The Flash: Sound and Fury Recap


Last week we got to see the return of Captain Cold for move info check it out here: otherwise let’s check out Wells former protegé.

The Flash is chasing down a few people on bikes, he has Cisco and Caitlin helping him via monitors in the lab. Those two cannot agree on a path for Barry to take, Wells jumps in to help Barry capture the people. As much as I don’t trust this guy, I have to say he is a useful member of the team.

The Flash - Wells 3

While Wells is relaxing at home with wine and some classical music, he gets a phone call. It is from a mysterious person who happens to know Wells, then Wells ceiling shatters.

The cops come down the next day, by cops we mean Papa Joe and Barry. Also Wells has found his way back into his wheelchair that he was not in before. Wells does not think the cops are needed but they have to be there to check everything out. Barry super speed puts the glass back together where he realizes that it did not shatter the way they had thought. Barry also realizes that Wells knows who called him and attacked him.

The guy who attacked Wells is Hartley, who happened to be the first one Wells brought in. He is considered to be the prodigal son by Cisco and Caitlin.

Hartley goes and attacks his father’s company where The Flash shows up to take him down.

Barry is able to take him down rather easily, a bit disappointed I was hoping for more of a fight since Hartley is so smart.

Barry takes Hartley back to STAR Labs because they are going to put him in the particle accelerator. It seems that the explosion caused Hartley to have a constant ringing sound in his ear. Hartley feels the need to talk to everyone in a different language proving how smart he is, ok I will admit it was kind of cool, but he is still a jerk.

Hartley gets out of the special jail using the ear pieces that he had in his ear.  This is probably not a good thing, yea, I am right.  Hartley takes out both Cisco and Caitlin, gets his hand devices back and then goes after Wells.  Important thing to note, that Wells legs actually gave out on him, as in he actually couldn’t walk.  By the time Barry gets there, Hartley is gone and Wells is back in his wheelchair, ok something happened there and I want to know what it is.

The Flash - Wells

We find out that Harley had told Wells that the particle accelerator could explode, now we all know that Wells was hoping for that.  This caused Team Flash to be mad at Wells because they could have died because of this, well Ronnie.  Wells tries to make it right by holding a press conference where the only question he will take is from Iris West, more about this later.


Hartley saw the conference but that did not do anything for him, he still keeps going forward with his plan.  Cisco is determined to stop Harley because of Hartley knocking him out and the whole fact Hartley is a jerk.  Barry goes out to stop Hartley and does the same super speed disarm again.  While Hartley was in the lab he stole info about Barry, so Hartley had set his gloves to set off a frequency that would kill Barry based on what he knew about his anatomy. Wells jumps in and uses the satellite radio frequencies to sent a frequency tone that would destroy Hartley’s sonic gloves.

The Flash - Wells 2

Hartley then is back in the jail where he cannot get out this time but Hartley tells Cicso that he will let him out because of the fact that Hartley knows what happened to Ronnie and where to find him.  Wells at the end is using a device to help him walk, but it is only a temp fix.  It seems that Wells is in that time because he needs Barry in order to regain the ability to walk permanently.  Wells did have a good moment where he tells Cicso that he does not favor anyone.

Side Stores: 

The Flash - Newspaper meeting room

Let’s go with Iris, she gets a job at one of the newspapers, the only reason she gets the job is because they think she has an in with The Flash after reading her blog.  Iris use to have one, well she still does but she does not want to write about The Flash. Her idol is a complete jerk to her, so she is feeling down, so when Wells will answer her and not her idol it was a good moment for her.  I honestly don’t care because I really don’t like her.

Flashbacks to Hartley, he is a complete pretentious ass, he is super smart and grew up very privileged.  Hartley was disowned because well he came out and his family has old school values.  Hartley was a jerk to everyone especially Cisco when Cisco first started working there.  I think Hartley just thought that Cisco was cute, but I will give Cisco credit he was not having it and was giving some great comebacks.

The Pied Piper was interesting character, I really spent the whole show wanting to punch him.  Seriously something needed to be done about the darth vader hood.  I am more interested in the fact that we found out the real reason why Wells is doing what he is doing.  He needs Barry, he needs his DNA, his blood, everything.  Wells is losing he ability to walk, that should not be happening with the healing factor, so the question is how did that happen?  Barry then obviously holds the key to fixing this.  Now I feel better now that I know Wells end game, because I was wondering why a villain was trying to help the good guy.

Sorry for this being so late, just a lot going on family wise, it was a crazy week.  In good news, I learned how to start making gifs, so you can be assured that you will be seeing more of those.

Until next week when we see Barry turn into a ladies man:

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