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Manicure Mondays! Inspired by Darryl Dixon

Howdy, nerds!


I was really jazzed up about the premiere of TWD Season 5 last night, and /i found myself with both some free time and nails of a reasonable length! So let’s check out what the heck I’ve done to myself this time.

Paint each fingernail but that of your ring finger white, and paint the ring finger’s nail green, grey, or something that looks less than fresh.

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“The Walking Dead” Season 5 Review – “NO Sanctuary”

No time for pleasantries. No sanctuary, after all.




We catch up with a few members of “The Gang” being brought into the killing floor of the Terminus slaughterhouse. The place is super clean and looks very efficient, but an uninteresting-in-that-specific-fact Bob, Rick, Darryl, and Glenn are pushed to kneel over a trough with a drain, alongside four nameless extras (although we have seen one of them in the episode where Rick kicks Carol out of the group) who you just know aren’t going to make it.

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