Patty Valkanas


Ages ago, prehistoric man discovered the secret to making fire… That first flame they ignited has stayed, lit in their hearts, filling them with passion. In one woman, that spark has been fuelled by decades of righteous indignation and the inability to comprehend the depths of man’s stupidity. It has become a roaring inferno of rage. The fires of her anger her primary source of warmth, Patty wanders the earth, striking fear into the hearts of douchebags everywhere.

By day, she works as a graphic artist, writer, and award-winning film-maker, but aspires to world domination, like any nerd worth her obsessive knowledge of her favourite fandoms.

She also likes long walks on the beach, playing with her Godsons, musicals, and cooking deceptively healthy meals… And chronically abusing ellipses…


Twitter: @LoneLantern




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