Agents of SHIELD: Who You Really Are Recap


Last week, SHIELD came back after its mini hiatus to let us know what has been going on since we last saw them. Skye was in quarantine and trying to hide her new powers especially because various members of the team are not being very nice cough *Simmons* cough. Raina is blaming Skye for why she is porcupine.

look at me in my cool Earth clothes

look at me in my cool Earth clothes

This one starts off with Lady Sif wondering around a beach in Portugal with no idea who she is, but wearing Earth clothing. All that she seems to know is the word Chava, so she is looking for someone named Chava.

Well she is picked up by some people who immediately contact Coulson to tell him about her. The only reason that Lady Sif agrees to see Coulson is because she thinks that he is Chava. Once Coulson shows her some pics, letting her know that they are friends she begins to trust him. Ok, I watched that episode that Lady Sif was in last time, who was taking pics? I would believe that the bus has cameras that they might have taken images from, but who was taking pics to document random moments, if they were selfies or group shots I would have understood but this is random, but I have digressed onto a tangent.

Well May gets a video of Lady Sif fighting a random guy on pier, this guy knocks her into the ocean. It does seem to be as strong as her, this leads everyone to believe that he is an alien of some kind, possibly another Asguardian. Fitz and Simmons do happen to notice the blue blood dripping from the random guy in the video.

Well the random guy is trying to find out information about someone who had changed on Earth, but the nurse is unable to help him. During this time the guy show signs of turning blue, like Kree blue. It is possible this gentleman is a Kree? We all know the Kree had something to do with the Inhumans so it is possible he was alerted to Raina and Skye.

The rest of the team is investigating the pier because they have to see if they find anything. Lucky for them, they find some blue blood that splits a lamppost in two. Since Hunter was the one to find it, you know how he is, but Mack told him that no one would believe he is that strong. After doing an analysis on is, Simmons discovers that it is liquid nitrogen. This makes sense because Kree have more nitrogen in their bodies then humans, they need more of it. I might have also looked that up while I was watching the episode.

SHIELD - Bobbi

Bobbi and Skye find our mystery Kree dude at the hospital, Bobbi goes after him because you know she is supposed to be a BAMF. Well human cannot defeat strong alien creature so the Kree knocks Bobbi out. Now it’s just him and Skye, she well kinda of freaks out a bit, which causes her to shake the place.

Since they are now pretty sure that they are fighting a Kree, Lady Sif then remember that Chava means key in Kree. She might not be able to remember who she is, but she remembers what she learned in school. That right there shows the importance of an education, you might have amnesia but you will never forget what you learned in school.

They also figure out that it might also mean the city Chaves, low and behold it did because they find the Kree there. They are able to shoot an electric net on him thus capturing him. Also Skye did not want to go out on that mission because of what happened last time, but she would not tell anyone why, Fitz is still the only one who knows.

With the Kree (who I really didn’t care to learn the name of) in custody they learn that his weapon is how he can erase people’s memories. He then gives Lady Sif back her and then she punches him. Asguardians do not like Kree and she was sent to Earth to get him. He came to Earth because of what happened at the temple during the fall finale.

It was good that Mr. Kree showed up because it gives us some much-needed background on the Inhumans.

It seems that these are dangerous people who are an abomination and are nothing more than weapons.

Now it comes out that Skye saw Raina transform, so everyone wants to know what she saw. But after hearing what the Kree had said and having all the pressure on her, well it makes her emotions go a bit crazy. Now a slight quake is beginning to happen, I get the Kree and Lady Sif not knowing what is going on but why don’t everyone else start doing earthquake procedure. If I didn’t know that Skye was causing it I would have automatically thought earthquake. Fitz feeling the quake knows that something is wrong with Skye so he heads over to her.

May is seriously smart, because she knew it was Skye, Coulson not so much.

Well Lady Sif want to take Skye away to protect everyone and the Kree is ready to kill her. May and Coulson are not having it, so May grabs Skye and runs while Coulson has guns on the Lady Sif and the Kree.

As May and Skye run past Simmons, Skye apologizes to her. Fitz then comes running behind them, that is when Simmons realizes that Fitz knew and kept it from her. She also realize that he has been analyzing Skye’s blood. Fitz tells Mack and Bobbi that the Kree is trying to that Skye.

Bobbi fights the Kree again, well he is pretty cocky about it, I can’t blame him, he kind of knows he will win. Bobbi does hold her own, all she really needed to do was distract him while Fitz got a nice powerful gun to hit the Kree with. Then Bobbi takes his memory staff and uses it to wipe his memory.

Don't worry Skye mama is here

Don’t worry Skye mama is here

May and Skye find one of the cells were May tries to have Skye calm down because she knows that is the only way this is going to stop. It is interesting because May has been working on helping Skye remain calm lately, so I am guess she suspected something. Lady Sif is seriously trying to break through, that cannot be helping Skye, so she grabs a night night gun and knocks herself out. Coulson uses that as proof that Skye is not dangerous because she wants to protect her friends.

Lady Sif back in her normal clothes take the amnesic Kree back with her. While she will leave Skye with them, she does advise them against it. Coulson tells her that Skye will feel more comfortable surrounded by people that she knows then being taken away. May thinks that Lady Sif might be right since where Skye goes destruction follows. Papa Coulson won’t let anyone takes his baby Skye and Mama May will naturally help him.

Now the team is having issues with this whole thing:

Poor Skye she is basically putting herself back into quarantine.

Side Story:

SHIELD - Bobbi and Mack

We all know Mack and Bobbi are up to something, well Mack tells Bobbi she needs to push Hunter away. This is pretty horrible because they had a rather nice moment earlier in the episode. Bobbi was thinking about bringing him in but Mack says Hunter won’t take it well, it will be like when they all found out their friends were Hydra.  Bobbi says that they are not Hydra, ok I called that one which I am happy about.  The question is who are they working for, I am hoping Hill or Fury himself, but it could be one of the other agencies that are running around.

Hunter tries to help Bobbi while she is trying to figure out the Kree’s weapon but this is when she pushes him away.  Which was sad, because Hunter was all into joining SHIELD hoping that this time things would be better between them.  Hunter is no fool, he knows his ex way to well, Hunter then confronts Mack about what the secret is between him and Bobbi.  Mack naturally tries to skirt around the issues but Hunter won’t give up so them Mack chokes Hunter out. Somehow I don’t see that being a good thing.

I liked this episode, because we got the much-needed background on the Inhumans that most of us needed, well those of us that did not look it up already.  If the Inhumans are going to be a thing than we all need to know more about them.  It will be nice to see how they have grown as a subgroup and managed to not harm people for the years they have been in existence.

I think the most important thing was the fact that everyone now knows about Skye’s powers, this could cause problems on the team. It seems that the team is a bit divided about her, they all seem to care but many are worried about the damage she will do.  It is true when her powers grow she should be able to level buildings, but with control over her powers she won’t.  Daisy Johnson is supposed to gain such control over her powers that she quake only what she needs to like a bomb or Wolverine’s heart.  I might have also just looked all that up.  In the comic Fury helps Daisy learn to control her powers so they are just changing it up for Coulson and May to be the ones to do it.  Unless they send her to upstate New York, there is a lovely gifted school there that can help her.

Until next time when Cal takes on SHIELD with some other special people, not sure if they are like him or if they are Inhumans.

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