Amazing X-Men Review #7

Amazing - 7 coverWe are just going to ignore how late this review is; in last issue, the X-Men celebrated the return of Nightcrawler. Mystique crashed the party to find out where Azazel was so she could kill him. Which lead to a crazy family meeting and Mystique offering Azazel a job.

This issue starts with Firestar and Iceman grocery shopping for the big game.

Amazing 7 - 1

Apparently, all of the Jean Grey School watches major sporting events. Also it was nice to see Iceman not being ice, which makes me wonder why he didn’t go back to his human form when he was in hell so he didn’t melt. Once the store was able to finally kick them out and Iceman stopped throwing extra shit into the cart, they were finally able to leave. While going through the bags, Firestar finds something extra in the cart – a baby.

Amazing 7 - 3

How did a baby get into their cart?

Then Spider-Man shows up telling Firestar to put down the baby, hello Spidey how nice of you to make a cameo appearance.

Amazing 7 - 4

Spider-Man had been searching all over for the state for that baby. While Firestar, is trying to give the baby to social services but Spider-Man stops her because the baby is not human.

Now they have a nonhuman baby who responds to junk food, so the baby likes Iceman who keeps giving it junk food. Spider-Man takes the baby because he is trying to figure out a way to trade the baby for the goat that he had been watching. Spidey was in charge of watching the mascot for the big sporting event, he had left and when he came back the goat was gone and the baby was in its place.

Amazing 7 - 6

Since Firestar and Iceman are worried, that Spidey might still be taken over by a super villain they go after him. Firestar and Iceman meet back up with Spider-Man who tells them that the goat was mistaken for an important earthling.

In outer space the aliens are dealing with their goat, who does not seem to be what they expected.

Amazing 7 - 7

Iceman being the idiot that he is (Firestar even called him that in the issue) goes to change the alien baby’s diaper. Firestar and Spider-Man try to stop him but they are too late and there is a big boom.

Amazing 7 - 8

Poor Iceman winds up with holes in him from the space diaper. Let that be a lesson to us all, do not change an alien diaper.

Spider-Man goes off to find the aliens parents and he hides in plan sight at Central Park Zoo. The aliens come to get the baby and Spider-Man goes to negotiate, when they go to hand off the baby, the baby won’t go.

Amazing 7 - 9

Iceman had been feeding it junk food because he wanted it to be happy – he will be the worst parent ever. Spidey being smart has a kid throw his chips and the baby alien catches themand goes back to his parents.

Amazing 7 - 10

Iceman and Firestar finally make it back to the mansion where Wolverine is question what took them so long. They told him that he didn’t want to know as they walk in. Wolverine goes to investigate his car because there is a smell coming from it, besides the fact that it looks like the ice melted in the trunk, when Logan opens the trunk there is a boom, I am guessing space diaper.

Amazing 7 - 11

I will admit I was disappointed I was hoping for more Nightcrawler family drama. The issue was a light one, almost as if they threw it in just to give fan something light to read. It was a silly issue about how bad snack food are for you and alien babies. I really have nothing bad to say about it. It was nice to see a Spidey cameo. Someone really needs to explain why Iceman stayed in ice form in Hell if he can change back and forth. I know he would have been hot but he wouldn’t have been melting. It writing in questions still a thing?  Also why can’t Iceman make ice for the party? Is there something wrong with his ice, why does it have to brought ice?

Amazing 7 - 2


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