The Walking Dead S5E11 – “The Distance”

I love that this episode starts out with Daryl checking Aaron over RIGHT after Maggie says that she and Sasha have already done that…




Well, that moment of aggravation aside, they get right to it. Aaron has a “community” that he’d like Rick and the gang to “audition” for membership. He’s brought pictures with him, showing that it’s fortified and– Well, that’s as far as he gets before Rick knocks him out.

Rick, who is thirsty and emaciated, knocks him out with one punch. So, I’m gonna go ahead and plant Aaron firmly in the “wuss” column.

Michonne ain’t feeling Rick’s paranoia. And neither a Sasha and Maggie. But Rick finds a flare in his pack and it seems enough to condemn him. He demands to know how many people he has, and Aaron tells him that his answer will be taken as a lie anyways. But he left the water for them, and he admires that they haven’t turned on each other despite their hunger, and he speaks with a passionately wavering voice.

Michonne volunteers to verify then newcomer’s story, contradicting Rick in front of everyone. She even throws the safety of his baby in his face. Maggie’s going. Glenn agrees to go with and Rick orders Abraham and Rosita along with them.

I need them to bathe. Or at least for Abraham to change out of that grimy wifebeater.

I need them to bathe. Or at least for Abraham to change out of that grimy wifebeater.

Then he splits the rest of the group up to make them less of a target, like I’m supposed to be impressed by his tactical prowess… Which leaves Rick alone in the barn with Aaron, where the latter assures a still-threatening a Rick that he’s not out to get them.

Slowly, it looks like Michonne has become the new conscience of the group.

Meanwhile, I’m calling the next scene at the barn, “Eat your damn applesauce like a man!”

For goodness' sake.

For goodness’ sake.

Michonne and mini-crew find a car and an RV, stocked with canned goods, bringing both back to the barn, where Rick is outnumbered by folks wanting to check out Aaron’s camp. They leave that night. In the car, Aaron has a selection of license plates from different states (he wants to collect all 50) and a parabolic listening device (“I already told you I was watching you.”), but it’s when the photos of the “community” are lacking photos of any of the people that Michonne realises that nobody has ever asked him their three questions. His answers, which he takes a while to answer, are “a lot,” “two,” and “because they tried to kill me.”

It's a bad omen! Uh oh, Spaghetti-Os!

It’s a bad omen! Uh oh, Spaghetti-Os!

The more he talks, the more he looks like he’s thinking very hardly about his answers, so he’s likely lying. But, in the meantime, Glenn crashes into a herd of walkers. As they lay stranded, someone in the distance sends up a flare, and Aaron panics and bolts. Instead of going after him, Michonne reasons that the flare is follow able, so they no longer need Aaron to find the camp. But Glenn finds him (and saves him) anyways.

Aaron’s a good talker, and they all head out, finding the rest of the crew and Aaron’s boyfriend. The two share a moment. They legit love each other.

Each other. This means nothing with respect to the others.

Each other. This means nothing with respect to the others.

I still wouldn’t entirely trust Aaron. Good intentions, I think, but definitely still hiding something.

(Also, their community’s name is Alexandria. Like, the actual Alexandria, VA, or are these survivors just kind of pretentious..?)

Naturally, their RV breaks down on them just outside. I say “naturally” because, otherwise, we would’ve gotten to see the place before the end of the episode. But we do get a nice moment where Glenn uses his RV repair skills, calling back to his friendship with Dale.

As they pull up to the gates, they hear children laughing and playing (even though Aaron assured them that the baby’s cries wouldn’t be audible).

Trap? Is hims making a trap for us? Aw, yes him is!

Trap? Is hims making a trap for us? Aw, yes him is!

I mean, that shit could easily be a tape being played.

So… Probably a trap. Or, at least, not all that it’s being cracked up to be.

I mean, one haven is run by a lunatic. The next one is a cannibal trap. I think it’s understandable if they’re all a little bit… “Wary” of the promise of sanctuary.

So, since we’ve just barely seen the inside of the gates, we’ll have to wait until next week to really come to any conclusions.

Until then, I’ll be mired in indecision as to whether I would trust the situation in their shoes or not.

I mean...

I mean…

Until then!



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