Manicure Mondays – Galaxy Nails

Howdy, nerds!

It’s been a little while, but as summer winds down, and Wizard World approaches, nerd news will be
Kicking up again soon.

Today, in our quest to be nerdy and girly, we bring you another fandom-based nail art tutorial.


These spacey nails are inspired by Mavel’s latest blockbuster “Guardians of the Galaxy.”


Because, seriously, how pretty is space?!

So, let’s get right on down to it.

Start off with a solid base of black, grey, or very dark purple. It can have a subtle sparkliness to it, but we don’t want to overshadow the layers which are still to come.


Now, from here on out, all of our colours are going to be applied with a cosmetic sponge. Use a dark shade, maybe just a teensy bit lighter than the one you used as your base, and sponge it around in random spots. You should have a different pattern for each nail.


Now go ahead and sponge on some white. We want a relatively thin but still defined layer, so don’t just glop on any of these colours. I applied my white in angle, jagged lines, sometimes branching them out.


That’s the basis of it. Starting now, you can add any colours that you want. I kept it to purple, blue, and yellow for the most part, but you can sponge on any colours you think look galactic enough for your nails.

You may also end up duplicating colour layers, as that will add depth.

If you find that you’ve added too much vibrancy, just go ahead and sponge the base on top, around the edges.


Finally, once all of that has dried, you just add a top coat with a shimmer or glitter. I picked one that’s got black and gold hexagonal glitter of varying sizes, which works well to add more of that depth we were talking about earlier.


And you’re done! What I really like about this technique is that you can really make any combination you like. You can make swirling nebulas and crash two galaxies together, lupus the sheer abstraction of it means that this is a style which can be achieved by anyone, regardless of artistic talent.

We hope you enjoyed the tutorial and that you try it out for yourselves! And, as always, suggestions are welcome for future Manicure Monday ideas.

Happy nerding!


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I'm a graphic artist, writer, film-maker, and avid baker. I sing in the car and laugh at the worst/best moments. I am the coolest nerd you will ever meet. Try not to let your jealousy show too badly.

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