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The Originals and the Whitest New Orleans I’ve Ever Seen

I’ve only actually been to New Orleans once. It was post-Katrina, back in 2010 with a large and diverse group of friends. We had a fucking blast. I gave and received beads, drank too much booze, ate too much food and listened to as much live jazz as I possibly could.

Even in that kind of hedonistic haze, I remember QUITE a few black folk who were not me or part of my group. I remember them being at the airport when we got in, at the hotel and in the restaurants. Hell, there were even black folks just standing outside, hanging out…Because they are tons of black people in New Orleans. Because they live there. Because of slavery. But apparently slavery only really happened in a ‘when necessary to the plot’ kind of way on the CW. That’s why we can tap dance around Marcel having been a slave and even back to Mystic Falls where we tap dance around the fact that the Bennett witches were slaves ALL THE TIME.

Fine. I get it. Talking about slavery brings down the mood on your teenage vampire love story but y’all purposefully sent Klaus to NEW ORLEANS! You cannot throw a beignet without hitting a black person in NOLA! We’re kind of everywhere.

Unless you’re in New Orleans on the CW. Then you could throw whole bakeries and not hit one single negro. It’s kind of mind-blowing, actually. And turrible.

I guess I’ll just go watch American Horror Story: Coven where they have voodoo and other coloured things that are a huge part of life in New Orleans.

T-Dub, out.