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Game of Thrones: Hardhome Recap

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Last episode, Cersei finally got what she deserved, you can’t throw out other people’s sins when you have all the skeletons in your closet. 

Kings Landing: 

GOT- Cersei in jail

Since we are all dying to see Cersei rotting away in a cell, the show does not disappoint.  They are trying to get Cersei to confess but she won’t she keeps thinking that she is the Queen and can threaten people.  Well her little minion comes to visit her, he tells her that her Uncle has come back to the city and has taken over the small council.  Tomman well he is useless, he is so upset about what happened to Cersei and Margaery.  He also tells Cersei that she can get out faster if she confesses otherwise she is going to trial. Did anyone else enjoy watching Cersei trying to drink the water off the floor because they won’t give her any.  


GOT- Sansa & Reek

Well Sansa is really mad at Theon since he told Ramsey that she was trying to escape.  He told her that he did it to protect her, because he escaped once and Ramsey cut him to pieces, he did not want that for her.  While Sansa was yelling at Theon, he admitting the fact that he didn’t actually kill Bran and Rickon, but farm kids instead.  Sansa wants to know where her siblings are but Theon does not know and he runs out of the room.  Now Sansa can be happy with the knowledge that her younger brothers are probably alive somewhere, now I am sure she is going to try to escape.  

Ramsey does not understand why his father is not attacking Stannis, since he knows The North better than Stannis.  Roose also knows that it is almost impossible to get an army through all the snow.  But Ramsey says he does not need an army just 20 good men to attack Stannis’s army.  Does Ramsey always have to do that I am pure evil smile of his, does that smile not creep anyone else out?

House of Black and White: 

GOT- Arya:Lana

Arya is now Lana a young orphan girl who sell oysters, she is sent down to the fish market to basically look around.  While she is there, she sees a gambler who basically gambles on ships.  He makes more money if the captain of the ship dies and so does the captain.  If the gambler does not give the money to captains family, then the captain died for no reason.  Arya’s job is to keep watching him, she is to get to know his as well as she knows herself.  Her buddy gives her a vital to give the gambler eventually.  Now the other girl at the House of Black and White does not think Arya is ready but apparently it doesn’t matter to the Many-Faced God if she is or isn’t.  Now that is BS, basically it doesn’t matter who dies as long as someone dies.  


GOT - Dany and Tyrion

Tyrion and Sir Jorah are standing before Dany, she wants to know what to do with them.  We all know that Tyrion has a great way with words he convinces Dany that he might be of some help by advising her, he was a great Hand of the King.  Tyrion also gets Dany not to kill Sir Jorah, but to exile him again because killing those devoted to you not help bring devotion. 

Tyrion tries to tell Dany how things are done in Westeros because if she is going to rule she needs to understand the families.  If she is to achieve her goal of breaking the wheel then she needs to know whom she is dealing with.  It looks like Tyrion will be advising Dany, well this is going to be interesting.  

North of the Wall:

GOT- Jon fights the White Walker

Jon and Tormund make it to the wildlings where they do everything they can to convince them to go south of The Wall and to fight with the Nights Watch when the time comes.  With some effort they are able to convince many of them to join.  While they wildings are getting to boats so they can travel to The Wall they are attacked by White Walkers and Wights.  

Ok, I don’t know about the rest of you but my heart was in my throat for most of this scene, also I don’t remember how many times I said run.  There was a lot of death in this scene, as with every battle scene, we lost an awesome new Wilding female who might have been able to replace Ygritte.  

During the battle Jon battles a White Walker, where he learns a few things, the most important being that they can’t freeze or break Valyrian steel and Valyrian steel can kill them. The other White Walkers are watching the battle from up top, like they are getting an idea of their enemy.  Also they seem to have a slight interest in Jon.  Well here it the ending of the scene for you to check out: 

Giants do not seem to be affected by Wights, so the Giant is very useful, also did anyone else notice them not crossing the water.  Does this mean that water stops them? If that is the case, people start digging because they just have to build a really big moat between them and The Wall.  

Let’s talk about this episode, while we are all happy to see Cersei in the jail getting what she deserves and we are all happy Dany and Tyrion are going to be buddies.  The ending is the part that stuck with most people.  That was crazy, seriously I see one of them and I am going to the other way.  It’s great that we know another way to kill White Walkers with Valyrian steel, which means the whole 50 that exist in the world need to find their way to the Nights Watch.  Also the King of the White Walkers was all like now what at the end.  He was basically thanking them for adding to his undead army, seriously people cannot die because they will just turn them into Wights and quickly too. I am not looking forward to reading those battles in the books or seeing anymore of them on the TV, especially since I am not a zombie fan.  

Game of Thrones: The Gift Recap

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I tried to write a recap about last weeks episode but I just couldn’t do it, that change was too much.  What happens to Sansa actually happens to another character one you are not very attached to.  It was harder hearing it happen to Sansa, I am really happy that they did not show that on camera.  This episode is much easier to do because well some really good things happen.

