny and Sue Storm, not that I have a problem with it, just wondering what possible direction they are going with.


Hotel Transylvania 2: 25


If you saw the first one, you know you are going out to see the second one.


The Jungle Book: 9


If you probably checked out the other 2 live action Disney movies coming out this year, more then likely you will be seeing this one too. This one will be really interesting since Mowgli is pretty much the only human character in the whole story.

Jem and the Holograms: 23


If you grew up watching this as a kid, then you are more then likely heading out to theaters to see how they turned one of your beloved shows into a live action movie.


The Peanuts Movie: 6

It’s Snoopy, who’s not going to run out and see Snoopy, it has been so long since there has been a Peanuts or Charlie Brown movie I am sure everyone will be excited for this.

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2: 20


Seriously, will there thurs night, I must see how they end the series.  I have a lot of scenes that I am hoping they put into this one.  I also hope the movie ending flows better than the book ending.

The Good Dinosaur: 25


It’s Pixar, which means at some point we are all going to see it.  That is what happens with Pixar and Disney, we always wind up seeing those movies at some point.


Star Wars: The Force Awaken: 18

We have been hearing about this movie for like 2 year, we have been wanting a new Star Wars movie for even longer.  We will be there, people are going to check this out, especially with them not using the extended universe that people know, everyone is going to wondering what the new canon is.

Alvin and Chipmucks 4: 23


I am sure it is time to stop making these movies, but kids love Alvin and Chipmunks.  Those of us that grew up watching the cartoons will probably also see it as some point just because they are beloved characters.








New Game of Thrones Trailer and News About Winds of Winter

A lot of Game of Thrones news has broken out today, the first one being the leaked trailer from Season 5:

I won’t go into a lot since I know what happens, but the trailer is good, it shows just about everyone, we know that this season will not have Bran.  I did like the glimpses of the Sand Snakes, Prince Oberyn’s daughters, they are amazing characters.  Still upset that my fav character from the Dorne will not be in this season.  As you can see there will be some things happening at The Wall.  Tyrion has been taken somewhere safe by The Spider.  Arya has also found a place to go.  Cersei will be dealing with her father’s death and Margery well I think we all knew that she was going to become Queen again.  There will be a lot happening this season as they start-up books 4 and 5.

I don't know how much longer I can keep calm

I don’t know how much longer I can keep calm

Speaking of the book, it looks like we will be waiting another year for Winds of Winter.  George R. R. Martin’s publisher has said that the book will not be out this year.  There is a lot going into the book, most writers put this much work into 3 books apparently.  Anyone who has read the books can a test to how much information is put into each one.

While we wait we will be getting 3 prequel novellas: The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword, and The Mystery Knight.  While having these novellas will definitely help past the time, I really want Winds of Winter. Soon I am going to forget what happened in books 4 and 5.  I am hoping that we will see Winds of Winter in 2016, because then the show will be getting close.  The only good thing is that they have at least 3 season with books 4 and 5, that gives George R. R. Martin this year to get it done.

Casting and TV Show News

Emma Watson - Belle

A lot of breaking news stories today, the first one being that Hermione herself has been cast in a live action version of Beauty and the Beast.  Emma Watson will be playing none other than Belle, which is a great role for her.  Watson let fans know on Facebook:

“I’m finally able to tell you… that I will be playing Belle in Disney’s new live-action Beauty and the Beast! It was such a big part of my growing up, it almost feels surreal that I’ll get to dance to ‘Be Our Guest’ and sing ‘Something There’. My six year old self is on the ceiling – heart bursting. Time to start some singing lessons. I can’t wait for you to see it. Emma xx”

I get very excited when I hear that an actor is excited for their role, that always makes me very happy and hopeful.  The movie will be directed by Guillermo del Toro, no word yet on who will be playing the Beast.


In other casting news The Doctor himself has been cast as a villain in the upcoming Jessica Jones TV series on Netflix.  David Tennant will be playing Killgrave who is one of the main villains.  The creators of the show are very excited to have him on board.  Jessica Jones will be played by Krysten Ritter.


