OUaT S4E3 – “Rocky Road”

…Is that an ice cream pun in the title of this episode?

You butter(pecan) believe it!


Ahhhhhhahahahahaha, I’m delightful.

Okay, so I had this whole post written out when a power thing managed to erase it because, apparently, auto save didn’t want to work… I’m still bitter.

So let’s delve right on into a synopsis.

In Arendelle, in the past, we learn that not only is Anna missing, but Hans of the Southern Isles is amassing an army to storm Arrendelle. Kristoff disobeys the Queen’s orders and creeps all over those troops in the mountains, learning and reporting to Elsa that Hans has a lead on an artifact that can trap and neutralize Elsa and her magic. It’s a drawing of the urn she’s trapped in until the very last moment of last season. Elsa insists on accompanying Kristoff on a mission to retrieve it, because leaving Arendelle without leadership worked out so well last time, and they make it there just ahead of Hans, who catches up because Elsa is captivated by some runes that appear on the urn, thinking that they could lead her to find the origin of her powers. Hans and his brothers appear then, holding Kristoff hostage, and Elsa gives up the urn, which Hans promptly turns on her… Only, it’s already got an occupant: Ice cream lady! In a decidedly nicer outfit.


She takes out the princes, freezing Hans solid, and is only stopped from killing Kristoff by Elsa’s fervent insistence that he is her friend. She takes whatshericyface back to the palace where she coldly (ha!) stares at the portrait of the King and Queen, announcing that she’s the Queen’s sister. Making her Elsa (and Anna’s) aunt. DUN DUN DUN.


In the present, in Storybrooke, Marian, Robin, and their kid whose name I don’t remember buy ice cream from the woman with the snow powers. She does… Something magical to Marian’s cone. Later, in a town hall meeting called by new mayor Snow White, who still hasn’t let that baby out of her sight, the townspeople’s clamoring for Elsa’s blood (due to the ice wall surrounding their town, Leroy’s truck being frozen, etc.) is diverted slightly when Marian collapses. She has some kind of ice curse on her, and Regina, who had been having a pleasant lunch with her son, can’t stop it. Elsa, even though she’s being accused by the former Evil Queen, insists that True Love’s Kiss is necessary, which is funny because it was just an act of True Love that saved her sister but, apparently, she didn’y actually watch “Frozen,” and it’s no big surprise either way that Robin’s kiss doesn’t revive her. The confront Gold who, under the power of Belle’s dagger, denies any knowledge of the situation or recollection of the parties involved. Emma realizes that others will come to blame Elsa, so she orders Hook to take her to the Sheriff’s Office for safekeeping while she and Charming hunt for clues. Emma and Charming search Robin Hood’s campgrounds and find Will Scarlet, Robin’s former bestie, rifling through his things.


Personally, I think that Scarlet is going to turn out to be Marian’s True Love, reviving her and proving that violation of “Bros Before Hoes” is and always has been a sacred vow. Scarlet is a shifty thief but leads them to the ice cream parlour where they discover Ice Lady’s powers. Scarlet books it.


Meanwhile, Hook has decided that taking Elsa towards danger is a much more sensible option, confronting Gold again and telling him that he knows the dagger being held by Belle is a forgery. Backed into a corner, Rumple gives them a bit of help by creating a trail for them to follow the ice magic to its source. It leads them to find Ice Lady in the forest, where Elsa gets super excited and tries to get her attention. Ice Lady is… Confrontational. She needles the younger Snow Queen. Elsa admits to having no recollection of the events that led to her being trapped in the urn. The other snow lady tells her that it was ANNA who trapped her, that even their loved ones will turn on those with ice magic eventually. That her memories were taken from her by the trolls because they would have otherwise been too painful to live with. All this as she traps Hook and tries to kill him in order to frame Elsa and expedite that whole process. Emma and Charming arrive and Snow Broad recognizes Emma. Emma saves Hook, because Elsa’s powers have been neutralized, and Snow Broad Batmans, leaving the heroes scratching their heads as to where she’s gone.


At the Mayor’s Office, the only thing that Regina can think to do to stop the spread of ice to Marian’s heart is to remove it and put it into one of her boxes, so Marian will remain frozen, but alive, and Robin confesses that the reason his kiss didn’t thaw her out was because he’s in love with Regina. Which, yeah. True Love. We know. She gets this big, doofy smile on her face, and it’s adorable, and that still-beating heart is still, like, right there. But it’s still kind of a cute moment.


In the last scene of the episode, Rumple confronts Snow Lady in the forest because of course he knows who she is. He also knows that Emma has met her before. DUN DUN DUN.


So… We actually got some stuff done in this episode! Finally.

Not only does the story advance, but we get some much-needed character progression:

  • Snow’s inability to leave her child is addressed in a firm-yet-gentle confrontation with Dr. Hopper, who recognizes this behaviour as a leftover of the guilt she feels for having missed all of her daughter’s formative years.


  • Rumple is still his same old conniving self, but there’s someone who’s actually got one up on him for a change.
  • Snow Lady’s recognition of Emma must mean that more adventures in the past are on the horizon for the saviour or Storybrooke. That… Could get irritating. It’s been used and overused on this show.
  • Elsa is more than just a deer in headlights with wintery superpowers.
  • Hook might just be getting somewhere with Emma.


  • David is still comprised primarily of white bread.
  • We see a very nice moment between Regina and Henry. Regina actually tells him of her plan to find the book’s writer, Henry is actually excited about the idea, Regina looks casual and normal and gets a moment of happiness…


And you just know that that shit ain’t about to last.

Next week’s episode appears to heavily feature Anna, and we’re going to see her meeting with Rumplestiltskin, so there should be even more advancement of the story arc for this season.

All in all, I actually did enjoy this episode, and while the “Frozen” stuff has been mildly entertaining, I’m still really looking forward to any progress on this whole “Find the Writer” quest.

Check in with us again next week to see where it all goes, and give us your fan theories in the comments!



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