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Game of Thrones: High Sparrow Recap



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Here we are back for another thrilling episode, Jon is now the Lord Commander of the Nights Watch.  Arya has been taken into the House of Black and White, Tyrion is on his way to Khalessi, Jaime is on his way to get his daughter, and the Dorne wants to kill all Lannisters.  

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Game of Thrones: The Wars to Come Recap

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After our very nice long break Game of Thrones is back, I know we are all very excited. I am rather excited, since I know this will be the combination of books 4 and 5, a lot happens. I know a lot always happens, but a lot more is going to happen. As always I will do my best to recap without giving anything away.

I guess I will do the recap by region/family.

Kings Landing

The show starts off with a flashback, which I am sure confused people, I was actually confused until I remember about Cersei visiting the witch. Cersei cuts her finger so that the witch can tell her fortune by tasting her blood, this is some serious magic.

Well Cersei finds out that she will be Queen but not to whom she thinks will be King. While she will be Queen, someone younger and more beautiful will come and cast her away (Margaery?). She is told how she will have no kids with the King, he will have 20 but she will only have 3 all with crowns of gold. Maybe that is why Cersei got into the whole incest thing, you know because she was kinda told that would be her life.

GOT - Cersei climbing stairs

Well Cersei is walking up the temple steps to where her father is has been laid to rest, while Cersei walks up she throws some massive shade/side eye at Margaery. Well Jaime is watching over his father’s body, can we please talk about those stones with the eyes painted on them, were they creeping anyone else out. Well Cersei accurately accuses Jaime of being the one to let Tyrion out. While Jaime thinks that everyone is plotting against them, he is more than likely right because everyone kind of hates the Lannisters. Cersei thinks their only enemy is Tyrion. Once Cersei was done ripping Jaime apart and told him he had a hand in killing their father she walks out of there, I am guessing we will not be seeing much of Jaime and Cersei.

While at the funeral, Cersei is pretty much drinking her way threw it and ignoring most of the people there. She does have a chat with Lancel, who has found religion and forgiveness for helping kill Robert and he time spent in Cersei’s bed. He does plead for Cersei to all find religion but she well laughs and continues drinking.

Well Loras is having a good old time with his lover Olyvar, but Margaery just barges right on in. She really has no problem with walking in on her brother.  It makes me wonder how many times she has just walked in on her brother.  Well, Olyvar leaves and has no problem being naked in front of Margaery, but Loras does not seem to mind being naked in front of his sister. Margaery is there because she is hungry and they are keeping the king waiting.  Margaery is hoping that Loras would be more discreet but he doesn’t care because everyone already knows it is not like he will be marrying Cercei now that her father is dead.  He does have a point because we all know that Cersei was completely against marrying Loras.  Margaery on the other hand, well she is stuck in Kings Landing with Cersei.

In the middle of no where in Westeros:

Brienne is all hostile because well Arya did not want her help and she is taking it out on poor Podrick.  Pod is doing everything that he can to be the best squire that he could be.  He really wants to be a squire and Brienne on the other hand does not want to be a knight or a leader.

Elsewhere is Westeros:

Littlefinger has sent Robin Arryn off to be trained, wow he is horrible, I think I could do better.  What else can we expect from a kid who was breast-fed until he was; was he ever stopped?  Well Littlefinger and Sansa are leaving him there in hopes that he will be trained, well more so that he will safe.  Well Sansa and Littlefinger ride past Brianne and Podrick in a carriage, wow Brianne is failing at this find the Stark girls.

The Wall:

Jon is beating up a young recruit, I think the one that killed Ygritte, because well he needs training.  Things are a bit awkward around there because one they do not have a new Lord Commander, I am happy that everyone still has a chance to see that, because well you will see.

Gilly is all worried that they will send her away with the baby, Sam tries to tell her that he goes where she does, but she than reminds him that they will kill him.  Yea, sorry Sam you can’t run away with Gilly, also Gilly had a point why are you not training.  I know you think you are all badass since you kill a white walker and stuff but Sam, you should still train.

Well Jon gets called by Melissandre up to the top of The Wall for a meeting with Stannis where Melissandre is eyeing Jon up and down.  I don’t blame her, it’s Jon Snow.  She also makes sure to ask if he is a virgin, well we all know where her mind is going.  Stannis offers to give the Wildlings citizenship and lands if they fight in his army.  Jon has until sundown to convince Mance to bend a knee to him.  

GOT - Mance and Melissandre

Well Jon talks to Mance, I have to give it to Jon he gives a good speech, but there is no way that Mance is going to bend a knee.  In front of everyone, Mance refused to bend a knee so they burn him like a witch.  Well I will give to Jon, he walks away and shoot Mance in the heart because he could not bare to see him struggle against the fire.  It was a horrible sight to see, if people accuse him of being partial to the wildlings for that, they are jerks, it was horrible to watch.

