Sleepy Hollow: Pittura Infamante Recap

Sleepy Hollow

After an unfortunate 1 week break that really was pointless, we are back with a new episode.  If you would like to see what happened after Henry stabbed Moloch well check it out here: Sleepy Hollow Recap.

This episode had pretty much two stories going on, one with Ichabod and the other with Abbie.  I will start with Ichabod’s first since it was the bigger story.  Ichabod decided to go on a date with Katrina, where he puts on a rather formal outfit from his time.  While Katrina was wearing a rather modern little back dress with black pumps.  While Ichabod has an aversion to modern-day clothes is seems that Katrina does not.

SH - Ichabod and Katrina

Ichabod takes Katrina to a dinner at the historical society, that is being held in the former Adams’ house.  While looking at some paintings Katrina remarkes that she had never seen that painting in the Adams’ house since she was good friends with Abigail Adams. Ichabod happens to be friends with the  guy in charge of restoring the paintings.  He wants to talk to Ichabod because he wants to know if Ichabod believes some of the stories they say about the town because he feels a dark presence.  It seems that Katrina also feels this presence.

While everyone is having dinner a scream can be heard through the place, it seems that Ichabod’s friend has been killed and hung upside down.  The position actually resembles one of the tarot cards, which helps Katrina remember that there were killings like this before.  Katrina was not able to help with the case before but she would like to now. After a call to Abbie, Ichabod and Katrina decide that they will try to solve this together.

Even Sheriff Reyes, wants Ichabod’s opinion on the case, she is also shocked to realize that Ichabod had a wife.  It does not take Ichabod and Katrina all that long to realize that the original painter Colby is the one behind the crimes.  That he happens to be using his self-portrait to commit the murders, which is proven by the fact the man in the picture looks towards them, this was rather freaky I must say.  Ichabod comes to realize that any one who touches the painting are the ones Colby goes after.  Which means Miller and Ichabod himself, they need to find Miller before Colby finishes his cross because that is part of a ritual.

While Ichabod is hunting down Miller, Katrina is looking around and gets a memory from Abigail Adams showing Katrina where she hide some documents.

In the documents is tells Katrina that Abigail had gotten one of Katrina’s coven members to trap Colby in the painting.  Well Katrina sees Colby walking around but is unable stop him from getting Miller.  Ichabod tries to pull Miller out of the painting but with no success.

SH - Ichabod and Katrina 1

They move the painting where Ichabod tries to get into it but he can’t, Katrina touches the painting so she can do an incantation to get both of them in. The inside of the painting looks like the Colby house, which worries them because they are in the mind of a killer.  Also this looks even more like a horror movie then the whole painting is killing people concept is.

Well they find Miller who has already been cut, they get him down, Colby tells them that it is too late.  Katrina is able to get them out of the painting, Ichabod tries to kill Colby by putting paint thinner on the painting.  Colby is not having that and he grabs Ichabod through the painting before Colby walks out of the painting.  It seems that Colby has been released, he is about to kill the Cranes and finish off Miller when Abbie comes and shoots him.  Ichabod tells her to shoot the painting, which is how Abbie is able to stop him.

SH - Ichabod and Abbie

Abbie came down there because Ichabod was not answering his phone.  Let this be a lesson, if you are in trouble don’t answer your phone someone will come down.  Abbie told Ichabod to text the next time he enters a painting.  It seems that this probably helped Ichabod and Katrina with their marriage.

Now onto Abbie’s story, while she is looking through her family journal there is a disturbance at the police station.  It seems that Irving as walked into the station so everyone is on alert to take him in.  Abbie is shocked to Irving, because well Irving was dead.

Disobeying orders Abbie talks with Irving, she is worried that he is back because of Henry since Henry owns his soul.  Irving does not remember dying, he does not think there is anything wrong with him.  He does not remember anything that happened to him after the battle.  I think Irving got out during the whole purgatory escape, because he was not dead long he did not realize where he was and just walked out.

Abbie shows Irving’s wife that he is still alive because his family are the only other people who know Irving died.  Abbie and them kept it a secret, while Irving’s wife wants to see him, Abbie wants to be sure it is safe first.

Abbie calls Jenny to get in touch with Hawley because she is worried about Irving since Henry owns his soul.  Hawley is out of touch but he tells her where to find some demon killing bullets.  Jenny digs a body out of the grave where she has to dig the bullets out the body.  Poor Jenny, I would not like to dig bullets out of a body.  Also I cannot help thinking that these bullets happen to kill a demon so taking them out would wake the demon up.  Yup, I was right, the demon wakes up but Jenny puts one of the bullets back in, where is mad at Hawley for not telling her to leave one in.

As Jenny is coming into give the bullets to Abbie she sees Irving.  Jenny is hoping that they won’t have to use the bullets and comes up with the brilliant idea to have Katrina check out Irving since they might need magic.

These demon killing bullets come in handy when Abbie shoot Colby.  Also Abbie is in trouble for talking to Irving, the Sheriff gets it. Abbie always stood by Irving, it seems her faith might have been well places. The DA received evidence that might prove that Irving did not kill those cops.

This episode while having good stories was dragging, it might have been because Katrina had a main role in the episode.  It might also because there were two stories going on or the fact that Ichabod and Abbie were hardly around each other.  I find it interesting that Abbie did not think that Irving had escaped purgatory with everyone else.  Although it is very interesting that someone sent evidence to the DA proving that Irving did not kill those cops.  Now the big question who sent that evidence?  Was it Henry, has he been hiding this whole time?

I guess we will just have to find out after we meet Hawley’s kind of demon mom in next episode.

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