TWD S5E2 – “Strangers in a Strange Land”

So… This episode kind of fell back into the same pattern the show has adopted for most of it’s second, third, and fourth seasons.


Rather than do a full recap, we’re just going to cover the important stuff: The introduction of a mysterious new character, and the reappearance of an old-but-not-really-all-that-old face.

The new character we meet in this episode is Father Gabriel, a priest who Rick’s three questions thusly:

  1. How many walkers have you killed? “None.”
  2. How many people have you killed?  “None.”
  3. Why? “Because the Lord abhors violence.”

Already, this strikes me as odd, because, though he might say the God isn’t a fan of violence, he sure looks relieved to have had other people step in and very violently save his sorry ass. He leads them back to his church, asking how in the world he was able to survive this long without killing even a single walker. Rick is sure that he’s done something; every survivour has done something terrible to get this far. Gabriel denies it, saying that he was lucky to be in the church, just after the end of their canned food drive, so he was able to spend months living off of the stores in the church without ever even stepping foot outside.

So… Hold up. This show takes place in America. In the South.

There is NO WAY that there were no people in that community, not even one little old lady, who recognized the “resurrection of the dead” as the apocalypse and so would have decided to seek solace and comfort in God’s house.


And, even though Carl, who I always remember shooting that kid in the face way back when, is trying to insist that there’s a chance he’s just a good person, he also finds deep knife marks around the chapel’s shuttered windows, along with the words “YOU’LL BURN FOR THIS,” carved into the siding.

So... Yeah. Shady motherfucker.

So… Yeah. Shady motherfucker.

Couple that with the fact that he panics at the appearance of a very distinctly grandmotherly walker, and then the fact that he always seems rather sweaty…


Here’s my theory.

He horded those canned goods. He locked the church up. He stayed there alone and denied any other potential survivours entrance, either to further his chances knowingly or just out of abject fear. Either way, I think that the walker that freaked him the fuck out? She was a parishioner of his. He recognized her and his guilt was overwhelming.

That’s my theory on this dude.

But, much more devastating was the revelation of the very last moment of the episode. After a kind of backhanded toast, wherein Abe salutes the survivours but them immediately criticizes them for not forging on to Washington with the same fervour that he himself has clung to, Bob steps outside so that he can, like, feel a bunch of feelings in private or whatever.

You know shit's not going to actually end well when you see sweet moments like this...

You know shit’s not going to actually end well when you see sweet moments like this…

Aaaaand he gets knocked on the head, abducted, and his leg sawed off, roasted, and eaten by, you guessed it, that douche from Terminus who I said last week wasn’t dead because he’d only been shot in the shoulder.

And the show has reached a new level of ick.

Because... Ick.

Because… Ick.

I was never really here for the whole cannibalism thing, but them eating their victim piecemeal and then taunting him about it makes it so much worse. I find myself rationalizing the very stupid standard villain mistake of keeping their victim alive as being done because they don’t need to eat him all at once and killing him outright would result in him turning and the meat going bad, and I guess they at least had a killing floor and a smoker at Terminus, and… I guess the monologuing is just a way to pass the time since there’s no more YouTube-ing skateboarding fails or whatever…

So, despite it’s grossness, or perhaps because of it, I’ve clearly thought quite a lot about the last moment of yesterday’s episode.

I really hope that we don’t have a whole season of fucking cannibals…

I do think we’ll see them for a while yet. I would have been much more surprised if half of last season led to Terminus only for it to be completely wiped out in half of the season premiere… But I also think that we won’t get a full season.

The first half of this season will be taking out exterminating the Termites. Then we’re finally going to move on to Washington. Or at least towards Washington.

And do I think that Dr. Mullet is being truthful with respect to his claims?

Well, they seem too good to be true, and you, faithful readers, know what they say…

Also, he's got a mullet, for goodness' sake.

Also, he’s got a mullet, for goodness’ sake.

Oh, and we also catch a glimpse of the car that Daryl saw after he got separated from Beth.

Because she's still a thing.

Because she’s still a thing.

Doubtless, there’s still more singing in the future of this show.

Here’s hoping that we get a musical episode a la Buffy.

Until then, I’ll be recapping and wildly speculating every week, so see you next Monday!

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