Free Cities:

GOT - Drunk Tyrion

Well Tyrion is freed from the box that he had to be held in the whole time.  I love how they touched on the whole bathroom thing, Tyrion did not like having to push his poop through the hole but The Spider liked throwing it overboard even less.  Well Tyrion does a great job of drinking and puking on an empty stomach only to keep drinking.  The whole reason The Spider saved Tyrion is because he thinks that he will be a great help in getting Khalessi onto the throne. Varys gives Tyrion a choice he can drink himself to death where he or go meet Khalessi, Tyrion wants to know if he can drink himself to death on the road to Khalessi.


Well naturally we had to see what was going on with her, well she is having issues in her new city.  She is pulling down statues and they are killing her Unsullied that visit brothels.  It should be noted that the Unsullied really just wanted her to cuddle with him and sing to him, awww so cute.

Well it seems that some of the people are not happy about the changes that have been made, while they will accept no more slavery they do want the fighting pits back open.  Well Kahlessi is not having this, really did we think that she was going to be all right with that.  Well her new man Daario, tells her that she should open the fighting pits back up. He tells this great story how he would not be a free man today and with her had it not been for his time as a slave in the those fighting pits.  He was also smart and told her all this after a romp in the bed, nothing makes people more open-minded and relaxed than sex.

Also super cute moment between Missandei and Grey Worm, she wants to know why an Unsullied would go and visit a brothal and he tells her that he does not know. I have a feeling he does and wants that with her.

It was a nice first episode back, we got to see what was going on with a few of our favorite characters.  I know we are still wondering what is happening with Arya but previews have shown that we will find that out next episode.  It has been some time since I have read books 4 and 5 so some of the little things I do not remember anymore, as far as I can remember there was not a lot changed in the episode. I do know what is suppose to happen to our characters and many of them have a wonderful and exciting journy ahead of them. We also have some great new characters to meet, I am still upset that one of my favorite characters from the Dorne is currently not going to on the show.  There are a few other new characters who are very important that we should be meeting either this season or the next one.

Until next episode.


New Game of Thrones Trailer and News About Winds of Winter

A lot of Game of Thrones news has broken out today, the first one being the leaked trailer from Season 5:

I won’t go into a lot since I know what happens, but the trailer is good, it shows just about everyone, we know that this season will not have Bran.  I did like the glimpses of the Sand Snakes, Prince Oberyn’s daughters, they are amazing characters.  Still upset that my fav character from the Dorne will not be in this season.  As you can see there will be some things happening at The Wall.  Tyrion has been taken somewhere safe by The Spider.  Arya has also found a place to go.  Cersei will be dealing with her father’s death and Margery well I think we all knew that she was going to become Queen again.  There will be a lot happening this season as they start-up books 4 and 5.

I don't know how much longer I can keep calm

I don’t know how much longer I can keep calm

Speaking of the book, it looks like we will be waiting another year for Winds of Winter.  George R. R. Martin’s publisher has said that the book will not be out this year.  There is a lot going into the book, most writers put this much work into 3 books apparently.  Anyone who has read the books can a test to how much information is put into each one.

While we wait we will be getting 3 prequel novellas: The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword, and The Mystery Knight.  While having these novellas will definitely help past the time, I really want Winds of Winter. Soon I am going to forget what happened in books 4 and 5.  I am hoping that we will see Winds of Winter in 2016, because then the show will be getting close.  The only good thing is that they have at least 3 season with books 4 and 5, that gives George R. R. Martin this year to get it done.

TFP Podcast: Fall TV Shows and First Impressions

Howdy, folks!

You can now listen to another installment of the TFP Podcast! Beware of spoilers for your favourite TV shows, though, as this was recorded about a week and a half ago. So… Spoilers for season openers, but if you’re only an episode or two behind you might be fine.


Either way, CLICK HERE and enjoy!

Game of Throne Season Finale Recap: The Children

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Here we are at the season finale, I think I speak for everyone when I say that I wish the seasons were longer. Granted I am not sure if we could handle all the death and violence if the seasons were longer. Let’s recaps last episode, the Wildlings attacked The Wall, which resulted in a lot of deaths.

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Game of Thrones Recap: Watchers on the Wall

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I’m back after a brief hiatus, life can get crazy. While not much from last episode affects this one, we should mention how Sansa learned something in King’s Landing and lied for Littlefinger. Our dear favorite Prince Oberyn was killed by The Mountain :(.  (Should warn that this recap with contain violent/graphic images).

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…Someone Please Explain To Me Why I’m Still Watching “Game of Thrones…”

Hello, people.


I know that a lot of us have read the books and that even more of us anxiously look forward to ever Sunday night in the Springtime but, after last Sunday’s episode, I find myself wondering why.


Why are we putting ourselves through this?


Fleeting moments of dragon fire and platinum blonde badassery? Imp wit? Jon Snow saying his name that way that he does.



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Game of Thrones Recap: The Laws of God and Men

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On last weeks episode we learned that Pod has no idea how to be a squire. Also Jon was able to kill the traitorous men of the Knight’s Watch and was reunited with Ghost. Jon was not reunited with Bran because he had to continue on his journey. (I should warn that this recap will contain images and videos of violence and nudity)

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