NBC Constantine adds three more cast members

The upcoming Constantine TV show has gained a few more cast members; Lucy Griffiths (True Blood, & BBC Robin Hood), Harold Perrineau (Lost) and Charles Halford.  They will be joining Matt Ryan who has been cast as Constantine.

Lucy Griffiths

Griffiths will be playing a character called Liv, “She is targeted by demons and Constantine steps in to save her.  Liv also has the ability to see the supernatural world among us.  She joins up with Constantine to save the world and learn how to control her powers.”


Perrineau will play Manny, “Who is an angel assigned to watch over Constantine.  Manny has the power to step into people’s bodies.”

charles halford

Halford will be playing Chas, “Who is Constantine’s oldest friend who might be supernatural.”

They are taking some of the characters from the movie, but they are changing something’s up as well.  Not sure how well they are following the comics but we can only hope they will take from the original source material.

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