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Possible one-off Sherlock Special

Sherlock - cast

As any Sherlock fan knows it can sometimes be a really long wait between series, like a 2 year wait.  I know I am dying for series 4, especially with how last season ended.  Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch both have busy schedules so it has been hard finding time to film the next series.  Freeman has teased about a possible one-off special happening:

“Mark Gatiss may beat me up, but there is an idea for this one-off special that’s such a good idea, and as I was listening to it, I thought, ‘We’ve just got to do this.’ And I don’t know when we are going to be able to do it, unfortunately. It’s a fantastic, really mouth-watering idea. But I really don’t know when we are going to get to do it.“

No word on when that might happen because again they both have really busy schedules.  It is probably easier for them to film a one-off then a full 3 episode season.  A special episode would help fill the gap between the series and make the wait not seem as long.  At this time there is not word on when series 4 will be happening so we might be in for another 2 year wait.

Would you rather have a full series of Sherlock or would you be happy with a one-off special episode?