Amazing X-Men Annual Review #1

Amazing Annual - 1

We have the first Amazing X-Men Annual issue, which has Storm on the cover so it looks like it will be a Storm heavy issue, which makes me happy since I love Storm.

The issue starts with an elemental named Meruda who is taking a teenage girl from Kenya.

Amazing Annual - 2

Over at the mansion the X-Men are investigating this new being and during this we discover that girl (Abuya) is Storm’s cousin. Oh no, this is not good Storm is not one of those mutants you piss off because she comes with some powerful friends. Storm refuses to go to her ex for help, good I never liked him.

I don't need him

I don’t need him

Wolverine, Beast, Nightcrawler, Iceman, and Firestar go with Storm to Africa. The team land where Abuya was taken and Wolverine does that the bloodhound thing. In addition, the people are ready to offer Storm a sacrifice for her to make the rain come but she said she would make it rain without the sacrifice.

Amazing Annual - 4

Its alright, just drop the knife and leave the goat alone

Wolverine and Storm find where Meruda is doing a ritual, only to find out that he had planned the whole thing to lure Storm there.

amazing annual - 5

Firestar is complaining again because they are fighting magic. Nightcrawler grabs Abuya but they realize that her spirit is in the demon. Storm is naturally pissed so she goes after Meruda.

Amazing Annual - 6

Meruda takes Storm a place she had found during her trek across Africa. It is apparently the place where T’Challa had been captured. Storm did not understand her powers and caused a sandstorm while she tried to help T’Challa. In that process, she killed Meruda’s family. Meruda blames her for what happened and lured her into a trap so he could kill her.

Amazing Annual - 7

The other X-Men continue to fight with the demon that Meruda conjured up, Wolverine gets stabbed or slashed but Beast jumps in. They figure out the weapons are enchanted and start using them on the demon.

Seriously can we leave him alone he has no healing factor

Seriously can we leave him alone he has no healing factor

Storm battles Meruda who is powerful because he has elemental powers, because of it he thinks he is stronger than Storm. There are a few times that he manages to hit her. Storm has been controlling the elements for much longer and is more powerful so in the end she wins.

I am The Storm, bitch

I am Storm, bitch

Storm greets Abuya who the X-Men were able to save once they destroyed the demon and Meruda. The rest of the team reminds her that she was just learning her powers so she should not blame herself.

Amazing Annual - 10

The old lady who had talked to Storm earlier tells her it was not her fault sandstorms happened a lot during that time, he just wanted someone to blame. She should know because she had been there and then she disappears.

Amazing Annual - 11

During this entire time Storm realizes that she is still the girl trying to find her way and do the right thing.

I have to say I liked this annual because well it focused on Storm and she is my favorite Marvel and X-Men character. I think this was done to help lead into her solo series. A good issue gave us some background to her. I think people often forget that Storm struggles with her past much like Wolverine. For Storm many things happened when she got her powers, we all know something bad happens when most mutants manifest their powers and are still learning how to use them. It would make sense when Storm was first developing her powers that some freak weather happened and it might have killed some people. It would have been an accident of course but something that could have easily happened. Storm would live with that guilt because she would be unsure if she caused it to happen. I likes that the issue dived into that, I also love how it shows how powerful Storm can be. The movies did a horrible job of portraying that, I love that the comics show it off.

Until next issue

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