OUaT – S4E4 “The Apprentice”

You guys… Mickey Mouse got GOT.


So, let’s talk about it.

This, I think, was one of the better episodes in terms of tying Disney mythology to the show in a subtle and believable (for a show about magic and fairytales and shit) way.

In the Enchanted Forest, in the past, we see Anna being tempted by Rumplestiltskin. he gives her a vial to give to the Apprentice of an all-powerful Sorcerer. She can’t bring herself ot do it, though, instead flinging what she believes to be poison into a fire and sharing a nice spot of tea with the scraggly old Apprentice. She tells Rumple that she did it, but a quick glance into a crystal ball shows that she lied. After all, the vial was an antidote to a poison that the imp had given the old man yesterday, so Anna is forced to watch, horrified, as the Apprentice is transformed into a field mouse.

It's... a little more subtle than that.

It’s… a little more subtle than that.

Anna cries for the man, for her own actions, and Rumplestiltskin captures her tear on his dagger, enabling him to bypass the safety spell surrounding the Sorcerer’s hat. For breaking their deal, Rumple tells Anna that she’s going to be trapped in a tower for the rest of her life… Until Anna manages to steal his dagger, realizes its power, and proceeds to order him to tell her about his meeting with her parents, then orders him to return her to Arendelle and to never harm her or anyone that she loves ever again. She takes the hat with her when she goes. The only problem? We find out, when she reunites with Kristoff, that her parents were afraid of Elsa, and now she doesn’t know what to tell her sister.

In present-day Storybrooke, much of the episode revolves around Emma and Hook’s first official date. In an effort to make the evening special, Hook blackmails Rumple into giving him his hand back. Rumple warns him that this appendage is all pirate and will taint the progress towards being not-a-douche that Killian has made in the past year or so, but when Emma sees it, she asks, “What am I supposed to call you now? Captain Hand?”

No, girl. "Captain Hand" is what you're gonna call me TONIGHT. Hey-Oh!

No, girl. “Captain Hand” is what you’re gonna call me TONIGHT. Hey-Oh!

There’s some very cute back-and-forth between her and the Charmings, as Snow wants to gush and hear all of the details and David wants… The… Opposite. Because gross. Emma wants her own place. Because… Captain Hand.


Anywho, aside from a few threats of violence to third parties, the date is going great.

Wait, what?

Yeah. Some real menacing shit. Because Captain Hand is not so nice as Captain Hook. It’s like the beginnings of that movie, “Idle Hands,” but less microwaving your own hand to kill it.

He threatens their waiter, he beats the Winnie-the-Pooh out of Will Scarlet. He also finds himself at the mercy of Gold, aiding him in, you guessed it, tracking down and manhandling the Apprentice in Storybrooke, sucking the poor man into that universe we can see within the hat. And we learn that Gold is after heaps and heaps of power, and that this hat is somehow the key. Is it just that he’s after power, though?

Of course not. There’s a plan. There’s always a plan.

Speaking of shady people and their shady plans, looking for the Snow Queen under her assumed SB name leads them to realize that there’s no record of this woman, meaning that she was able to find her way to SB for an unknown purpose, in an unknown way.

She’s also luring Emma around, which, yeah, great. Especially since the sheriff has a tendency to get in over her head quite a bit.

And, more shady-but-apparently-really-trying-to-not-be-quite-so-shady people, specifically Regina, is seen trying to both thaw Marian and find the book’s author with Henry, who is actually working with her in her crypt of all places… Which she would have never let him do before. She’s bringing him around magic for once, and while openness and honesty are important when trying to re-bond with your son, I wonder if this is going to play into things later on.

Although I really can’t even imagine the actor being able to pull off an evil Henry.

In any event, new mysteries, some story progress, and seeing more depth to the characters made this a really enjoyable episode. Not to mention the little nods to established Disney canon without being too outrageous to buy into in the Sotrybrooke universe. (Walking broomsticks, anyone?)

If the rest of this season goes so well, I’m going to have to stop grousing about the fact that they so clearly jumped onto the Frozen bandwagon so eagerly.

Until next week!







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