Fifty Shades of Grey Review

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Okay, on a complete whim I decided to go check Fifty Shades of Grey out during opening weekend by myself I might add. I was the first time I have ever seen a movie by myself, I have to say not as bad of an experience as I thought it would be.

Fifty Shades - Christian and Ana kiss

Well anyone who has read the books knows that they are utter trash, there is no story to these books at all. With that being said the movie was not that horrible, which I had thought would be possible because with them being able to cut out some things, that might help the story. What did not help was the fact that the writer refused to let them change any of her dialogue, it had to be exact. Now as a novelist and screenwriter I get that but also as a screenwriter and film maker I also get that sometime thing need to be shortened. If some of the dialogue could have been changed it might have been a better movie.

Fifty Shades - Christian caring for Ana

Now, I probably spent about half the movie laughing because well I read the books so I know what is going on and what is going to happen. Dakota Johnson did a great job at Anastasia Steele, her line delivery was perfect. She helped actually bring humor to the movie.  As for Jamie Doran, I am sure I will get some flack for this, but he is not Christian Grey.  Don’t get me wrong he is good-looking, but he was not intimidating enough or intense enough, Ana’s description to Kate did not fit him.  I will say he did controlling Christian well, he also did fun and vulnerable Christian well.

While we are talking about controlling, wow is Christian rather controlling, I knew he was in the books but they did a good job portraying that on-screen.  Seriously, I was going to punch him, that man, while I am all for getting great gifts.  He really was taking things a bit to far with tracking her phone and telling her what to eat, those honestly were the milder things that he did.  Choosing her doctor, when she eats and exercises, and just showing up at her mothers’, let not mention getting mad that she went to see her mother. I can get being upset because she did not mention it because they have some sort of relationship.  Let’s not go into him changing her clothes while she was unconscious, granted it was a nice act since she had vomited all over them but I am sure he could have put her in something else.  Of course there is the stalker part of him showing up at her job:

Fifty Shades - Christian Grey shirtlessI guess while we are going over all this, the playroom, which did not have a Xbox.  I give them credit, they made it look really pleasurable and not half as bad as it come out in the books.  From what I have read, people in that community do find it pleasurable so that part good.  This portrayal was supposed to be very unrealistic with all his controlling, it is not supposed to be about having complete control over the person if any, it’s about pleasure both people enjoy it.  Now don’t get me wrong, Christian was sexy in just those jeans with no shirt on.  He is the probably one of the few people alive who can make eating toast look sexy.  With that being said, I do not blame Ana for leaving at the end after he showed her what it was like to be punished.  That scene was interesting because you can tell the people who had read the books and the ones who had not.

I do need to remark on how narcissistic Christian Grey is, he really thinks he is a huge prize for any women especially someone like Ana.  Proof right here:

Sorry, but you are not Batman you cannot get away with that excuse.

Now I am sure everyone has been wondering what has been left of the movie, while it has been some time since I have read the book.

  • There was no first blowjob scene where he tests out her skills, because if she does well he will reward her.
  • I do remember the ba wen balls and those were left out of the movie, but that is probably because of the R rating.
  • We all know they did not include the tampon scene, I am rather happy about, I really don’t need to see a bloody tampon on-screen.
  • They cut back on the contract so the food and exercise was cut out, he told her what foods to eat and how often she needed to exercise, Ana negotiates all of that.
  • We are under the impression that Ana is wearing underwear in when she goes to his parents, because there is no talk of it in the movie besides him asking if she has everything.  In the book he still has her underwear so she is not wearing any.
  • Speaking of dinner at the parent’s house, there is no sex in the boat house, which I was kind of looking forward to.  I get for time, that they cut that out, now I think is had been in the movie because there are stills of the sister that had not been in the movie, I think she is the one who pulls them from the boat house.

Over all, the director did a good with the limited source material that she had to work with, I can only hope that she is going to come back for the other movies because I don’t think anyone else can pull this off.  Now there might be some other directors who can pull it off but it has to be a woman.  Curiosity, will naturally make me see the other movies because well those books are even worse.  They have the most useless villains, who have no point to the story.

Did anyone else see this movie over the weekend?

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