The Flash: Revenge of the Rogues Recap



The Flash is back from its hiatus, let’s see how Barry deals with meeting his mother’s killer and having Iris move in with Eddie.

Barry now has accepted the fact that he is not the fastest man alive because well that belongs to his mothers killer. Team Flash naturally does what they can to help Barry improve, which includes Wells. I am really wondering what Wells deal is since he is Reverse Flash.

Barry out runs a drone that Cisco created and grabs the missile that is thrown at him and throws it back at the drone. They finally give the nickname Reverse Flash to yellow Flash and Wells approves of his nickname.

Flash - Cap Cold and Heat Wave

It seems that Captain Cold is back in town and he is setting off alarms to get The Flash to show up. It is one of the few times that Barry does not show up to a scene. Captain Cold and his guy leave because well they do not want to be captured by the cops.

Barry and the cops investigate the scene where they try to figure out why nothing was stolen. Barry realizes that the door had been frozen when means that it had to be Captain Cold. Now they know what is going on, Captain Cold is waiting for Barry.

Barry talks with his team about it, Wells tells Barry to keep working on getting stronger so he can defeat the man who killed his mom. Wells says that him, Caitlin, and Cisco can help the cops against Captain Cold. Yes, Wells actually used one of the nicknames.

Barry tells Papa Joe that he will not be helping them against Captain Cold but that they will have help from STAR Labs. Barry needs to focus on trying to get stronger so he can beat his mother’s killer. I am wondering what Wells game is here, does he want a better fight between Barry. Why is he helping and encouraging him to get stronger? There is more going on here then we know.

STAR Labs, goes down to the police station to show them the new shields that they made them. It seems that they are resistant to subzero attacks. Most of the cops don’t want to trust them because of the particle explosion, imagine what they would think if they knew they created the cold gun. After Cisco shows that the shields work, they kind of are not as hostile. Papa Joe accuses Wells of convince Barry not to help because Barry would be helping them if he could.

Flash - Papa Joe

Captain Cold and Heat Wave steal the painting they are after and the cops show up. Captain Cold is not happy because he was hoping that The Flash would show up. Both men attack the cops, well the shields hold up against the cold but not the heat.

Barry goes down to check on Papa Joe, Barry then realizes that he has to help the cops. Cisco is smart enough to realize that if the guns cross streams then they can be canceled out.

Heat Wave and Captain Cold both kidnap Caitlin because they need a new way to bring out The Flash since he is ignoring them. Captain Cold or Cold as he wants to be called tells The Flash that if he wants Caitlin back he has to reveal himself to the people.

Flash - Flash and Rogues

Barry chooses to give them what they want and he shows himself to everyone. The cops are shocked but kind of happy to see him. The Flash does what he can to take on Captain Cold and Heat Wave in hopes of getting them to cross streams but nothing is working. Eddie decides to help out, well attempt to help out by coming down with a shield and I think distract the villains. Barry gets him out of there and after a talk with Wells realizes that he has to do this slow not fast. Barry takes on the brunt of the both guns but he is able to get the streams to cross.

While all of that is going on, Cisco and Papa Joe head to a warehouse where they are probably holding Caitlin. Well they are right Caitlin is there and she tries to warn them not to come close but too late. Papa Joe does a running jump as he tackles Caitlin before she can be blown up. Yay, to Papa Joe for saving the day and for proving why he is such an amazing cop.

With the guns cancelled out both Captain Cold and Heat Wave were able to be captured. Barry was able to hear all the good things the cops were saying about The Flash. It seems that even Eddie was a fan of The Flash.

The Captain congratulated Cisco on a job well done as he gives him the guns to make sure that they are safe. It seems that the cops don’t hate STAR Labs as much.

Captain Cold and Heat Wave were then broken ouy by Captain Cold’s sister, oh great another one.

Side Stories:

Barry realizes that Firestorm might be an acronym and not a name, he was right. After he speed reads an a paper because it is 180 pages he give Caitlin the basic info of what he read. This causes Caitlin to hunt down the person who wrote the paper in hopes to learn more about the experiment. It might have something to do with Ronnie. It seems that Professor Stein was in charge of the experiment. Professor Stein the other personality in the Firestorm, so there is definitely a link there.

Also the next big thing is the fact that Iris is moving out and that Barry and Iris have some tension between them. Iris does give Barry back his backpack of comic books. Papa Joe has Barry speed clean Iris’s mess. Well Papa Joe is sad to see Iris move out but Eddie tells him that he can come over whenever but to call first. Really Eddie, you are going to make that implication because I am sure Papa Joe does not want to think about that and he might shoot you. Barry and Iris have a mini talk and it seems that all is good between them again. As Papa Joe and Barry talk, it seems to be in the best interest for Barry to move back in with Papa Joe. Barry runs home and grabs all his bags because he is moving back in.

This was a good episode to come back to, it was nice to see Captain Cold again especially since he is suppose to be a big villain for Barry.  It was nice to see Barry even more determined to get stronger and better.  Also what is Wells deal, why does he want to help Barry so much if he is the enemy? Also Iris was so pointless in this episode, she was just there to show the tention between her and Barry, to get Barry to move back in, and basically to be an unrequited love.  If she was stronger character I would like her, but she is not so I am happy when I don’t have to see her.  Also Eddie is now on The Flash’s bandwagon, this guy needs to make up his mind.

Until next week when we get to meet Wells protege:

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  1. I am not sure if I am exactly that interested in the Pied Piper after seeing the Reverse Flash, I might be a bit too spoiled.

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