The Walking Dead S5E15 – “Try”

The episode opens on Janeway– I mean, Deanna, and her family mourning Adjen’s loss in what must be their traditional way:

With a mix tape!

Then, Carol is baking a casserole to a sick beat because that’s how she rolls. Sam visits her.

Sasha, in her birds’ nest, is tears eyed and looks to be as losing-it as ever.

If it ain't Hallmark...

If it ain’t Hallmark…

A knock on he door finds Deanna with a “Sorry about your kid” casserole… Which she doesn’t accept. And she grimly burns the card.

Outside, Aaron and Daryl note than there are more walkers around Alexandria than there used to be, and they see a light on in the distance.


Nicholas, Aiden’s worst bro ever, gives his account of Aiden’s death, which is full of ALL of the lies, and is being caught on camera by Deanna. It’s intercut with Glenn’s broken accounting, which he is giving to Rick. She is reviewing the tape, and she at least seems to be weighing the truth of their story.

I’m starting to think that maybe Deanna knows more than she’s letting on. But she’s trying to be diplomatic, at least, and that’s how you know that this show doesn’t take place in our world; not because of the zombies, but because Deanna is a politician who legitimately wants to serve her constituents.


Rick is telling Glenn that they don’t need to obey their rules, but Glenn insists that they need to make this shit work.

Carol and Rick have a discussion about Jesse and Pete. Kind of like she’s taking it personal. Then Pete comes across Rick, and Rick scares the poop out of him, hand on his gun and ready and everything,

The next day, we see. Michonne waking up to stare at her laundry basket and get dressed for another day of deputy-ing.

I feel like she's not super psyched about her wardrobe.

I feel like she’s not super psyched about her wardrobe.

Rosita comes in, wearing pants for the first time in her life, giving her an update on Tara and telling her that Sasha went crazy in lives in the tower now, I guess.

Rick goes to kinda comfort Deanna as she mourns her son at a little graveyard, which, did they retrieve his body..? Anywho, he tells her about Pete.

And she knew.

But he’s the surgeon, which puts him into something of a position of power.

But Rick tells her that he’s going to kill Pete if he refuses a separation om Jesse. Deanna refuses, suggesting exile, but Rick tells her that he could come back, and in force, so killing is their best option.

She still refuses him.

Michonne and Rosita find a trail of walker destruction that makes them believe that Sasha is out hunting walkers directly.

Meanwhile, Carl is outside, because of course he is, trailing after some boo-tay. They’re baiting and fucking with walkers. Because that’s romance now.

Glenn confronts Nicholas about his douchebaggery as the latter wipes up the blood from the back of the van. He basically grounds the coward, who doesn’t take well to a newbie telling him what to do, but Glenn has done nothing to the Alexandrians but give them solid advice from the start, so maybe listen to him for, like, a second, or..?

Carl’s new crush insists that she sneaks out so that she won’t forget, and he says that he dreams about the woods. He “casually” brings up the guy she’s seeing. She pulls a knife and says that he scares her, but she’s smiling and those are some mixed ass signals, girl.


Then walkers show up and the two hide in a hollow tree which, isn’t that how Sophia died?

In an undisclosed location, Nicholas digs up a hidden handgun. Which… Awesome.

In the woods, Michonne and Rosita catch up to Sasha, who is fully intent on killing every walker that there ever was. And Michonne sees herself way back when she was kind of lost, just finely mincing walkers with her two pet zombies on their leashes, and Sasha is super pissed about her help.

But actually, in addition to losing her boyfriend and her brother in, like, a two day span, she reveals the guilt that she’s carrying over having told a Noah that he wouldn’t make it and then, y’know, kinda being right.

And then, remember how they found a truck full of torsos at Noah’s mom’s place? Well, Aaron, and Daryl find a set of legs and arms. And then a naked woman tied to a tree with her guts ripped out. And both look pretty fresh. And she’s got a “W” carved into he forehead.

…Or could it be an “M?”

(Give me Morgan.)

(Give me Morgan.)

Rick goes to see Jesse, who defends her husband, like a lot of abused women do. And he very helpfully offers to murder her husband. Not in so many words, but, I mean, she probably gets it. She asks him why he cares, then refuses his help.



Rick sees the neighbours being super neighbourly, and he goes back in to throw her son’s fears in her face, but then very earnestly tells her that he can help. She asks if he would do this for anyone else… Which…


And he says, “No.”

And she says, “Yes.” Which is kinda shady because people don’t just offer to kill your husband and not expect anything in return.

Pete comes in and Jesse tells him to leave. He gets mad and Rick tells him to leave. Pete doesn’t take kindly to being told what to do. Cue the fight scene!


Last week…

This week.

This week.

And cut to Sasha, still stalking walkers.

Rick has Pete preeeeetty much dead in the street, and Deanna shows up and orders him to stop. But Rick goes on a tirade about how deluded they all are.

And Sam, by the way, goes to Carol for comfort and safety. Which is interesting. And heartbreaking.

But mid-Rick-tirade, CopMichonne! shows up to knock his happy ass out.

And, frankly, I still love her.

Because otherwise, she'd kick the shit out of me.

Because otherwise, she’d kick the shit out of me, too.

I’m wondering if we’re going to finally see Crazy!Rick coming to a head. He’s been steadily losing it for years now and, while he’s got some valid points, there have been some alarming parallels this season between his actions and some of the past villains of the show. Comapre some of what he’s saying now with what Shane used to say. Compare the camera angles of his fight with Pete with when the Governor had Rick half choked out in the street not so long ago.

So, this Alexandria arc is interesting for me if for no other reason than it has me second-guessing the righteousness of these characters. I mean, they’re not righteous at all. They’ve seen and done terrible things, but at the core, they’ve still mostly been the good guys, helping people in need even if they’re shady (Gabriel) or seem useless (the Mullet AND Gabriel, again).

But to come into a safe haven, where they’ve been invited, but with caution (so it’s not like Deanna’s little town is completely unaware of how shit needs to be done nowadays), and then to practically immediately start scheming as to how to take it over for yourselves..?

That’s kind of a Dick move, Rick.

But, until next week, which is the season finale and 90 minutes long and sure to just ruin all of our lives for the summer, we’ll just have to wait and see how the former police officer Rick takes to what looks like the other side of the cell.



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