In TV show news, Fox is in negotiations with Marvel about creating an a live action X-Men TV show.  While Fox does own the right to the X-Men franchise, the fully extent of the rights are not known.  It is not shocking to see Fox jump on the live action show bandwagon since Marvel has had success with Agents of SHIELD.

Nothing is set in stone, we would not see the show before 2016, but they are hopeful for the show.  Especially since Fox has had such great success with Gotham, some of the people from 24 and Star Trek 3 are being names as producers and writers on the show.

I would love to see a live action X-Men show, it would be interesting to see which of the comics they would use and what storylines they would use.  It could be really interesting because there are a lot of great stories to choose from.  With the younger cast they have for the movies they could start off with a some of the earlier storylines. That is if it will be the same cast from the movies, but that would be absolutely awesome, since it is an ensemble cast, they could very easily rotate people.  I am curious to see what happens with this development.

Those are all the new stories that broke out today, but it was a great day for news.  We will do our best to keep you up to date will all of these stories and more.

The New Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Storm Have Been Cast.

Bryan Singer took to Twitter only a few hours ago to let fans know that young Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Storm have been casted.

New X-Men cast, Jean Grey, Scott Summers, and Strom

Sophie Turner who is best known for her role of Sansa Stark on the Game of Thrones will be playing Jean Grey.

Tye Sheridan will be playing Cyclops, he is has played in numerous movies, such as Mud and The Tree of Life.

Alexandra Shipp will be playing Storm, she is best known for playing Aaliyah.


Arrow: Left Behind Recap


Arrow is back after a mini hiatus, I am sure the most important thing that people want to know is Oliver....Spoiler

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The Flash: Revenge of the Rogues Recap



The Flash is back from its hiatus, let’s see how Barry deals with meeting his mother’s killer and having Iris move in with Eddie.

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Sleepy Hollow: Pittura Infamante Recap

Sleepy Hollow

After an unfortunate 1 week break that really was pointless, we are back with a new episode.  If you would like to see what happened after Henry stabbed Moloch well check it out here: Sleepy Hollow Recap.

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Gotham: What a Little Bird Told Him Recap


Here we are after that pointless two week break, here you want to know more about Gordon’s time at Arkham well check here: Gotham Recap.

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DC and Marvel Cinematic Timelines

To make everyone’s life easier, here is a timeline of all the future Marvel and DC movies that will be coming out (as of Jan 7, 2015):


age of ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron: May 1


Ant-Man: July 17

fantastic four reboot

Fantastic Four: August 7



Deadpool: Feb 12

Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: March 25

Captian America- Civil War

Captain America: Civil War: May 6

X-Men Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse: May 27

Suicide Squad Movie

Suicide Squad: Aug 5

Gambit - Movie

Gambit: Oct 7

Doctor Strange Movie

Doctor Strange: Nov 4


Sinister Six: Nov 11


Sandman: December



Wolverine 3: March 3


Guardians of the Galaxy 2: May 5

fantastic four reboot

Fantastic Four 2: June 2


Wonder Woman: June 23

Thor Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnaror: July 28

Black Panter

Black Panther: Nov 3

Justice League

Justice League: Nov 23


The Flash Movie

The Flash: March 23

Avengers Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War Part 1: May 4


Man of Steel 2: May

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel: July 6


Unknown X-Men Movie: July 13


Aquaman: July 27


Inhumans: Nov 2



Shazam: April 19

Avengers Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War Part 2: May 3

Justice League

Justice League 2: June 14



Cyborg: April 3

Green Lantern

Green Lantern: June 19

There are a few movies that are slated to come out but we don’t have official release dates:


Female Lead Spider-Man spin-off

Venom: Carnage

Lego Batman


Amazing Spider-Man 3


There are a few movies that are rumored but we don’t have any release information on:


Justice League Dark

Untitled Superman Movie

Untitled Batman Movie

What is a Gamer?

\The idea of who is a gamer has been going through my head for a bit now. How is one defined as a gamer or do others have to define you as a gamer.

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