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Gotham: Selina Kyle Recap


Here we are at the second of Gotham, but I enjoyed the first episode it was great to get a feel for the characters and to meet most of the main players.  The Penguin betrayed Fish who betrayed Falcone, Gordon “shot” The Penguin.  Bullock is a dirty cop and a drunk but we already knew that.  The Wayne’s were killed and Gordon plans on doing everything to bring their killer to justice.

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‘Gotham’ spotlights some of the villains

In a new short clip from Fox’s Gotham, they spotlight Catwoman, The Penguin, and Fish Mooney.

The clip is short but it does tell us that young Selina Kyle, Oswald Cobblepot and Fish Mooney are going to major villains.  I am not sure if it’s for the whole series or if it is just for the first season. I’m pretty is it will be for the whole series, well maybe not for Fish Mooney since the Penguin works for her.  At the same time it is nice get a slight idea how these villains are going to be worked into the series.  We already know that The Riddler and Poison Ivy are also going to be in the series and have already been cast.  The Riddler is working in the forensics department of the Gotham PD.  Fish Mooney is a business women/crime boss in the city.  The Penguin is one of her low-level thugs, it looks like she sends him out to do some of the beatings.  Young Selina Kyle is just a little thief that should not be cornered.  It looks like Gordon and Bullock might have their work cut out for them with this crew.  There is still talks of bringing in the Joker which could also mean seeing Harley Quinn.  As well all know there is a long list of Batman villains still left to be introduced.  I am very interested to see how they put this all together.

First Official Image of the Penguin


Fox has released the first official image of the Penguin.  From this image I can see some of the Penguin, he has the pointed nose and the bow tie.  Obviously we cannot see an umbrella, from the on set images I did not see one there, but maybe the umbrella comes later. What I do know is that I did not see webbed hands from the on set pics, I am wondering about that.

Fox has also released an official description for the Penguin:

”Oswald Cobblepot/aka The Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor – The Walking Dead, Another Earth, Accepted) has the brains of a chess grandmaster and the morals of a jackal. A low-level psychopath for gangster Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith), he hides his sadistic lust for power behind an exquisitely polite demeanor.”

While I am excited for the show and like the way most everyone else looks, I am just not feeling the Penguin.  Unless something is going to happen to make him more penguin, I just don’t fully see it.  I do understand going for the realistic approach, but it’s the Penguin, he is not supposed to be realistic looking.  He is supposed to be a deformed, that does happen in real life.  I guess we are just going to have to wait and see.

What do you think of the Penguin’s look?