Sleepy Hollow: Kali Yuga Recap


Sleepy Hollow

The most important thing from last weeks episode would be the fact that everyone knows that Irving is back, if you want to find out more check it out here.

The team is out doing karaoke without Katrina, Abbie is killing it. Ichabod gets up there, well I will just let you see:

Well Hawley had gotten a call about a deal that he needed to do, he went alone because he didn’t any help. It turns out the deal was not what Hawley thought it was going to be. It seems that Carmilla the lady that took Hawley in, needs his help. Hawley doesn’t want to help her because he had run away from her. It seems that she was turned into some form of a demon and really needs Hawley’s help.

While Jenny is worried about Hawley because she has not heard from him, Abbie get a message that the silent alarm at the archives has been triggered. When they get there, they happen to see that it was Hawley. As Hawley is escaping they run into Carmilla who does the demon thing. It seems that she is a certain kind of demon, one that has ties to Kali.

That is how she gets Hawley to help her, by telling him that they turned her into this creature and she wants to become human again. Hawley and Carmilla break into Knox’s house, the decendant of the person who Fort Knoxs happens to be named after. The team goes to the party, because they learned who the Carmilla was and what she was.

SH - Abbie and Carmilla

As Carmilla takes the Kali statue from the vault, Jenny ties to stop Hawley but he locks her in a room. As Abbie and Ichabod try to stop Carmilla, she threatens to kill Abbie but Hawley manages to save them but telling Carmilla that he will stay with her. Abbie and Ichabod are then locked in the vault, where they hash out all the issues they were ignoring from Orion. Ichabod almost gets them killed but they manage to escape

They head over to place where Carmilla has drugged Hawley, the statue will not turn her back it will actually turn the person into what she is. She wants to turn Hawley into what she is so she can keep him with her. Ichabod and Abbie figure out that iron and fire is the way to kill this creature.

SH - Jenny and HawleyIchabod and Abbie take out two of her demon minions, but the ritual is getting close to being completed on Hawley but Jenny steps in freeing Hawley. Hawley then goes to kill Carmilla but Carmilla takes off.

Hawley gives what he took back, he is going to chase after Carmilla and kill her. He feels bad about Jenny getting hurt, he never wanted that to happen.

Ichabod and Abbie go back to karaoke but this time they do a duet.

Side Story:

SH - Katrina and Irving

Irving and his wife go through the court hearing where the charges are dropped against him. His wife is worried that Irving might not be himself after what Abbie said. They pay a visit to Katrina who is back in her other corset, maybe that is her witchcraft one. Katrina is hoping that Irving being back means that Henry is alive. After doing the ritual on Irving Katrina is able to determine that his soul no longer belongs to Henry much to her disappointment. The happy Irving’s are hugging, which is when Irving realizes that he does not have a reflection.

This was an interesting episode, the best part being Ichabod and Abbie fixing their bond.  Thing really had not been the same since Orion, it wasn’t only because of Katrina.  It was nice to get Hawley’s back story a bit, also I really hope that he is coming back, because I like him.  Does this mean that he has choosen Jenny or is he just taking the Mills sister that will give him the time of day?

Sorry for this being so late, there was a death in the family and another family member when into the hospital so it was a crazy week.  In some good news I kind of learned how to make gifs well at least starter ones.

Until next episode when we have to deal with a witch killer:


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