Arrow: Nanda Parbat Recap


Last time Oliver and Thea had to survive the island because Malcolm was hoping that Oliver would get his killer instinct back. Oliver handled things in the way that he always does, which is leave Slade Wilson to rot. Thea also learned the truth about who really killed Sara.

Oliver and Thea are training with Malcolm who is besting them pretty well. Also when is Laurel going to be brought into the training because we all know she needs it. Thea is so unhappy about what Malcolm made her do and Thea is having a hard time dealing with it.

Ra’s al Ghul, is chilling in a pool, or as all of us who know his lore, the Lazarus pit. Nyssa is completely unhappy about the fact Oliver is still alive, she thinks that he should die for just that.

Back over in Starling, Roy is noticing all the new security that Diggle put on the club for Thea’s safety well all of their safety.  Even though Oliver told Thea not to tell anyone about killing Sara, she tells Roy. Roy already knew, but he told her that he already knew and about how the team had kept it from him when he killed the cop.  It is a hard thing for him to get through but he takes it one day at a time.

Arrow - Thea tells Laurel

Thea still cannot live with the guilt and does what Oliver told her not to do, she tells Laurel.  I have to say I am amazed at how well Laurel takes it, she does not blame Thea, she blames Malcolm like she should.  Laurel does tell Thea, that from here on out she makes all of her own choices, which means she does not have to work with Malcolm.

Laurel also decides to confront Oliver about the fact he has been keeping who killed her sister from her. Laurel is really mad at Oliver, I understand it but at the same time isn’t this the girl who kept from her father for months that her sister was dead, the pot should not be calling the kettle.

Now Laurel decides to go after Malcolm, yea, I think we all know that this would be a bad move.  What makes this girl think that she can take on Malcolm, oh this was so painful to watch.  Luck would have it that the League showed up to take Malcolm.

It seems that Thea being pissed off at her father decided to tell the League where to find him.

How did she contact the League, seriously where did she get a direct phone to them.  Somehow she got Nyssa’s number so she was able to sell her father out to the League.  Oliver being the good big brother that he is decides that they need to get Malcolm back because Thea will never be able to handle the emotional backlash she will feel about sending her father to die. Naturally Team Arrow or is it Team Starling, whatever, they are not really feeling the plan but they get what Oliver is doing it and since they all care for Thea, they all decide to help.  It does not take long because Felicity is able to pinpoint the airport that they are using.

Oliver heads down there, he almost manages to save Malcolm but Nyssa tells them to take Malcolm, so they now have Nyssa but Malcolm well he is on his way to meet Ra’s al Ghul.

Now they have Nyssa in their jail cell, she is pretty much just chilling in there meditating. I am guessing she does not have much else to do since well everyone is not happy with Oliver.  Oliver knows that Thea will never be able to live with the guilt since he has a had time living with the guilt that both of his parents are dead because of him.

Everyone thinks that Oliver is going to torture Nyssa for the information but he doesn’t have to because he knows that she will happily tell him where to find Malcolm because she wants him dead.  Oliver then tells everyone that he is heading back to Nanda Parbat because you know dying there the first time was not good enough.  No one wants him to go not even Laurel who pretty much hates Oliver and wants him dead right now.

While talking with Lila about the whole thing, Lila being the good fiance/wife that she is tells Diggle to go there with Oliver because she knows that the guilt will eat away at him again.  Diggle basically tells Oliver that he will be joining him on the mission, he really has no choice in the matter.

Arrow - Malcolm and Ra's al Ghul

When Malcolm arrives in front of Ra’s al Ghul, Ra’s tells Malcolm about a magician that he knew in the 1800’s who could not escape death.  OK, the show might not be trying to say that is the Lazarus pit from earlier but if Ra’s was alive in the 1800’s it so we all know what the pool was.

Well Oliver and Diggle get to the compound where even in all black they are discovered, but Diggle just shoots people and Arrow shoots their own flaming arrows back at them.  Oliver and Diggle are able to find Malcolm but that is where they are captured by Ra’s al Ghul.

Arrow - Ra's al Ghul and Oliver

While chilling in a cell because well Oliver and Diggle have no where else to go since they are chained up, Diggle asks Oliver to be his Best Man, awww.  This is when Oliver admits that Thea was not the full reason that he is doing this, he is also doing it because of what happened to him, Diggle already knew all of this.

Oliver is brought before Ra’s al Ghul, you think that Ra’s is going to be all like, you are going to die again, but no he is like I want to make you my heir and the next Ra’s al Ghul, wait what?

Side Stories:

Since Thea is having such issues with this knowledge that she was forced to kill Sara, Roy takes her to see the family of the cop that he killed.  It seems that Roy does whatever he can to help this family from give them money, groceries, and even buying the kid a christmas present. Thea does not think that this will help her with her guilt.  Thea decides that she should tell Nyssa, that she killed Sara, but in this version Thea lives out the Malcolm drugging her and her not knowing about it.  Oh, to make things even better Thea opens the cell down and give Nyssa a sword. While Thea is more capable than Laurel, I don’t see this ending well, someone will intervene.

Arrow - Felicity and Ray

Felicity all annoyed with Oliver and his mission to save Malcolm decides to pay another visit to Ray.  Ray has hidden away in his apt where he is trying to build his Atom suit, but he can’t focus, well no sleep and food will do that to a person.  When Felicity comes back the next time she put a firewall on his comp, making it so that Ray could not access any of his stuff.  Ray can either use the 6 hours to hack the firewall or he can eat, shower and take a nap, Ray is a smart man and chooses option 2.  Well once Ray is out of the shower and feeling better, not to mention shirtless, Felicity gives in the password but she also kisses him.  Well this leads to Felicity putting Ray to bed like she had said, also did anyone see Felicity shoes, those were some fuck me heels.

Arrow - Atom

Well sleep/sex seems to have woken up Ray because he was able to figure out what he needed to complete the suit, that he decides to fly around in the city while Felicity sleeps, I guess she was tired.  Also can we talk about how Felicity made the password – password, she is such a little smartass.

Flashback time, Oliver is debriefed and allowed to go wherever he wants to go, Maseo and his family can as well.  Well we all know Oliver did not make it back to Starling just yet, so while trying to leave Maseo and his family are fired upon.  They are guessing that Waller was not happy with them leaving, Oliver gives them cover but in the end Oliver has to take their son while they hide from the attackers. Ok, is anyone else wonder where this kid is, because I am beginning to think that something happened to him.  It seems that the story does not end there because it seemed that Oliver knew more about Mateo and Tatsu, so I am guessing they reunite.

Let’s talk about the important thing here, they are seriously trying to turn Oliver into Batman.  Everyone knows that Ra’s wants Batman to be his heir, considering they have not mentioned Talia I figured this was a thing, maybe she is too Batman.  What is Arrow going with, Ra’s finally realized that Batman loves Catwoman and will never be with Talia or the next Ra’s al Ghul, so he is looking at the next playboy billionaire. Is Talia going to come out now, but Ra’s said that Nyssa was the heir, but Talia is the oldest, I am guessing this is when they had their falling out.  Seriously, how Batman are they trying to make Oliver, they made Oliver darker than he is supposed to be.  They are calling it the Arrow Cave and now this, let Green Arrow be Green Arrow and leave the dark stuff for Batman.

Now the big question is will Oliver take the offer.

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