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Midnighter #1 Review

This one is a really hard one for me review just because I am such a huge fan of Midnighter AND Apollo.  They are my favorite superhero/vigilante couple.  I’m going to try to write this review without bringing that up too much (that’s a lie, but I’ll try)… I’ll leave that to another post…it’s going to be a long and ranty one.

I honestly put off reading the comic for a few days to prepare myself.  I was still not prepared.  I’m very picky about my pairings, and that one was one that had never really been deviated from so I was very shocked to read that the writer was not going to have Midnighter and Apollo together, but once again, I’ll leave that to another post (still lying).

Aw! Who wouldn’t love that smile?

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Gotham: Beast of Prey Recap


Well Gotham is back from it’s mini break with only 4 episodes left in the season to go.  The biggest thing to probably remember from last season that the Wayne Board is out to get Bruce.  Gordon decided to basically blackmail Loeb, which got him Bullock’s file but no one else from the GCPD.  Now Gordon is head of the GCPD union, thanks to blackmail.

Gordon pays a visit to Bruce who brings him a sandwich that he actually made, I really didn’t know that he was capable of actually making simple food of any kind.  Gordon is smart enough to realize that they know who stabbed Alfred.  He also realized that Alfred plan finding the guy and handling the situation himself.  

While at work, a young cop comes up to Gordon asking him to look into a case that had never really been solved and he knows Gordon is the cop to go to.  This proves that Gordon can be sweet talked so he naturally looks into the case.  It seems that she went missing for about four months before she had been found.  Based on the autopsy that Lee redid on the body it seems that she did not struggle or was she abused.  It almost seems like she had been a willing guest, but Gordon is sure that she had been kidnapped.  

Gotham - Bullock and Gordon

With the help of Nygma and some information from Lee, they are able to find four other bars, speakeasy ones that were not found during the first search.  One of those bars happens to be the right no one because the bartender remembers seeing the victim with a really good-looking guy, well those are her words.  They ask her to let them know if she sees the guy again.  


Gotham - The OgreDuring all to this we get a flashback of the Milo’s character meeting Fairchild at the bar, he gives her a really great line that would get most women into bed. It worked she stayed over but when she tries to leave well that doesn’t go over so well.  It seems that he keeps her there in handcuffs where she cooks and cleans for him, I am guess some other things as well.  Well she had cooked him lamb for dinner and asks him about his day.  Unfortunately, she over cooked the lamb, which caused him to break up with her.  Well if cooking well is prerequisite I would have been killed early on.  His version of breaking up is none other than killing the girls, there has been a few of them.  

After Nygma finds a copy of an image that was left at the scene, Bullock realized what was going on.  They are dealing with the work of the Ogre, who will kill any cop and their family if they go after him.  This is the main reason that he has never been brought in.  

Gotham - Gordon and Loeb

They are able to figure out after interrogating the cop who gave him the info was forced by Loeb, Loeb is trying to bring Gordon down.  Gordon than proceeds to go after Loeb right in the middle of the GCPD, where Gordon tells Loeb that he is going to find the Ogre and then he is going after Loeb.  


Side Stories: 

The Penguin is trying to get a hold of a restaurant, but the lady does not want to sell.  She does agree if he can get her sweet granddaughter back from the horrible guitar player she is with.  Well The Penguin has the guitar player fingers cut off, that convinces him to leave.  With her granddaughter back the lady agrees to go over terms with The Penguin.  It seems that the only reason that The Penguin wanted the restaurant was because he plans on killing Moroni there.  

Gotham - Fish

Fish, we are all curious what is going on over there, well she steps outside only to meet with the Catchers who basically tell her that they will kill her the next time that they see her outside.  She then comes up with a plan to get everyone out, she has to get the keys first.  While getting the keys the Doctor comes in so Fish has to convince him that she was trying to kill herself, not trying to escape.  Well Fish sends a bunch of the big guys out first so the Catchers catch them, while she goes back for everyone else.  The Doctor shows up but they beat him a few times before they escape to the helicopter.  The Catcher realize they are trying to escape on the helicopter, the head one shoot Fish right in the side as she is flying the helicopter.  

Bruce, well Alfred is back and looking to handle Reggie but Bruce does not want Alfred to go alone since he is not well enough.  This part is true is Alfred pops his stitches and begins to bleed again.  Well Bruce goes looking around gun ranges because that is where he thinks he will find Reggie based on what Alfred said.  Lucky for him he makes sure to send out a few messages looking for Selina who tells him that she could have hit him with a brick, the S&M flirting style they are known for begins, just the awkward pubescent version.  

Gotham - Bruce and Selina

Well Selina realizes where to find Reggie, as she laughs a Bruce for not knowing that meant shooting up drugs.  They are able to find him and Selina takes his drugs and hangs them out the window until Reggie tells them what they need to know.  Which is that some high ups at Wayne Enterprise were worried about what he knows.  Reggie also wants to know if Alfred is all right because he didn’t want to hurt him.  Reggie tells Bruce to let Alfred handle it since these people are much to big for Bruce to handle. Selina is supposed to give back the drugs but she drops them, which causes Reggie to get pissed and threaten the kids.  Reggie sees his drugs sitting on the ledge and reaches over to grab them, Bruce wants to push Reggie out the window but can’t. Selina on the other hand will not let Reggie send people after them and she pushes Reggie out of the window.  

