Gotham: Rogue’s Gallery Recap


After a brief hiatus Gotham is back, here is to hoping that the rest of this season will have less of Falcone/Moroni and more of new villains.  I am also hoping for a Bruce and Selina reunion just once before the end of the season.  I would like to see more entertaining episodes as less episodes that drag.

Gotham - Gruber

The show starts up in Arkham Asylum, the inmates are putting on a performance of the Tempest.  Gordon is being a good punished cop on guard duty is watching the performance.  Well a fight breaks out, which Gordon has to stop, I am guessing that man was not a fan of Shakespeare.

Well the inmate was taken to the infirmary where Doctor Leslie Thompson comes in to treat him.  It seems that he is all right and that Doctor Thompson has respect for Gordon because he didn’t quit.  Well the Director of the Arkham is not happy with Gordon and tells him that if more problems happen on his shift that he will be given an even worse job.


Gotham - Gordon and Dr. Thompson

Gordon finds the inmate who started the fight but there is something wrong with him.  It seems that he was giving electric shock at such a high a voltage and this caused him to become brain-damaged.  The Director makes Dr. Thompson have the man declared still alive and then tells Gordon that he has to find out who did it.  Well, Gordon has some real crazies at Arkham, questioning these people wow.  There is no way to get a straight answer from any of them besides Jack Gruber.

Gordon doesn’t think it was an inmate because none of them have the knowledge so Gordon thinks it was a staff member.  The Director refuses to think that it was and won’t call in the cops, but too late Gordon already called in Bullock.

Another person was giving the electric shock but this one was able to still talk, but just his lines from the play. Bullock does what he can to investigate people outside of Arkham to help Gordon figure out who did it. Bullock was so happy to see Gordon, I am hoping that they will be able to work together again.

Gotham - Gordon and Nurse Dorothy

It comes out that Nurse Dorothy is not actually a nurse but a former inmate who had escaped detention by hiding out in the basement.  She also had the electric shocks performed on her but she was functioning.  It turns out it was Gruber the whole time and he managed to perform the shocks on one more person who helped him escape.  Gruber made sure to kill the Director before he escaped and leave a note for Gordon.

While Gruber is killing the Director and escaping, Gordon and Dr. Thompson are running from the inmates who are trying to kill them, it is all very horror movish.

While all of this is going on, the Penguin, I had hoped for less mob stuff.  Well he is trying to raise the taxes on the fisherman behind Moroni’s back.  Well Moroni is not happy about this and has the Penguin arrested and kept in a cell for the night.  The Penguin had to learn a lesson that he is not top boss, even though we all know that is his plan.

Fish finds out from the other family who would step up if Falcone was gone and it turns out the second in command would take over, which is not Fish.  Well this guy is good friends with Butch, so Butch is sent in to talk to him.  The second offers Butch a nice package if he comes join him, which it seems that Butch is considering.  I don’t blame him, I would as well.  But Butch is loyal to Fish as we find out when he kills the second.

Gotham - Selina and Ivy

Selina finds a very sick Ivy sleeping in the alley, Selina takes Ivy to Gordon’s place well Barbara’s place, which is not being used.  The girls hang out there for a few days, they are gone when Gordon comes by looking for Barbara who is not there.  They leave things out, which makes Gordon think that Barbara had been there.

Barbara, I was really hoping that we would go on for longer without seeing her, because she is so useless.  Well she is still chilling with Montoya but Montoya ends things with Barbara.  Barbara is still doing the whole drug and drinking thing like the spoiled socialite that she is.  Well Barbara called the apt looking for Gordon but Ivy picks up. Seriously who picks up the phone of a place they should not be in.  Well Ivy acts like she is there with Gordon and that something had happened pissing off Barbara.  Well Barbara needs to calm down because her butt has been sleeping with Montoya this whole time.

Well this episode was not bad, there was enough going on, I will admit I am annoyed that I have to wait for another episode.  Serious was there a need to have the episode then, I am sure we could have all waited.  That aside, it seems that Gruber will be a big villain and he might be what Gordon needs to get him back on the police force.  I am curious to see how things go at Arkham, because I know they are bringing in a young Scarecrow. That his father will have something to do at Arkham.  I knew Dr. Thompson was going to be a possible love interest, after meeting her I am all right with that, she might just be what Gordon needs.  Also I am really hoping that they mention her knowing the Wayne’s because she was supposed to be a friend of theirs.

Until next episode when the hunt for Gruber begins.

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