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Manicure Mondays – Galaxy Nails

Howdy, nerds!

It’s been a little while, but as summer winds down, and Wizard World approaches, nerd news will be
Kicking up again soon.

Today, in our quest to be nerdy and girly, we bring you another fandom-based nail art tutorial.


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Amazing X-Men #4 Review

amzing - cover

Sorry for the late posting on this but it was sold out when I went to grab the comic the day it come out so I had to wait for them to get a new shipment.  That is what I get for not telling them pull a copy for me.  Lets recap what happened last issue well Beast was also pulled into the portal as well.  The pirates on the ship holding Storm were getting pissed because she kept beating them up.  Nightcrawler came in to save the day and had a moment with Storm.  Beast was attacking Nightcrawler because something happened to him the sea of purgatory.

The issue opens with Logan in the frozen tundra looking rather cold.

Amazing X-men #4 -1

Northstar falls into the snow saying how he has flown everywhere but all he could see was snow.  Wolverine said that they have to keep going because they had to find Nightcrawler.

Firestar is still battling demons in hell with Iceman melting on the floor.

Iceman is seriously melting

Iceman is seriously melting

Firestar is wondering if she should kill Iceman mainly to stop his suffering.  She realizes that he would do anything to save her and she figures if Iceman can freeze hell then she can make it burn.

Angry Firestar

Angry Firestar

Well Iceman can do things like that because he is an Omega level mutant, but I’ll just leave that alone.

Back on the pirate ship, Beast is still trying to kill Nightcrawler who tries to reason with Beast.

Beast please don't kill me we're friends.

Beast please don’t kill me we’re friends.

Storm notices a sword in Beasts back.  In an attempt to stop Beast, Nightcraweler bamfs him around the ship, which caused Beast to vomit on him – much to Nightcrawlers chagrin.  Nightcrawler did ask Beast not to vomit on him, which means he knew that it was a possibility so it’s Nightcrawler’s fault.

Amazing X-men #4 -4

Nightcrawler begs Beast to remember something, which causes a flashback of the team going out to Harry’s but Beast and Nightcrawler did not join them.  They instead played another game of Obstacle Chess, which Beast won.

I have to say this looks like fun

I have to say this looks like fun

Beast remembers that while Storm pulls the sword from his back.  Beast is really happy to see Nightcrawler, who wouldn’t be happy to see their dead friend.

Oh my friend, I am so happy to see you because well you died

Oh my friend, I am so happy to see you because well you died

Nightcrawler told Beast that he liked his new face and that he should keep it.  Beast likes to change him look around.  Strom reminds them that they have the ship to themselves.  Nightcrawler reminds them that they have to find the rest of the X-Men.  One of the Bamfs gives Nightcrawler a hat, which makes Beast realize that Nightcrawler had sent them.

Iceman wakes up thinking his face is melting but then he realizes that he is not melting anymore.  Then of course he naturally jumps to the conclusion he is dead.  All right, I will give him that one because I would probably jump to the same conclusion.

I'm melting

I’m melting

Firestar lets him know that he is not dead she also hopes to stay an X-Men forever.  I guess being an X-Men is a good thing now because she was not feeling it when they first got to Hell.

Please let me be an X-Men forever, I'm sorry I complained when I first started

Please let me be an X-Men forever, I’m sorry I complained when I first started

Firestar then lets him know that the Bamfs saved them.  I learned during this scene is that all the Bamfs apparently speak is bamf and whiskey.  Iceman thinks they should look around and try to find a cave painting or a magic sword because there is always a magic sword.

Amazing X-men #4 -9

Why does Iceman still sound young and stupid, I thought that would stop once he grew up.  Nightcrawler shows up which of course makes Iceman happy.  Firestar beings to introduce herself (because that is what you do when you’re in Hell) but Nightcrawler says he knows who she is and what she did as he kisses her hand.

Nightcrawler I have missed you so much.  Nightcrawler *Firestar blushes*

Nightcrawler I have missed you so much. Nightcrawler *Firestar blushes*

Nightcrawler is smooth; he is getting all the girls. He can have Firestar since Storm is with Wolverine or at least sleeping with him.  Iceman asks about the Bamfs, which causes Nightcrawler to tell the story of what created them.  Most importantly, how his father found them and fed them his blood, which caused them to look, like him.

I prefer the Bamf's now because they were ugly before

I prefer the Bamf’s now because they were ugly before

That would explain the red Bamfs but what about the blue ones.  Well the one red Bamf that was left in Heaven, Nightcrawler made a deal with.

Amazing X-men #4 -12

What kind of deal I have no idea because Nightcrawler realized they were talking too much and that they needed to go.  How long were these Bamfs building that machine in the school, because they must have been doing that for a while so how long has Nightcrawler been hunting down his dad?  Does time work differently in Hell?  Which makes me ask, how long have they been gone from the real world?

Northstar tells Wolverine that he is worried that they are both not going to make it out of the frozen tundra.  Seriously, where did this tundra come from and it can’t be a part of Hell since Hell is hot.  I know it’s not purgatory because is where the ship is so where is this frozen section.  I doubt it is left over from Iceman.  Wolverine tells Northstar that if he (Wolverine) falls that Northstar should keep going.

