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The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive Recap


I have to say that was a fun first episode for Flash, we learned about Barry and how he got his powers.  We also learned that during the storm and explosion it caused a few other metahumans besides Barry.

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What We Would like to See Happen on ‘Flash’


After seeing the first episode of The Flash, I came up with a few things that I would like to see happen this season.

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The Flash: Season Premiere City of Heroes Recap


Here we are at the highly anticipated season premiere of CW’s new show The Flash, which is a spin-off from CW’s Arrow.  The only things that we already know going into the show is that Barry has visited Starling City and helped team Arrow on a mission. Barry happens to know Oliver’s secret, Barry thinks Felicity is pretty, and that an accident left Barry in the hospital/coma.

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Fall TV Line Up

Since most of the Fall TV Shows will be starting up soon I thought I would help us all out by posting the premiere schedules and some trailers.

Sept 22:



Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow

Sept 23:


Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D

Sept 28:


Once Upon a Time

Oct 2:


Vampire Diaries

Oct 6:

The Originals

The Originals

Oct 7:


The Flash



Oct 8:



Oct 24:





There you have the list and videos for some of the shows coming out this fall, hope you will check back with us as we give you what we hope to see this upcoming season and for show recaps throughout the season.

CW has releases a teaser and full length trailer for ‘The Flash’

Earlier this week CW released a teaser trailer for The Flash:

It was a good teaser, starting off with Green Arrow which made sense since The Flash is a spin-off of Arrow.  I liked watching The Flash out run the arrow, it was a good way to show The Flash off of anyone who is not familiar with his character.

The day after the teaser trailer was released, CW released a feature-length trailer for The Flash:

This is a long trailer but it gives you all the background information you need to know about The Flash.  For someone new coming into the series or for someone who did not see him on Arrow it is a good trailer.  It does a great job of showing where the show is going to go and the growth of the character.

I plan on checking out the show this fall, it will air on Tuesdays at 8:00 pm EST on CW.