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True Blood Season 7 Teaser Trailer

True Blood has released their first teaser trailer for Season 7.

The trailer does not give anything about the upcoming season, it just reminds of us of some of the beloved characters that we have lost over the seasons.  It is also a reminder that this will be the final season of True Blood.

Season 7 will premiere on June 22 on HBO.

Anne Rice is back with a New Lestat Novel.


Anne Rice is back to the world of vampires, she will be releasing a new book in Oct, called Prince Lestat. This book will be a sequel to her Vampire Chronicles series. It will very specifically be a sequel to the Queen of the Damned. She announced all of this on The Dinner Party Show, which is a podcast hosted by her son Christopher Rice who is also an author.

Anne Rice had briefly given up writing supernatural stories for a time being and instead wrote Christian themed novels. She has since re-found her love for supernatural stories and is back to writing the vampire stories that we all know and love.

It was said that this book shows what is happening with all the characters, so maybe that means we will see Louie again and some of our other favorite characters.  If you want to see more about what she said check out the video below.  Anne Rice is already signed to write a second book in this upcoming series.

Prince Lestat will be available to buy on Oct 28th, but you can start pre-ordering it on March 15th.