Sleepy Hollow: Paradise Lost Recap


Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow is back after its mini hiatus and I guess we can find out what happened with Henry stabbed Moloch.

SH - Henry stabs Moloch

The episode starts off where the finale left off with Henry stabbing Moloch.  After that happens everyone is thrown across the clearing.  Ichabod wakes up and thinks about Katrina first but finds Abbie first.  Then Katrina walks over and Ichabod remembers that he has a wife, while that is going on Abbie remembers she has a sister and goes looking for her.  It seems that killing Moloch also destroyed Henry in the process.

Now we jump 6 weeks later, during that time there has been no sign of Henry so I am guessing that means that he is dead.  Well that is not what I was expecting because I had thought that he was just going to be moody away from everyone while he evaluated his upside down life.  Abbie and Ichabod stroll through a farmers market where Ichabod mentions rumors that he has been hearing about possible supernatural stuff.  Since Moloch had been destroyed it seems that there has not been much going on, almost like they averted the apocalypse.  That would be way to easy, especially since they said that they would love for this to go 7 seasons.

It seems that Ichabod is living the research room because he gave Katrina the cabin while they think about their marriage.  Wow, that was rather modern, the girl got the house.  We all know back in their time, women got nothing.

Ichabod managed to convince Abbie to go explore the woods because something might be going on there.  It seems that there is no more supernatural presence in Sleepy Hollow.  This makes Ichabod wonder what he is going to do with his life since his only purpose in that time was to be a witness. Lucky for Ichabod they hear something, happens to be three demons doing a ritual because they are looking for their new master.  While Ichabod and Abbie right them, they get some unexpected help from the angel Orion.

Why is there an angel on the show?  I am not all right with this, I really don’t want to this to turn into something else like Supernatural.  As of right now I am not happy about this angel and I do not trust him.

Orion tells them that the demons are looking for a new master now that Moloch is gone, they are looking for the horseman known as Death.  Well it just happens that they have Death chained up.  Also when Moloch was destroyed the gates of purgatory were weakened letting some people escape.  Orion is tracking down the demons that escaped because he was in purgatory and is a fallen angel.  Also I would like to mention his weapon is chakarm, was I the only person who then thought of Xena?

I have questions now, why was this guy in purgatory and fallen angel can we say Lucifer (ok, he was banished but close enough).  It seems that Orion joined the fight against the horseman during that big old war (the Revolutionary one) and he was killed by the horseman.

Abbie calls Jenny who she ditched being the wingwoman for to let her know what is going on.  Jenny calls Hawley in who happens to have a demon finding stone, because Hawley always has exactly what they need.

SH- Katrina

Also Katrina who is looking super witchy, has probably figured out a way to seperate Abraham from the Horseman and bring him back.  Abbie and Ichabod were thinking hey lets have this angel kill him before he causes the next apolocaylpse.  Katrina convinces Ichabod to wait, if her plan works then they don’t have to kill him.  Ichabod wants them to see if Katrina’s plan works and if not then Orion can kill the horseman.

Abbie wants the Horseman dead because of everything he did especially killing Corbin.  Well Katrina realizes this and sets the Horseman free making him promise not to kill anyone.  Orion and Abbie are not happy about this, they go off.  Ichabod decides to look up more about the angel because he does not trust him.

They are able to find the demons with the Horseman at the carriage house.  It seems that Ichabod was right not to trust Orion because he is always there when a huge disaster happens probably to bring it about.  Abbie finds out that Orion wants to steal Deaths power so he can destroy the unworthy of humanity.

Ichabod joins Abbie where they find a way to stop Orion who has dug his chakram into the Death’s body to start the process of absorbing his powers.  Ichabod is able to destroy the chakarm and then he lets Death go after Orion who takes off.  Then the Horseman looks at Ichabod ready to kill him, but with some help and being able to see his face they are able to convince him not to kill anyone until Katrina can try her spell.


SH- Jenny and HawleyBack to Hawley and Jenny, well it seems that Hawley wants Jenny again.  Hawley man you need to make up your mind which sister do you want, you can’t have them both.  They are able to make the demon finding stone work.

The episode ends with some barefoot guy walking into convience store and drinking some of the milk.  Well it is none other then Irving who managed to escape purgatory and is back in Sleepy Hollow.

SH - Irving is back

First things, I am really excited that Irving is back I did not want him to be dead. Also I am really happy that they are showing Ichabod and Katrina actually thinking about if their marriage should be a thing.  It really shows the problems with their situation.  Also I am wondering if Katrina wearing black right now means something since she had a beige corset before.  I am a bit upset about Henry, I did not want him to die, I would like for him to live and somehow become a part of the family.  I am not feeling the angel and I am hoping that he will not be a super thing.  With Irving back it makes me wonder who else escaped purgatory.  I think is it too easy that Moloch is destroyed, he is going to show back up, I think Henry will as well.


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