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The Walking Dead S5E11 – “The Distance”

I love that this episode starts out with Daryl checking Aaron over RIGHT after Maggie says that she and Sasha have already done that…




Well, that moment of aggravation aside, they get right to it. Aaron has a “community” that he’d like Rick and the gang to “audition” for membership. He’s brought pictures with him, showing that it’s fortified and– Well, that’s as far as he gets before Rick knocks him out.

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 TWD S5E8 – “Coda”

Mid-Season finale. Let’s just jump right on in.

Notice the photo of Evil Bob and son on the dash? Pretty sure Rick saw it, too. Also pretty sure he doesn't give a fuck.

Notice the photo of Evil Bob and son on the dash? Pretty sure Rick saw it, too. Also pretty sure he doesn’t give a fuck.

Evil Bob is on the run, being hunted by walkers and Rick in a squadcar alike, but not for long as Rick runs the motherfucker down. Evil Bob asks for help as Rick gets out of the car, saying that he thinks his back is broken, like that wasn’t Rick’s idea. Like Rick wasn’t trying to kill him to keep him from escaping and doing who knows what with the knowledge of Rick’s groups whereabouts/plans. Evil Bob asks to be taken back to the hospital, saying that he had done that for one of his, but Rick says you can’t go back. A possible reference to Morgan..? Well, either way, rick puts a bullet in his head, so… Whomp whomp.

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Colonel Glenn Talbot is heading to Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD cast Adrian Pasdar as Colonel Glenn Talbot in an upcoming episode.  This character is set to “cause some trouble for our favorite agents.”

Adrian Pasadar - Glenn Talbot

Glenn Talbot should be well-known to Hulk fans, he is the person who figured out that Bruce Banner and the Hulk were the same person, thus causing Bruce Banner to go on the run.  I wonder if this means we will be seeing the Hulk/Bruce Banner make an appearance.

Right now, I have to say I am loving how Agents of SHIELD is taking characters from lore and putting them into the show.  It is actually making the show a lot better.