Arrow: Left Behind Recap


Arrow is back after a mini hiatus, I am sure the most important thing that people want to know is Oliver....Spoiler

Is Oliver Dead?

Arrow - Diggle in Arrow suit

It starts with the Arsenal running after a few guys in a truck. Felicity is there watching and giving help and advice. We see the Arrow, who is Diggle in the costume giving Arsenal aid. The both of them are able to take down the mini gang and turn them over to the police. It seems that the team is keeping on the fight while they wait to hear back from Oliver. It has been a few days and while everyone was thinks that he might be dead, Felicity refuses to believe it.

Laurel has to prosecute some one of the guys that the Arrow brought in and while the opposing lawyer wants the case dropped because a vigilante was the one who brought them in, the evidence is overwhelming.

It seems that Brickwell is behind the truck they were chasing down in the beginning of the show. While Brickwell has links to another villains they cannot figure out what Brickwell wants or is planning.

Malcolm come to the team because he wants to know if they have heard from Oliver. He then tells them that he will see what he can find out about Oliver. It does benefit Malcolm to learn what happened because if Oliver dies then Malcolm still has a price over his head. Well Malcolm goes by the site of the battle and finds the sword.

Arrow - Team Arrow - Oliver's dead

Malcom takes the sword back to Team Arrow to let them know that Oliver is dead. The sword is the proof, this does no make them happy. Felicity gets mad and tells Malcolm that he killed Oliver because of him having Thea kill Sara. Malcolm agrees and says that he regrets it and will live with the guilt for the rest of his life. Wait Malcolm can feel guilt, I didn’t know that he could feel emotions. I was really hoping that Felicity would slap him, but she didn’t I was rather disappointed.

After all of this Felicity decides that she is done and that there is no point to doing this without Oliver. Diggle refuses to give up because he does not know what else to do. It was a good thing that he didn’t because he is able to realize that the numbers correspond to actually inmate numbers. Many of the numbers actually belong to people who Oliver had taken down. Now the team needs to go back in because they cannot not let what Oliver achieved be destroyed.

Arrow - Diggle and Arsenal

Arsenal and Diggle go in to stop Brickwell and his people from stealing all the evidence, thus letting all those people go free. Brickwell gets the upper hand on Diggle but Arsenal is there to save him. Felicity drops the ball and lets Brickwell and his people escape with the boxes of evidence because she was afraid to lose Diggle and Roy.

Roy and Diggle are not happy with her, if they is going to still go on then they all need to trust each other. Laurel unfortunately is not able to prosecute any of those people without evidence so they are all let go. Brickwell is happy to take them all in because he has a plan for them. Laurel learns that Oliver is dead, before she leaves the cave she looks over her sisters stuff.

At the very end we see the very first appearance of the Black Canary.

Side Stories:

There is the mini story of Thea being worried about Oliver because she has not heard from him. No one is telling her what happened to him or that he was the Arrow, because in his life he did not want her to know. I honestly feel bad for Thea and wish that someone would tell her because she needs to know, but at the same time she is going to be so mad.

Arrow - Ray and Felicity

Poor Felicity has to deal with the fact that Ray wants to protect the city and do what Oliver does. With everything that happened with Oliver, she does not want anyone else to go out there. After Malcolm tells them at Oliver is dead, Felicity cannot handle the idea of losing someone else to this life so she freaks out on Ray. Even though she later on give him a cliffnote version of what happened, she does tell Ray that she has lost too many people in her life.

Of course there is the flashback scenes, which show Oliver and his buddy Maseo as they do the tasks that Waller has for them. Maseo really wants to find his wife and is not happy with how long it is taking. Oliver decides to let one of the guys go because he put a tracker on him in hopes that he will lead them to Tatsu.

Onto the part everyone is wondering about, Oliver, we all saw that someone one was walking up to him. We have seen the trailers where someone was pulling him away somewhere. Stephen Amell has already debunked the Lazarus Pit rumors, so that is not a thing. We all know that the League happens to know that a lot about herb, especially healing herbs. We all know that the Maseo is with the League and that he owes Oliver a debt. Maseo had been on my list of people who might go get Oliver, well it seems that I was right. Maseo took him to none other than Tatsu because she would have the ability to bring Oliver back to life. That must have been big because we all know that Tatsu does not like Oliver, unless her opinion changed but based on Maseo said when he brought him there I am not so sure about that. One thing is clear, Oliver is not dead anymore.

It was a good first episode back, because it gave us life after Oliver.  What was the team doing while they were waiting for Oliver? Where they going to keep on fighting without him?  It is good to see that they plan to keep going, the city needs them there.  It is what Oliver would have wanted, he trained them so he would have wanted them to keep trying to save Starling City.  I do wonder if Thea is ever going to find out, but I know this whole thing is suppose to bring her closer to Malcolm so I am guessing they are taking off somewhere.  Laurel is fully in costume and ready to take on people, I am wondering if Ted Grant will come out of moth balls since Team Arrow needs a new leader.  As of right now it seems that Diggle is taking on that role.  I am curious to see what happens to Oliver during the time away because Maseo got to him right after he fell.  By the end of the show it has been almost a week so… what has happened in that time.  Granted I am sure coming back from the dead is not something one just bounces back from.

Until next episode when hopefully we find out more about Oliver, but also get to see Black Canary in action.

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