One, it looks like Selina is starting to rank up a body count, but if we learned anything Bruce does not punish for justified killing.  He is not able to kill others, but if their death serves justice he does not disown those who do it.  Considering I have seen images of Bruce and Selina together at party, I really doubt he hates her.  Was I the only one hoping that Barbara becomes one of The Ogre’s victims?  Granted it would be a great way to get Barbara and Gordon back together but I am kind of hoping that they will just ignore comics and she doesn’t make it.  Someone is supposed to die this season, granted it’s probably Fish since she is not coming back for next season but we could all hope that it’s Barbara.  Based on the scenes we have seen for the last 3 episodes well The Ogre does set his sights on her.  

Until next time, when we get to find out what will happen between The Ogre and Gordon.  


Gotham: Welcome Back Gordon Recap



Well Gordon and Bullock got Gruber, which means Gordon is back on the police force, if you want to know more about that check it out here.

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Report: “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” Trailer LEAKED

According to kdramastars, the trailer for this highly anticipated (even if only with trepidation) DC comics hero movie has leaked on,one, just before it’s intended debut at SDCC 2014.

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X-Men: Apocalypse to Feature “First Class” Cast

Howdy, kids.

We’ve been covering X-Men: Days of Future Past pretty heavily this past weekend, but with good reason if our review is anything to go by. This film, with its $302 million opening weekend (greater than any of the other X-Men movies’ opening weekends and already $100 million over the film’s budget) has firmly secured the future of the franchise… Except that it’s really secured it’s past.

Who will return for "X-Men: Apocalypse?" *Cue Jeopardy Theme*

Who will return for “X-Men: Apocalypse?” *Cue Jeopardy Theme*

According to writer/producer Simon Kinberg:

“We approached it as a final goodbye for the original actors… But to be totally candid, that’s the way I approached X-Men: The Last Stand. If you talked to me in 2006 and said, ‘Do you think we’ll ever see Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier again? Do you think we’ll see Ian and Halle and Ellen Page and Shawn Ashmore back on screen together?’ I most likely would have said no, and certainly in the case of Patrick Stewart I would have said no way. There’s some part of our brains that hopes we will see them again, but we wanted to tell a story that felt like it was a conclusion to their stories.”

So… The future is fixed… And all of the characters have survived… But the Apocalypse storyline takes place in the past.

Doesn’t that kind of take some of the suspense out of things? We know a few of the major characters who will be surviving…

But does this really mean that we’re never going to see the original cast again? No Scott, no Jean, no Storm? Or any of the younger group, including Iceman, Shadowcat, Colossus, and Rogue?

Well, maybe, maybe not. According to an interview with The Daily Beast, regarding the cast for X-Men: Apocalypse:

“It will focus primarily on the First Class cast, but it will certainly have some of the original cast involved, too.”

So, we’ll get bits of the original cast, but mostly the 60s/70s/80s cast, Quicksilver included.



Hm. Well, it’s probably safe to say that the next film in the series is not going to have another time-traveling storyline, so it’ll be interesting to see how exactly they’re going to go ahead and do all of that.

Rest assured, I’m going to be waiting so be sure to check back with us for updates as they come along!





Check out our first PSA, just in time for the release of “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” In this episode, I welcome Bryan Singer back to the helm of the franchise and point out the horrible ways in which “X-Men: The Last Stand” Went Wrong.

Check it out below and let us know if we missed anything you hated about X3 or what you thought about DoFP in the comments below!


My Problem With “Once Upon a Time”

So… I recently Netflixed this series. I caught up to the show just in time for the season finale. And I have a problem.


And I’ve had this problem from the start.


So, no, I’m not going to talk about that little teaser at the end and the character they’re introducing next season. Because, really, until I see exactly what they do with her, I give zero fucks.


And I’m not going to talk about how positively irritating all this shit about Snow White and Charming and they’re star-crossed yet true love thing is. WE GET IT. They love each other. It took them a long time to get to that point. Do we have to keep having flashbacks and time travel and just basically revisit storylines that already super old and this show is only a few seasons in?!

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Batwoman Annual #1 Comic Review

Just as I was about to give up on the entire line of Batwoman, they throw this in my face!

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Costume Dynamics: Black Canary

Before the New 52 came about my favorite comic was Birds of Prey. I mean, it had Oracle, what else could a girl ask for? One of the lead characters was Black Canary. My feelings towards her are kind of ‘meh’, but as with most female superheroes, I was left wondering where her clothes went.

Alter Ego: Dinah (Drake) Lance (Queen)


  • hand to hand combat
  • martial arts
  • ultra sonic scream
  • ..motorcycle rider (according to wikipedia this is an ability)

When a pirate and a magician’s assistant have a baby…

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Possible Battlestar Galactica Movie?

Battlestar Galactica

Universal hires a writer for a Battlestar Galactica movie. The movie will be written by Jack Paglen who wrote Transcendence with Johnny Depp and Paglen will also be writing the Prometheus sequel. Fans do not fear Battlestar Galactica creator Glen Larson will be a producer on the movie.

I know a big question that many people have is how are they going to turn an epic series like Battlestar Galactica into a two-hour movie. Are they going to make multiple movies? Also what story line will they choose?

At this time we do not know, we will probably not find out many of these answers until after the story has been written. I guess we are just going to have to wait and see on this one.