What We Would Like to See Happen on This Season of ‘True Blood’

After seeing the season premiere and the what is to come trailer it left some concerns and questions, this is what I would like to see happen on the last season of True Blood.


Sookie needs to make a choice:


This whole, Bill, Eric, Alcide thing is getting old. She needs to choose one especially when it comes to Bill and Eric. If she can’t do that then she either needs to choose none of them or all of them. All of them tactic is working just fine in the Anita Blake series which inspired the Southern Vampire Mysteries. This whole back and forth thing is getting old, at some point they have to get tired of it or is Sookie’s fairy vagina that amazing.


More snarky Pam:

Well they should just show more Pam in general but lots of her snark because I think I speak for everyone when I say we love snarky Pam. Hell I think we all love Pam in general.


Also Pam – Tara:

Pam should have felt it when Tara died because Russell did when Talbot died. Just something that shows that she knows her progeny is dead. They had a slight thing, they did have that kiss.


Find Eric:

They need to find Eric before the season is over. If that is the series finale then I would be super pissed. Find Eric and Eric be alive, sure he needs some help like Russell did but that is alright. Just bring him back alive.


Loose the Hep V vampires:

Serious the vampire zombie creatures need to go. I get it that they need a big bad for a villain and people are over it being Bill/Lillith. This just sucks I am sure they could find something else but they killed everyone else and destroyed the vampire authority. This is why vampire need an authority and council or else this happens. I do have a question can Hep V vampires infect other vampires? If that can happen then that would make for a slightly interesting zombie vampire shit.


Adilyn use her Fae powers:

Seriously if she is going to be a half fairy running around then she needs to learn how to use her abilities. Let’s be fair Sookie is useless since she only has a limited amount. Some how I see these Fae powers being really useful against the Hep V vampires.


Holly be a witch:

We all know Holly is a witch so this should somehow be helpful with them being kidnapped.  I am sure Holly can do something, find something, you know anything.  If we learned anything from the books and season 4 is that witches can do serious shit to vampires.  A witches magic is stronger than vampires so the witch needs to do some shit.


A sex scene between Bill and Eric:

Both actors are down to do a sex scene together. They have even asked to do one and the creators said no. Seriously let them do it the fans would love it. At this point it can’t hurt the show, hell it might even improve it. This is what should happen Bill and Eric get tired of Sookie’s crap and run off together. Seriously there needs to be a Bill and Eric sex scene before the show is over, fans demand it.


Pam and Eric should not die:

This is the last season so people can go. I vote Pam and Eric live for sure. I like Bill but after the last few seasons not happy with him. Sookie is getting on my last nerve. I still like Jason, Sam and Andy so them dying would hurt. Most everyone else can go they are pretty much useless. The Hep V vamps just kidnapped 3 of the most useless characters. The only reason to save Arlene is because of her kids and Nicole because she is pregnant. Other than that I really would not care if those three characters die.

Luke and Layfaette

More vampires getting high:

Why have they been hiding that from us this whole time. If that means more Lafayette and James then so be it. But that was so cool seeing James hit the bong. I think all the other vampires should hit the bong.


Spirit Tara: 

I don’t know about the rest of you but I have always kinda wondered what happened to a vampire after they die especially since it is their second death.  Lafayette can see spirits so it would be awesome for Tara to come to him.  Not to mention Lafayette is hilarious when he freaks out especially when spirits visit him.  If done right this could be a very touching moment between Tara and Lafayette, who knows maybe she can say good -bye to her mom and Sookie.  The actress has hinted that we might see more of Tara.


The writers and creators get their head out of their asses:

This is probably the most important thing that needs to happen.  The show started off really strong and really good in the beginning, then again they were somewhat following the books at that time.  I am alright with deviating from the original source material but if you are going to do that do it in a good way, a believable way.  That is not what happened the writers started pulling shit out of their ass.  Let’s see; crazy Russell was over used, the fairies were under used, the whole 5th and 6th seasons were absolute shit.  If they wanted to do more with the vampire authority that is fine but they put too much into the whole Lillith thing.  They did the same thing with Russell they drew out his craziness, it is almost like they get one good idea and milk it for all its worth.  I’m sorry but there was no need for gay Steve Newlin or his wife after the second season, their story lines were so dumb after season 2.  It is almost like the writers and creators just can’t let go of somethings and characters, well it is time to let go.  Please fix up all the loose ends give us a good final season, one that can make us proud of sticking through all the crap.

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