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The Goosebumps movie has a release date


The Goosebumps movie finally has a release date March 23, 2016.  Jack Black will star in the movie and Rob Letterman who has directed Jack Black previously in Gulliver’s Travels will direct it.

I grew up with the Goosebumps books as a kid; I loved reading them and had the whole collection of 62 books.  I even tried to get one signed by R.L. Stine last year at C2E2.  I am having a hard time understanding how they plan to put 62 books into one movie.  Obviously they would only be able to do some of the stories, are they planning to make multiple movies?

I am curious how they are going to modernize these stories while still keeping to the original content.  These stories were written in the 90’s and what scared us back then does not scare kids now.  Not to mention these are supposed to be scary stories, I  really hope they don’t try to turn this into a comedy.

I will admit I am very nervous about this project and it does not help that I am not a huge Jack Black fan either.  With any luck the longer release, date will help make the movie better.

Are you excited or scared about the upcoming Goosebumps movie?