Gotham: Viper Recap


Here we are at another exciting episode, what happened last week was a killer was hired to kill some of the politicians of Gotham, Barabara left Gordon, and Akrham will become an asylum, waste dump, and housing.  I have to say last weeks episode was my least favorite of them all.

This episode starts with Bruce looking through the Arkham files because he wants to know how Falcone and Maroni got a pieces of Arkham.  Bruce realizes that the only way for this to happen mean that someone at Wayne Enterprise had to let it happen, he knows his parents did not do business like this.

Simon Potolsky is walking down the street, where he leaves a green vital with a snake on it in a street performers guitar case.  Then next time we see the street performer he is in a convenient store drinking all the milk.  As the convenient store owner goes over to attack the street performer but the street performer just takes the bat and breaks it.  Why am I thinking of Bane’s venom right now?

Gordon and Bullock are eating lunch, well Bullock is when Gordon see Selina who is pickpocketing someone and tries to stop her.  Well as the man she is pickpocketing tries to grab Selina, she gets out of his grab and kicks him in what looked to the taint.  Gordon hear the alarm from the convenient store where he goes in and finds the beaten up store owner. The store owner tell them that the street performer took the ATM machine out with his bare hands and is carrying it on his back.

Gordon and Bullock find the street performer in a wear house, where they try to help him but he gets angry and lifts something up to throw at them but as he is doing that he loses his strength and dies.

The Gotham PD has a bunch of people being brought in who are on the drug, which is being called Viper.  It seems that it gives people increased strength for a few hours but then kills them.  Captain Essen is not happy about this, Nigma comes into the room because he was researching it. It seems that the people crave milk and cheese because it messes with their potassium.  A lady who is on the viper breaks some things in the police station but dies.

Gotham - Falcone meeting

Falcone has a small meeting with his people where Nikolai is unhappy that Maroni got a piece of Arkham and they are not doing anything.  Fish is their backing Falcone because for right now Falcone wants to leave Maroni alone.  This scene is odd because I am not used to hearing them call Falcone, Don Falcone.  I know that is what he is, but since it is usually Gordon or a member of the Bat Family saying his name they usually just call him by his last name.

Over in Maroni land, Oswald is listening in on a conversation and get a bit caught.  Maroni calls him over, he knows that they call him Penguin even though Osward does not like that name.  Maroni can tell that there is more to Oswald then what meets the eye.

Gotham - Maroni interigation

Gordon gets escorted from the police station so the Maroni’s restaurant because Maroni wants to know if The Penguin is telling the truth.  Well Gordon gives Maroni his side of the story, which happens to be the same story that The Penguin gave, that was a good thing because Maroni was going to kill The Penguin if the stories did not match.  Now Gordon has an in with Maroni because Maroni has taken the Penguin under his wing, Maroni likes that Gordon told the truth.

When Gordon gets back to the police station he notices a picture of Potolsky with a philosophy professor so Gordon and Bullock go down to visit the professor.  It seems that Potolsky keeps in touch with his philosophy professor Steiner, to the point that Steiner knew about everything.  It seems that one of Wayne Enterprise’s holding companies created Viper and then improved to create Venom (I called it).  Potolsky did not like this so he went to the Wayne’s who had it shut down, but when they died someone else got it back up and running.  There is someone crooked on the Wayne Board, well this is not good.  Steiner then takes a hit of Viper where he takes on Gordon and Bullock before he dies.  Gordon is smart and is able to the figure out that Potolsky is going to hit a charity thing Wayne Enterprise is throwing.

Gotham - Alfred and Bruce

Little Bruce Wayne is starting to learn what he has to do as a billionaire with a company as he attends the party.  It was interesting because the people in charge of letting people in did not know who he was.  Unlike in the future were everyone will know who Bruce Wayne is, well right now he gets to enjoy some anonymity.  Bruce talks with Mathis because he wants to talk with the board about the Arkham project.  Bruce noticed some irregularities in the files, it seems that Bruce is becoming a little detective.  Potolsky is there and pumping Viper through the vents into that room, before he does that he put a video on letting people know why.  Alfred seeing the green smoke puts his jacket over Bruce and rushes him out of there.  I am really hoping that Alfred was covering his face as well because while he does need to protect Bruce who is going to take care of Bruce if he dies.

Gotham - Polotsky

Gordon finds Potolsky outside, I would question the convenience of this but Gordon is actually good detective so I will give it to him that he would figure out where the ventilation thing is.  Gordon and Potolsky do whole villain good guy talk were Gordon shoots the keg that is containing Viper so it all leaks out at Potolsky who is high on it and jumps off the building.

While all of this is happening Fish has been training Liza, who to become Falcone’s new gal. After giving Liza a makeover, Liza then attacks Falcone by humming his favorite aria.

Gotham - Falcone and Liza

The Penguin was able to help Maroni break into one of Falcone’s things because he is friends with a janitor.  Well this was good for The Penguin because it helped solidify his place with Maroni.

Gordon and Bullock are checking out wear house 39 because Potolsky told them to, but they did not find anything, which is not surprising in Gotham.  Outside of the wear house Mathis is sitting in a car talking with someone saying that cops are checking it out but they won’t find anything.  Mathis is working with whomever is corrupt in the company, Bruce needs to get Lucius Fox because he would not do these things. This might be how they are going to bring Lucius in down the road, Bruce will need someone new he can trust to help him run the company.

Bruce is still looking through the files even more now because he wants to know about the Arkham and Viper.  Alfred sits down and starts looking through the files with him because now Alfred is invested because Bruce really is finding things, he knew the Wayne’s and they would not want this, and this affects Bruce and his future.  Bruce is happy that Alfred is helping him, this looks to be the start of what will become a wonderful partnership down the road.

This episode was better then the last one, the story had a much better flow and it seemed to less pointless scenes.  I like how this story gave us more story building. Bruce will not stand for corruption in his company, which will probably be another way to increase his interactions with Gordon, who will probably be investigating these things.  It definitely opens the door for Lucius Fox to come into play way down the road not even this season.  I like the villain but more importantly Viper because it is the precursor drug to something well know very well – Venom.  While I really do not care about the whole Fish training the girl to become Falcone’s new gal, it might something interesting down the road.  This whole take over thing is going to blow up in Fish and Nikolai’s face, the question is which one of them is going to get killed.

Until next episode when they have to track down a killer killing the elite of Gotham’s first born, that should mean that Bruce is in trouble.


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