Manicure Mondays! Inspired by Darryl Dixon

Howdy, nerds!


I was really jazzed up about the premiere of TWD Season 5 last night, and /i found myself with both some free time and nails of a reasonable length! So let’s check out what the heck I’ve done to myself this time.

Paint each fingernail but that of your ring finger white, and paint the ring finger’s nail green, grey, or something that looks less than fresh.


Zooming in on our accent nail, you’ll need either nail polish pens or nail polish and a bunch of toothpicks, and either way you’ll need patience and a smidgen of artistic ability, to draw yourself a tiny face with a vapid expression.


I added a bit of white and red for contrast and gore, respectively.

The thumb is going to stay white, but the other three nails are where the influence of our favourite redneck comes in. On the middle finger, draw a straight line perpendicular tot he direction of nail growth, bisecting the nail.


On your index finer, use a combination of black and whatever colour you like to create a sort of feather appearance.


On the pinky, a bit of red nail polish on the tip of a toothpick can help you to achieve a nice splatter effect, and some black and optional silver in a triangular shape give you an arrowhead.


Put it all together, and you’re one more walker down.


Happy painting!



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I'm a graphic artist, writer, film-maker, and avid baker. I sing in the car and laugh at the worst/best moments. I am the coolest nerd you will ever meet. Try not to let your jealousy show too badly.

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  1. Well this is a little frightening, but well executed

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