Agents of SHIELD: Aftershock Recap


SHIELD is back, yay, sad face though that means no more Agent Carter.  Let’s go and see what Skye and Raina became, well I think we all know what Skye became – Daisy Johnson.

SHIELD - Skye in quarentine

Skye was put in quarantine after being brought back from the Kree city, poor Skye she still sees Tripp dying in her sleep.  Coulson who has been not really be sleeping is sitting there checking on Skye, he let’s her know that they are only keeping her there just as precaution.

Simmons has a team investigating where it all happened, but Raina keeps killing everyone. Simmons tries to stop her but with no luck, but she was able to notice that Raina was covered in thorns.  Simmons decides that is the best for everyone that the city is flooded so that no one else can get hurt.

Coulson and May decide that they are going to give Bakshi to Talbot, as long as Talbot continues to help them with the remains of Hydra.  Well the Agents have a discussion about it, well some people have opinions like Mack.

No one notices the slight tremor that Skye managed to cause, also Mack is really hostile, I don’t think having that alien in his head was a good thing.

The team takes Bakshi out only to run into some trouble:

Well it makes sense that Coulson would arrange an ambush so he can take down Hydra, because naturally Bakshi would know where to go.  Also was anyone else weirded out by Hunter talking in an American accent?

Now Simmons has discovered that Raina’s DNA has been completely changed, she wants to check Skye’s to make sure that nothing happen to Skye because what Raina caught might be airborne.  Well Skye “caught’ something, Simmons was completely crazy in this scene.  She was almost like Grayson Creed with his hatred of mutants, Simmons wants Raina to die. Simmons is over all the inhuman/mutant like creatures because they have resulted in a lot of death and Trip was the last straw.  I am with everyone here in being upset about Tripp dying, I really don’t see why they had to kill him. It really feels like they were doing only one black guy on the show at a time and Tripp drew the short straw.

Well Bakshi lead Hunter and Bobbi to the heads of Hydra, while there Bakshi gets Bloom to kill off a few of the other members.  Then Hunter and Bobbi come in and kill Bloom and the others that were there, that is when Bakshi realizes he was set up.  They save Bakshi because they promised him to Talbot.

Fitz manages to figure out how to fix Skye heart monitor watch after a bit of struggling, he was hoping that he would be able to figure out what happened to her. Fitz brings his concerns to Skye:

Well Skye shows Fitz what she has become, which naturally would worry her because of how Simmons was acting.

SHIELD - Skye and Fitz

As Skye tries to clean up the glass, the Simmons and May come in and May is wondering why Skye is bleeding.  Fitz comes in saying that it was his fault since he bumped the light when taking a sample from Skye and she was being nice and cleaning it up.  Fitz shows them Skye’s blood sample, which says that she is perfectly fine.  Well it seems that Fitz changed the samples so that Simmons would not go all crazy on Skye.  When Fitz goes in to bandage Skye he tells her that he will keep her secret because there is nothing wrong with her, this is the Fitz that we all know and love.

Coulson visits Tripps mom to let her know what happened and to give her back the suitcase from Tripp’s grandfather, this was such a sad moment.

While that is happening the team is sharing all their memories of Tripp, who will be greatly missed by everyone.  Bobbi and Mack are apparently looking for Fury’s toolbox, which Coulson is hiding in his desk. Wait, what? Now I don’t think that Bobbi and Mack are Hydra but I am curious what their mission and agenda is.

Side Stories:

While Bobbi and Hunter were waiting in the car before Hydra tried to kill them, Bobbi told Hunter her secret, which is that her and Mack are in a support group.  Now I don’t think that is the secret and after what happens later in the episode that is definitely not it.

There was a flashback to this kid Gordon who is blind but has the ability to teleport, it is driving him crazy.  Well I can understand that because Nightcrawler needs to see where he is going to teleport, this guy cannot see where he going.  Skye’s mom shows up, where she is able to help Gordon come to her so she can hold him and eventually help him.  It seems her ability to not age, has made her useful when it comes to helping others just like her.

SHIELD - Raina - 1

Raina all upset tracks down Cal to see what he can do to help her, but there is nothing that can be done once the transformation happens.  Raina is not happy because her appearance is different, her insides are different and she cuts herself all the time.  Raina does not want to accept that this is her fate and she blames Skye for taking what was supposed to be hers.  Cal is happy to hear that Skye got her powers and he basically tells Raina to kill herself.

As Raina tries to go and kill herself because of what Cal said, she is found by SHIELD agents who want to take her in alive.  Even though Simmons had suggested earlier that it might not be the worst thing if Raina was killed, May and Coulson looked at Simmons like she was crazy, I think we all did.  Well before the agents can take Raina, a giant blue protective shield shows up around her and Gordon appears taking her away from there.

Ok, well I am happy that Fitz protected Skye, but someone else needs to know because well Skye needs to learn how to control her powers, she needs Professor X.  Also what is up with Simmons, she has completely lost her mind, I know everyone has their own way with dealing with grief but Simmons is going to Katrina Crane route.  What are Bobbi and Mack doing, I don’t think they are Hydra but why do they want the toolbox.  It could be for Hill, because we have yet to see her and is she doing anything since leaving HIMYM?  I guess we have to watch and see because if we learned anything last season everything is connected and they have all the twist and turns.  I guess we will be learning more about the inhumans from Gordon, I am sure Raina will tell them about Skye.

Until next episode when Lady Sif makes another appearance and Skye shows what she is.

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