The Walking Dead S5E11 – “Forget”

The episode opens on Sasha, unable to sleep under the watchful eyes of some other family’s photos in the house. The next morning, she goes out “hunting,” but is really just target practicing n those same photos. As she shoots, she seems to think that someone is watching her. Or… Maybe it’s a panic attack.


Yeah. It’s a panic attack. As she waits outside of Alexandria’s gates, shaking her head and softly saying, “Come and get me,” the opening credits run.

Out in the woods, Carol, Daryl, and Rick discuss setting up a weapons cache… But in that same house where someone found Rick’s stashed blender gun… Carol takes out a single walker, but empties her clip to do it (keeping up those appearances), and Daryl notes that a “W” has been carved into its forehead.

Back inside, Rick and Michonne discuss playing cops, and I can’t get over Michonne in a policewoman’s uniform. If nothing else, she needs to lose that tie; loose clothing sounds like a hell of a liability.

twds5e13-02 twds5e13-03

Or maybe I just miss her headband.

Outside, Daryl catches Aaron not following him. The two head out to hunt rabbits together.

Deanna, meanwhile, is giving her new police a pep talk. And she’s taken Maggie on in some bureaucratic capacity. And as Rick tells her that they need patrols along the wall to watch for people climbing in. Sasha wants to be the sniper in their clocktower, but Deanna insists that she needs to attend their little welcome dinner that evening first.

Carol is playing Suzie Homemaker like a BOSS, discussing recipes and shit in person because there’s no Pinterest any more.

Meanwhile, she and Rick are planning to raid the Alexandria armoury for their proposed weapons cache. Carol is reveling in her relative invisibility.

Eric introduces Daryl to “Buttons,” a wild horse that the Alexandrians have been trying to wrangle and bring inside for months. Zombies ruin what was a moment between Daryl and the horse, and he takes off after it with Aaron in pursuit. He’s trying to get our favourite redneck to go to Deanna’s shindig that evening.

Under the guise of baking cookies (but also, I hope she really is baking cookies), Carol inspects the armoury, and gets an encounter with a guy who, if the spooky music playing around his dialogue is anything to go by, is going to turn out to be trouble.

And we all know what Carol does to… “Trouble.”

Fuck you, Lizzie.

Fuck you, Lizzie.

At the party, we meet Deanna’s husband, and everyone’s only got nice shit to say about Rick and the crew… Sharing drinks… Until Rick eye-fucks the haircutter as she walks in with her whole, entire family.

Meanwhile, walkers have managed to swarm that poor horse. Aaron has to put it down after Daryl kills the walkers.

The wild stallion is caught and has to be put down.




At the party, Glenn and Maggie keep Noah from bailing and Daryl just watches from the outside. He doesn’t go in, and Aaron, who also doesn’t go, congratulates him on at least trying. He invites Daryl in.

Daryl, meanwhile, still hasn’t bathed.

Back with Rick, he chats with the hairdresser and her suddenly jovial husband… Who has a letter “A” either cut or painted on his hand. And their kid comes along to stamp an “A” into Rick’s hand, “officially” making them one of the Alexandrians.


And not questioning the action or the symbol?


Especially after having recently been locked into a shipping container with the exact same marking. By cannibals.

Sasha comes to the party, but wants none of Spencer’s advances. Aaron and Eric, it turns out, have an ulteriour motive in inviting Daryl in for pasta. They have a whole bike shop in their house’s garage, and no knowledge of how to use any of that stuff. They want Daryl to fix up the bike and become the newest recruiter for their little town. He accepts.


At the party, again, Michonne contemplates the tiny plastic sword that serve to hold the garnish in her drink… Probably wondering how many walkers she can still kill with it. Ford comes to chat her up, talking about how everything is awesome.

…As Carol has snuck into the armoury… And stops by to steal some chocolate.

And is followed by a small child.


Fuck you, Lizzie.

Fuck you, Lizzie.

And… While I’m really glad that she doesn’t murder this child… This bitch is terrifying.


I mean.




twd-carol3And she even has the gall to sound sad about it.


I don’t know if this is better or worse than what she did to Lizzy.


But, despite the trauma… She does still promise to ply the boy with the cheat code unlimited cookies.





The Hairdresser is holding Rick’s baby at the party… And he goes in for a little peck on the cheek… And she smiles.



BTW, Rick. That is a dick move. Remember all that shit with Shane? When he fucked your wife? Remember how there is no way to be 100% sure that Judith is yours, biologically? Because Shane fucked your wife? REPEATEDLY?



Meanwhile, Sasha is driven to the brink of madness by the inane chatter of white people, only briefly brought back to her sense by who appears to be the only other non-Grimes-led black person in town. Then she snaps. Because these mofos are ridiculous.

Aaaaand it looks like Sasha yelling at happy party-goers was what Deanna was looking for, because she has a little sit-down with Sasha about the awesomeness of her little town before handing her a box of ammunition. And she looks pissed that Sasha doesn’t believe in her little dream.

Michonne hangs up her sword above her mantle.


And Rick reminds us all that he’s a little bit crazy as he hugs on a wall and the happy music playing fades into a muffled mess.




I need you to get your shit together.

Hopefully Michonne being your de facto deputy will help out.

Because she’s at least seemingly still sane.

Also, anyone else just super entertained by the fact that, for the most part, Carol looks like she’s having a fucking blast?

Because she is having so much fun.

Aside from Sasha, all of the ladies are doing okay.


But we shall see because, in this show, sanity is fleeting.


Until next week!



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