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Amazing X-Men #9 Review

Amazing #9 - 1

I have to say Amazing X-Men is my fav of all the series I am reading, they had some great writers and artists. In the last issue, Wolverine just goes off to Canada to visit Vindicator. Wolverine finds out that James is missing, while searching for him Wolverine comes across Wendigos.

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Amazing X-Men #10 Review

Amazing #10 - 1

We are back for another exciting issue of the Amazing X-Men in Canada. Last issues more of Alpha Flight cam to join the X-Men while the Avengers are guarding the US/Canada border. Oh, Wolverine is a Wendigo now.

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Amazing X-Men Review #8


Back for another exciting adventure with the X-Men since this is the first of five issues. I would recap last week’s issue but really it was a filler issue that probably has no bearing on the upcoming miniseries so I won’t even bother.

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