Doctor Who: The Witches Familiar Recap

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When we left off things did not look really all that great, Clara and the Missy were killed and the TARDIS was destroyed. Also if you want to check out what happened last episode click here Doctor Who: Magicians Apprentice Recap.

Doctor Who - Clara and Missy

Well Clara and Missy were not killed, because of changing the Daleks guns, I dunno Wibbly Wobble Timey Wimey stuff that all I understand. Bottom line Clara and Missy are alive and Missy refuses to share her stick with Clara.

Doctor Who - The Doctor in the Dalek chair


The Doctor traveling around in the Dalek chair was hilarious, he was really enjoying that chair way too much.

I will say all the scenes with Davros and the Doctor were awesome, but I had a hard time with Davros because he sounds and looks like Emperor Palpatine but with Vader qualities.  It is in these scenes that we really get to see the Doctor and who is he as a person.  I am really appreciating the fact they are showing it.

You are not a good Doctor

You are not a good Doctor

Davros and the Doctor talking about Gallifry and the Daleks, oh these scene was so heartbreaking.  This has to be one of the best scenes in Doctor Who history.  Davros’s line: You are not a good Doctor.” That was such a great line to break the tension of the moment.

Missy and Clara really make a great comedy team, more so Missy who I think wins the award for best lines in a Doctor Who episode.  Also Missy is doing that whole I am going to talk and talk until you are confused thing that the Doctor does.

Doctor Who - Clara inside a Dalek

Can we talk about Clara in the Dalek suit, we learned a lot about the Daleks right there.  You are always a Dalek, exterminate is used for most things including I love you, and emotions cause them to fire.  Missy was having way too much making Clara say things, what is Missy up to.

A great Missy line: “You are a Time Lord?” – Dalek. “Time Lady, some of us can afford an upgrade” – Missy.

The Doctor gives Davros some of regeneration energy to save him, because he can’t be all bad and he has learned the error of his ways. Oh wait, it was a ruse, Davros wanted the rengeration energy because he wants to become part Time Lord part Dalek. Really that can’t be a good combination, also we should have never trusted Davros, damn Moffet playing on all of our compassions.

Well Davros is sending the energy to all of the Daleks, which send Missy running to the Doctor because well someone needs to save him.  Davros forgot about the Daleks under the city that are kinda dead, this woke them up; Dalek zombies? They are basically breaking the foundation of the city.

Well Missy tells the Doctor that Dalek Clara killed Clara, she almost gets the Doctor to kill Dalek Clara until it says Mercy.  How do the Dalek’s know the word Mercy?  I am guessing that he had never heard them say that, we have because the one said it to River Song. Well the Doctor is mad so he tells Missy to run, yes Missy I would get out of there.

Doctor Who - The Doctor and Clara

Did we really think that the Doctor can be without a sonic screwdriver, he has apparently invented the wearable sonic tech.  I wouldn’t mind having sonic sunglasses.

Now the Doctor learned something, so he heads back to Davros and saves him, because Mercy is the greatest thing.

Also Missy is left alone with some Daleks, I have a feeling she is not going to die, now she is going to have some Daleks under her command.

Well this has to be one of the best series premiers, this was a great two part episode.  It honestly has to be one of the best written Doctor Who episodes.  This makes me really happy for the upcoming season, if this is what we are to expect then things are going to be amazing.

Also Missy for the Christmas episode because her and River would be hilarious.

Until next episode.

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