Gotham: Everyone has a Cobblepot Recap


Last time, we meet the red hood gang, Wayne board sent a spy to stab Alfred and steal info from Bruce and Fish pulled out an eye.

Well the big thing that Gordon has to deal with is the fact that Commissioner Loeb is letting Flask go. Upon questioning Loeb, Gordon finds out that Bullock is the one who said that he gave false evidence against Flask. Something does not add up why would Bullock say something like that. It turns out that Bullock had no choice because Loeb has some dirt on him. It seems that Commissioner Loeb keeps dirt on some of his cops.

Gotham - Gordon and Dent

Well Bullock is going to be of no help to Gordon on this one so Gordon goes to Dent, who is not happy that Flask is getting out. It should also be noted that Flask is being allowed to run for president on the GCPD union. Since Loeb has nothing on Dent, he agrees to help Gordon get what he needs.

They both track down Loeb’s old partner hoping that he will be able to tell them something they can use on Loeb or at least were to find his paperwork. Well the partner sends them to a Chinese gambling ring that basically turns out to be a set up. Those guys turn on Gordon and Dent and try to shoot them. Lucky for them Bullock shows up just in time to get them out of there. You ever notice how Bullock always manages to show up right at the right moment, this is either to make fans like him or he has a GPS device on Gordon.

After Bullock tries to do some “interrogating” of his own, I think I have seen Batman use a technique like this before, they learn that Falcone and Leob are linked. Well than Gordon goes to the only person he knows that can help them, The Penguin. It seems that The Penguin will help them in exchange for five minutes with the files and a favor from Gordon. Bullock tells Gordon that is a bad idea and I agree but Gordon agrees as long as the Penguin does not look at the police files.

Gotham - Penguin

Penguin gets them the location of a farm-house way out-of-the-way. A very nice elderly couple is living there, well the not as nice as you thought elderly couple begins shooting at Gordon, Bullock and the Penguin. Well once the elderly couple is knocked out, Gordon and Bullock head upstairs where they meet Commissioner Loeb’s daughter.

Well it is pretty obvious that Miriam is not all there, even more so when she shows them the dead bird necklace. It seems that Miriam likes to kill things, like birds and her mother. Loebs basically covered up that his daughter killed her mother.

Gotham - Miriam Loeb

Well the Penguin was the worst guard ever and the couple got away, but it is alright Gordon got what he needed on Loeb. Gordon brings this info to Loeb’s who is tells him go ahead put it out there, he will step down. Gordon does not want that, because then he will have to deal with someone new. Gordon gets Bullock’s file so now Loeb has nothing on Bullock and Gordon got Loeb’s endorsement for GCPD union President. While Gordon was able to help Bullock we have to remember that he owes a favor to The Penguin no questions asked.

The Penguin tells that nice couple that they will have to make a choice on who gets the one way ticket to Arizona. Well the nice lady kills her husband and then The Penguin kills her.

Side Stories:

Bruce is visiting with Alfred in the hospital, Alfred is wake, which is a good thing. Bruce tells Gordon that he thinks it was the Wayne Board, because a lot of that info was missing. Alfred would not rat out Reggie, which Bruce did not understand. Selina pays Bruce a visit while he is visiting Alfred. It seems that Ivy, steals food from there and saw Bruce. Well Selina gives Bruce a hug, which he was happy about but then he pulls a Batman moment and shuts down. Selina advises against going after the Board because well that is not going to end well, but she offers to help him. Bruce does not want her help because he does not want anyone else to get hurt, sounds like something Selina did.

Gotham - Nygma

Well Nygma is still trying to hit on that filing clerk, he thinks he has a chance when she tells him that she like intelligence over brawn now. When Nygma goes over to ask her out, she already has a new bf, one of the cops who asks Nygma a riddle. Naturally Nygma answers the riddle but he is heartbroken that she does now want him.

Fish, I am sure we are all wondering about Fish, well she was given a new eye, blue. She is finally able to meet Doctor or in this case Dollmaker. Well Fish wants to become part of the management team, but she will have to prove herself first. Which means that she has to let the supply of body parts and organs happen. Well the natives are restless downstairs because they think that Fish has betrayed them. Fish shows up, but she has to let one of the people be taken, this makes people unhappy but she tells them that she said some would die. She will keep her promise and get as many out as she can. Well Fish heads back upstairs where she is made part of the management team.

Gotham - former manager

Fish is shown what happened to the former manages who was given arms of a woman and breasts. This was Fish’s warning to not mess up, also Fish learns that he was never worried about her escaping because well they are trapped on an island in the middle of no where.

It was nice to have an episode where Gordon basically got his hands dirty, it is always interesting to see Gordon play by the rules of Gotham. While Gordon was trying to do a good thing by getting those files or Bullock’s file in this case, he had blackmail to do it. It’s in these moments Gordon plays the game in order to help others. Also is anyone else curious what the favor will be from The Penguin.

Since Bruce is so brilliant he was able to deduce that the board sent Reggie. Now he wants to take on those people, this is not going to be good. Also have to love it when Bruce gives Alfred commands knowing that Alfred has to listen to him. Bruce decides to be Master of the house when it suits him. Also it was great to see Selina away from useless Barbara.


Whatever is Fish going to do, how is she going to get people off that island? I don’t think that she will get people off the island just herself and that is if she gets off, it has been confirmed that Fish is not returning next season. Well we all had to know she was an expendable character she is not one from the comics, but Smith has done a great job with that character and she has become a favorite to many of us.

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