Wizard World Chicago Fan Fest

A few months ago I found out about Wizard World doing a Fan Fest here in Chicago. In better news I found that tickets for 2 day was only going to be $25, naturally I was like I am going to be there. I have heard stories as to why Fan Fest was going to be held, personally I really didn’t care why, I just happy over cheap tickets.

I jumped on public transportation and head on there, making sure that my Instagram was set for TFP and that I had the appropriate hashtags.

I have the say the best thing that I noticed when I got there was how much room there was. Anyone who has been to a comic con especially a Wizard World one, knows how crowded it can be on a Sat. Here I was at a comic con on a Sat and not bumping into people, I cannot tell you how exciting it was.

The first thing I did was wonder the floor for a bit since I had time before the first Q&A that I was planning on seeing. There were a lot of great vendors, some whom I have never seen before, there really was some great merchandise on hand.  From hand made leather, to custom jewelry, to cool light sabers, and even a girl scout cookie booth.

I headed over to grab some food while I wait for the first Q&A, they were not doing actual panels for this one. It was short 15 min Q&A’s, but it worked out better than I had thought.


First I checked out Kristen Bauer, who is known for playing Pam on True Blood and Maleficent on Once Upon a Time. She was great to see, she really seems to care about her fans. She was very happy to answer all questions and even gave us some of her favorite Pam lines. Bauer did love her time on True Blood and was so excited to on a HBO show since she is a HBO fan. At this time she cannot tell us if Maleficent will be making an appearance in the next season, since she has not read the last two scripts.

Since there was 30 min until the next Q&A that I wanted to see, I hung around there, which did help me get a better seat. I will say this, the seating for the Q&A was my only big complaint, because it was just on the show floor, really it was the tables where people sit to rest or eat. Since they were only 15 min long, I can understand why they did it that way.


Next up was Caity Lotz, who plays Sara Lance “The Canary” on Arrow. She was absolutely adorable, she was having so much fun that stage and being there. It was great to find out that she does know actual martial arts so she was able to do a lot of her own moves. Yes, she will be in the Atom/Firestorm spin-off they are planning. No word yet on how it will be possible because last check Sara Lance was dead. She cannot give it away, but she did mention that her character has died what 3 times already. It is a the comic book world, character’s don’t stay dead for long, Ben Parker and Bruce Wayne’s parents are some of the few who stay dead.  Also I was really excited to hear that she is a Game of Thrones fan.

After that, I wondered around the show floor some more looking at the booths. I found some really cute Sailor Moon pendants that I had to buy from AnimeZing.


I also learned that I should stay away from the zombie land because I am not a fan of zombie getting in my face. I think most people might have an issue with a zombie getting in their face because who wants to risk being turned into one.

After I found a friend there, we headed over to the board game area. Let me back track a bit, they had two areas, one that had arcade and console games all supplied from Galloping Ghosts. There were also video game tournaments going on.

IMG_2543Then in the area next to it was a space to sit down and play board games that are rented out. We played a game called Frag, that I had never heard of much less played, some how I won both times. I liked the games areas, I can actually think of a few friends who would have loved to the video game tournaments, I would like to see more of that, or maybe I should say in an easier place to find, because I can never find the video game rooms.

I was also never able to find the mysterious room 14 where they were showing movies and they gave us a map. Obviously during scavenger hunts don’t give me the map.

After that we checked out the board games on sale, seriously who loves me enough to buy me some board games, I could have spent like $200 there. Pretty much the rest of the time was spent walking around and looking at booths, I brought a necklace with fairy dust. Also the cord for that necklace was great to hold the Sailor Moon pendants.

I grabbed a quick pic of Bud Bundy on stage as I was passing by, otherwise I spent the rest of the time browsing through comics. I did find a missing Amazing X-Men that I needed (yes, at some point I will recap the like 20 comics I have). I am still having trouble finding What If #114, the one where Wolverine and Storm are married, I look at like every con.

The next day I head on back a bit later than I had planned but the whole losing an hour messed me up. When I got back, I headed over to the board game booth where I brought Chrononauts from Game Nite, because well I had been thinking about the game all day. I get to time travel and change history, I knew I would feel like a Doctor playing it. (Note, I have played it, I did not feel like a Doctor, but lets see how I feel the next time I play it since I will understand the game better).

IMG_2563I walked by the Q&A stage, just to get a pick of Andrew J. West for all our Walking Dead fans. Unfortunately, Walking Dead is not my thing, obviously since I am not a fan of zombies, so I did not sit in.

I did stay around the area because I wanted to hear the Q&A going on after.

I managed to get a pretty good seat for the next one, which was Rick Cosnett, Eddie Thawne on The Flash. Ok, first things, I did not know that he was Aussie, but he is and he has a very sexy Aussie accent. I did spend part of the paneling wishing the other guy would not talk because he does not have a sexy Aussie accent. Cosnett, is also adorable, he is so happy to have the fans and to be doing the show. He has only done a comic con one other time when he was on Vampire Diaries.  Right now he is the first person from The Flash to have done a con show, I am hoping Wizard World will change that, because I would be happy to see some of The Flash cast in August.


What did I learn from Cosnett besides him having a sexy accent, well he cannot tell us anything about them using the Flashpoint comics. I do take is as a good sign that they are leaning that direction. Also there is a connection between his last name of Thawne and that the Reverse Flash’s last name is Thawne. He did not give us much more than we had speculated, but it was nice to hear it from a cast member.

He has also trained with real officers so he would do the part right, apparently he was not assertive enough at first. With his accent he could say get on you knees and there are some people who would assertive or not. Honestly I think he got the best questions asked out of anyone I saw.

After that I wondered around some more, found a few vendors I will be checking out later and brought some girl scout cookies and headed home.

I liked this mini con, I would really love it if they did it again.  I liked the vendors, it was a lot easier to see them all.  I liked how easy it was to find the video and board game sections.  I would have liked real panels and better seating for them, that  is my only real complaint, was the seating for the panels.  It was a great little mini con, they still had some great guests and some amazing vendors.  I did find some of these vendors to be friendlier then some of the other con vendors, granted there were still the few who basically ignore you until you have something to buy.  Some of these vendors actually took the time to talk to people, which was great for me because I found a jewelry vendor there who does sterling silver jewelry, since I am allergic to fake jewelry, that made me really happy.

I really do hope they do it again next year, it is a great con to introduce people to the world of con.  It’s not overly crowded everything is easy to find and there are still the guests, signings, pics, and vendors.

Until next con.

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