Agents of SHIELD: Making Friends and Influencing People Recap


Here we are at a new episode of SHIELD and this was one looks to be a lot more promising then the last episode. Really the only highlights of last weeks is that Mac can understand Fitz a bit, Raina is back, and we saw Skye’s dad. Yes, they really killed off Xena after one episode.

The episode starts off with the creepy people of Hydra, the new higher-ups torturing a former SHIELD agent into joining them. Well more like using subliminal messaging to convince her. I really feel like this is something Peeta went through in Mockingjay.

AOS - Hydra


Let’s head over to Simmon’s apt where she is such a great wake-up routine.  Simmons is heading over to her new job at Hydra, there has to be a reason the Simmons is working at Hydra because I don’t just see her going over to the dark side.  Also Simmons does take note that her boss is working on a file with the name Donnie Gill on it.  I think we all remember Gill aka Blizzard the kid from the SHIELD academy who created the weather machine that caused the polar vortex last winter.

Over in SHIELD land Skye is practicing on the shooting range, all the SHIELD trained people are worried about Skye in the battlefield.

AOS - May and Skye

Hunter apologizes to May for shooting her and May tells him to just wait.  Sorry Hunter that was a really bad idea because May can hold a grudge and if you don’t believe her well then ask Ward.  Also May decided it was time for Skye to learn how to use a sniper rifle.  Coulson comes back from trying to recruit someone back to SHIELD only to have lost them to Hydra.  He is very annoyed that he is losing a lot of former SHIELD agents to Hydra.

Donnie is hanging out in Morocco where he is hiding out trying to get a job.

AOS Donnie

It seems that he cannot hide because Hydra finds him and tries to make him come back to the team.  Donnie does not want to go back to Hydra so he freezes everyone including the guy who he tried to get the job from.

Simmons comes home from a day at work only to find that someone broke into her home and that would be none other than Coulson.  Coulson is very upset that Simmons only has beer and hot sauce in her fridge.  It is all right because daddy Coulson is there with food that he plans on cooking.

Simmons is not really Hydra, she is just working undercover for Coulson, I knew that had to be the case because there is no way she would go over to that side.

Coulson then briefs the team on the intelligence that he gathered from Simmons that Hydra is going after Donnie.  They should do everything they can to get Donnie to join with SHIELD.  Coulson then asks Fitz what he remembers about his meeting with Donnie at the academy.  Fitz is having a hard time getting the word out but Mac is there to help him, he is able to tell them that Donnie had a hard time making friends.

AOS - Ward

Skye goes in for another Hannibal Lector meeting with Ward to find out more about Hydra. Ward was never loyal to Hydra at least according to him, he was loyal to Garrett.  Garrett just happen to be a higher up in Hydra.  Oh, they are still trying to make Agent 33 comply.

AOS - Comply

Donnie is still in Morocco not really hiding because he freezes the water around a ship, well Donnie is looking for a fight.  At Hydra they bring Simmons upstairs because they have some questions for her, oh this cannot be good.  It seems that they know about the extra work she is doing on Donnie that she is not supposed to.  They also know that she had met him at the SHIELD Academy.  Bakshi takes Simmons with them to bring in Donnie because she has past experience with him.  That was also after Baskshi checked Simmons loyalties, which are to science thus Hydra.

At SHIELD Fitz is upset they will not bring him to bring Donnie, but Mac tries to make him feel better by offering to play Xbox with him.  Fitz does not listen to his imaginary Simmons who tell is not real and goes into the Ward cell.  Ward is shocked to see Fitz but Ward apologizes to Fitz but Fitz cannot hear him through his panic attack.  Once Fitz is feeling better Ward tells him that Garrett told him to kill them but he couldn’t so he sent them in the box to give them a chance to survive.  While Ward had good intentions it did not work out well because Fitz got brain damage.

The team of May, Skye and Hunter jump off the plane, which would be the first time Skye is jumping out of a plane.  Simmons is already on the ship having run into Donnie.

Donnie runs into Bakshi who get him to be under his command and comply again.  Donnie then freezes the entire boat on Bakshi command but Skye shoot him before he can continue.  Well Skye learned how to use that rifle well and anyone called this would be Skye’s first kill well they were right.  Simmons saves Bakshi before Skye could take a shot at him thus saving her cover.

When they get back Hunter tells May that he is all right, honestly I don’t think that May really cares but she tells Hunter that him and her are even.  The same cannot be said for Triplett so I guess Hunter still needs to watch his back.  Coulson talks to Fitz about  him visiting Ward and almost killing him.  Fitz tells him that he would never kill him because he is not a killer.  Coulson tells Fitz that Simmons is on a mission and that is why she is not there.

Agent 33 give a file to Whitehall so I guess they were finally able to brainwash her.  Bakshi wants to bring Simmons up higher because she will be an asset and if she can’t be trusted they will force her to comply.  There is no need to make Simmons comply, I think they might need to get her out of there.

Skye pays another visit to Ward who tries Skye that her dad is alive and looking for her.

Skye gets mad and leaves the room checks her watch which shows that her heart rate is normal.  That was actually a big thing throughout the episode that no matter how scared Skye was her heart rate was always normal.

I liked this episode so much better, it actually had a really good story.  I was happy to see the Simmons was not really Hydra and it was smart for Coulson to send someone undercover.  Simmons was really a good choice because no one would ever really suspect her, even Skye was worried because Simmons does not lie well.  Also I really like how they have Hunter scared that someone might shoot him, it almost feels like the slap bet from HIMYM.  The Skye – Ward meetings are very interesting because Ward is so Hannibal Lector in those scenes.  I am not sure how I feel about his beard but I kind of want to give him a razor.  Can they have someone shave his beard when they cut his hair because his hair should be longer.  I did like seeing how Fitz would react to seeing Ward the first time.  We all knew Fitz would have a lot of feeling about that, I know I would.  I don’t know about the rest of you but I really enjoyed Coulson going to Simmons apt and cooking dinner for.  He was such a dad in that scene and I love their little father daughter relationship.

Until next episode when May and Coulson go undercover.

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