Agent Carter: The Blitzkrieg Button Recap




Agent Carter is back after its mini break, I am very happy to see it back this also puts us exactly at the half way point of the 8 episode series.  If you want to know what happened in the last episode just check it out here, otherwise let’s see what Howard Stark wants now.

It starts with Jarvis negotiating a deal, ok what is up with this, either Jarvis more useful than we imagined or Peggy is around somewhere.  Peggy was hiding the shadows taking out some of the guys.  It seems that there was a gas in the briefcase that knocks out the men.  Apparently, they were stopping Jarvis and Peggy from getting Stark, but that was their job.

Agent Carter - Howard in car

They were going to drop Stark off at his apt, but there are SSR officers hanging around outside of it.  Peggy does the only thing that she can think of, which is hide Stark at her place. How is Peggy going to get Stark passed the all seeing Miriam, whom Stark happens to know, wonder how many times he has tried to sneak in there.  Peggy decides to sneak him up through the laundry chute, Miriam comes by, Peggy passes it off that she has been doing laundry. Miriam walks up the stairs with her because she has found a great many men in the laundry chute before.  When the chute opens at the top, all there that can be found is Stark’s bag, so it looks like Peggy was not lying.  Peggy goes back to look for Stark who is not in the chute, it seems that he has found his way into some ladies room.  Howard Stark, you playboy.  Peggy then takes her “cousin” into her room, where he is supposed to stay.

Stark gives Peggy a camera pen that she can use to take pics of the weapons the SSR has so Stark can know if they have they weapon that he is looking for.  When Peggy goes into work the next day, Thompson is in charge because the boss is out on a mission.  Peggy is stuck getting everyone’s lunch order, but since no one pays attention to her, it is easy for ask questions and get the images that she needs.

Agent Carter - Peggy and Howard

Since the guys failed to keep Stark, their boss shoots them and then he decides to go looking for the lady in question.  Stark and Peggy look through the pics, some of them are not the ones that Peggy took, Howard you are a bad boy.  They find the weapon that Howard is looking for, he needs Peggy to get it back because it could cause some serious destruction.  Howard gives Peggy a weapon that looks just like it so she can switch it out.  Peggy, also has to sneak some food up to Stark, but apparently all the girls do it.  One girl has a chicken pouch in her dress and another one as a gravy bowl in her purse.

Peggy heads back to work with Jarvis, who has a very irritating itch on his ear.  Peggy is able to switch out the weapon, but since it was obvious Jarvis was lying, Peggy figures Stark was too.  Peggy opens the weapon, which is not a weapon but it is holding a vial of blood.

Peggy gets back to the apt where Stark is not happy that she opened it, but Peggy ask him what it was, he told her that she know:

Peggy was not happy at all and told off Stark, which included saying that he says I love you to his reflection in the mirror not the girl.  While Stark had some good intentions with the fact that Steve’s blood could cure so many things, but Peggy wanted to know how much money he was going to make off it.  She then told Stark that he could find his way out of her apt, she needed to go for a walk.

Now the guy who had hired the people who were guarding Stark, tried to get into the apt building with flowers, they would not let him up.  He sneaks up through the vents, as he gets to Peggy’s door Dottie comes out.  Well he points a gun at Dottie who likes the gun, well I’ll let you see what happens:

I am completely thinking she is a Black Widow, because that was some move.

Peggy then takes a hammer to her bedroom wall where she creates a hole that she uses to hide the contraption that is holding Steve’s blood.

Side Story:

Sousa, decides to check out the pier where the call for the ship was made, he is hoping to get prints off the phone.  While doing that he see two guy who obviously hang out on the pier, after proving that he is not useless with the cane he brings one of them in.  Sousa tries to nicely get the guy to talk but he wouldn’t talk, Thompson comes in with a burger and scotch, he tells the guy if he talks they are his.  He tells them that he saw a guy and a brunette lady at the pier, then inhales the bottle of scotch.  That is when Sousa thinks to take the pic of the blond girl and color it brown.

Thompson is a jerk to Peggy because he basically tells her that she will not get anywhere because she is a female no matter how hard she tries.  I really wanted Peggy to punch him in the face.

This was in interesting episode, not as great as I thought it was going to be with Stark in it.  Granted he did spend a good part of the episode in other women’s rooms, he is such a playboy.  With that being said, Peggy had a right to be mad about his trying to profit off of Steve’s blood.  Stark did have a point their might actually be cures for the cold and other diseases in Steve’s blood.  Thompson really is a jerk, he did not have to go there about Peggy never getting anywhere because she is a woman.  Also Dottie, we all knew there was something up with her, well now we definitely know there is.  It has been confirmed that she is a part of the Black Widow program.  I would love for Sousa to be Peggy’s husband, they said he was a member of the Allied Forces, Sousa did fight

Also Stan Lee cameo:

Sorry this was so late, last week was a really crazy week with family stuff.  In good news, I did learn how to make gifs well at least starter ones, so be sure to be on the look out for those.

Until next episode when we get to see Peggy reunite with the Howling Commandos.

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