Wolverine looks really cold

Wolverine looks really cold

Northstar flies off to look around and Wolverine falls figuring that this is how he is going to die.  Then Wolverine remembers how he once told Nightcrawler how he would like to die, it was not by freezing to death.

Amazing X-men #4 -14

Nightcrawler tells him that when the time comes no one wants to dies alone.  Wolverine than curses Nightcrawler because it gives him the motivation to go on.

Damn you elf

Damn you elf

Then a Bamf appears with Nightcrawler again another happy reunion.

I am so happy to see you please take me from the cold

I am so happy to see you please take me from the cold

Nightcrawler takes Northstar with Firestar to the pirate ship.

On the X-ship Nightcrawler spies his father’s ships, he asks the X-Men if they were ready for a battle.

Amazing X-men #4 -17

I have to say I like this issue because it finally brought everyone together, I had been wondering what happened to Wolverine on the fall.  I really want to know where that frozen section came from.  I am happy to Iceman is not melting anymore, although I really wish his frozen Hell had lasted longer.  Firestar definitely improved in this issue because I was not feeling her in the first and second one.  I really liked how both Beast and Wolverine had flashbacks to moments with Nightcrawler, I am a fan of touching flashbacks.  The Storm and Nightcrawler one from last issue was really nice.  I am hoping there is an Iceman one in the upcoming issue.  I also loved how everyone was so excited to see Nghtcrawler.  I am looking forward to the battle between the X-Men and Azazel and at this point I am hoping that Nightcrawler will be allowed to come back with the X-Men.  I also want to know that the deal was that Nightcrawler made with the Bamf creatures.  I hope that comes out or more importantly we get to see it.

Until next issue, I will try to get the next one on time.

Amazing X-Men #3 Review

Amazing X-Men 3 Cover

Amazing X-Men 3 Cover

Lets review what happened in last months issue Wolverine and Northstar are in Heaven.  Charles tells Wolverine where he is and about Azazel but unfortunately that makes Wolverine fall off the floating pirate ship.  Storm, Iceman, and Firestar are all in hell.  Iceman freezes all of hell, but that is too much energy for Iceman, so Firestar does her best to protect him because the other pirate ship kidnapped Storm.

This issue starts off with Azazel telling his pirate crew about how they are going to control the underworld.

Picture 1

While that is happening Beast come through the portal and he is definitely not happy to fall into cold water.  The pirates on the ship try to attack Beast, well its Beast so that does not go over well.  During this time, Azazel shows up, which starts a banter between Azazel and Beast.

Beast fighting on the ship

Beast fighting on the ship

Azazel basically tells Beast how he is planning on becoming the new God and Devil.  Basically Azazel is collecting all the souls that he can because that will give him more power.  In purgatory, all the power comes from the souls.  Azazel manages to kick Beast back into the water that contains souls.

Beast goes overboard

Beast goes overboard

Azazel leaves the ship after he tells the pirates to find Nightcrawler and to kill any X-Men that they find.

On the other ship, the pirates are complaining to the Captain Kid about how Storm keeps breakout of everything, ropes, chains, etc.  They are also complaining about how Storm has broken noses and tore off nipples, because lets face it Storm is a badass.

The pirates complain about getting beat up by Storm.  She can't help that she's a badass.

The pirates complain about getting beat up by Storm. She can’t help that she’s a badass.

Just as the pirates are about to cut off her hand,  Nightcrawler shows up to save Storm.Storm is so happy to Nightcrawler and vows to not leave there without him.

NIghtcrawler to the rescue

NIghtcrawler to the rescue

Which results in a touching moment, Storm tells Nightcrawler how much she has missed him and Nightcrawler saying how he was right to fall madly in love with her all those years ago.  This results in a flashback of Nightcrawler surprising Storm with her Attic room.

An adorable moment between Storm and Nightcrawler.

An adorable moment between Storm and Nightcrawler.

While I am diehard ROLO shipper, I would be all right with a temporary Storm and Nightcrawler relationship if he comes back.  Not to mention Nightcrawler is rather adorable, I just can’t help having a soft spot for him.  Storm and Nightcrawler continue to fight the pirates on Captain Kid’s ship only to have the other pirates run onto their ship.  Apparently, the other pirates are afraid of something that is on their ship, which happens to be a very angry Beast.  Unfortunately, Beast does not seem to recognize Nightcrawler, which scared Nightcrawler a lot, because well an angry Beast could be worst then an angry Wolverine.

An angry and scary Beast

An angry and scary Beast

I have to this issue started off slow, while I am a fan of Beast I did not need to have him go through the portal.  I found the whole banter between Beast and Azazel to be completely pointless; it was only put in to explain what Azazel was doing.  I am pretty sure they could have found another way to that.  While I originally did not want Nightcrawler to show up just yet, I actually liked how they had him save Storm.  Again, while I am ROLO shipper, I did find their interaction to be very cute.  I would be all right with a temporary relationship between them.

Another adorable moment between them.

Another adorable moment between them.

I am looking forward to seeing if Northstar caught Wolverine and check in on Iceman and Firestar in the next issue.  I am hope the X-Men manage to all join back up at some point during the next issue.  I am also curious to see Wolverine’s reaction to Nightcrawler flirting with Storm.

Until next month

– Christena

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