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“The Walking Dead” S5E16 – “Conquer”

Morgan. MORGAN. Morgan Morgan Morgan.

Morgan Morgan.


That's how this episode opens.

That’s how this episode opens.


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The Truth is STILL Out There! Fox Orders 6 New “X-Files” Episodes

Scully and Mulder are coming back to television for a 6-part story to air on Fox. Although the air date hasn’t been released yet, production is stating this summer with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny reprising their roles. Series creator Chris Carter is heading the project for 20th Century Fox TV.


“I think of it as a 13-year commercial break,” Carter said. “The good news is the world has only gotten that much stranger, a perfect time to tell these six stories.”

“The X-Files” ran for 9 seasons and spawned two feature films.

The Walking Dead S5E15 – “Try”

The episode opens on Janeway– I mean, Deanna, and her family mourning Adjen’s loss in what must be their traditional way:

With a mix tape!

Then, Carol is baking a casserole to a sick beat because that’s how she rolls. Sam visits her.

Sasha, in her birds’ nest, is tears eyed and looks to be as losing-it as ever.

If it ain't Hallmark...

If it ain’t Hallmark…

A knock on he door finds Deanna with a “Sorry about your kid” casserole… Which she doesn’t accept. And she grimly burns the card.

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The Walking Dead S5E13 – “Spend”

 This episode opens on Father Gabriel, strolling around Alexandria, finding a little chapel, tearing up a bible.

I feel like they could do better than this MoFo.

I feel like they could do better than this MoFo.

Y’know. Just regular priest stuff.

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Agents of SHIELD: Who You Really Are Recap


Last week, SHIELD came back after its mini hiatus to let us know what has been going on since we last saw them. Skye was in quarantine and trying to hide her new powers especially because various members of the team are not being very nice cough *Simmons* cough. Raina is blaming Skye for why she is porcupine.

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Agents of SHIELD: Aftershock Recap


SHIELD is back, yay, sad face though that means no more Agent Carter.  Let’s go and see what Skye and Raina became, well I think we all know what Skye became – Daisy Johnson.

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Gotham: Everyone has a Cobblepot Recap


Last time, we meet the red hood gang, Wayne board sent a spy to stab Alfred and steal info from Bruce and Fish pulled out an eye.

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Arrow: Nanda Parbat Recap


Last time Oliver and Thea had to survive the island because Malcolm was hoping that Oliver would get his killer instinct back. Oliver handled things in the way that he always does, which is leave Slade Wilson to rot. Thea also learned the truth about who really killed Sara.

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Wizard World Chicago Fan Fest

A few months ago I found out about Wizard World doing a Fan Fest here in Chicago. In better news I found that tickets for 2 day was only going to be $25, naturally I was like I am going to be there. I have heard stories as to why Fan Fest was going to be held, personally I really didn’t care why, I just happy over cheap tickets.

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The Walking Dead S5E11 – “Forget”

The episode opens on Sasha, unable to sleep under the watchful eyes of some other family’s photos in the house. The next morning, she goes out “hunting,” but is really just target practicing n those same photos. As she shoots, she seems to think that someone is watching her. Or… Maybe it’s a panic attack.


Yeah. It’s a panic attack. As she waits outside of Alexandria’s gates, shaking her head and softly saying, “Come and get me,” the opening credits run.

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