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Christena’s Geek New Years Resolutions.

It is a new year and with that come resolutions, promises of things that we would like to accomplish for the year.  Naturally, I sat around thinking of various things that I would like to accomplish.  Of course I came up with the usual things, try to work out, see friends more, etc.  The usual stuff, but then I thought what about the TFP what can I do for this.  I think one of the best things I could do it expand my geek horizon.   One way I plan to do this is by expanding my knowledge of some the fandoms that I am already interested in.  The other is by trying to get into some new fandoms.  Now we all know that people have a tendency to fail at their new years resolutions.  I have found that accountability helps with that, so that is where all you lovely amazing followers come in.  I am telling you what I want to do, thus I am giving you full permission to yell at me if I don’t.  That also applies to all my lovely ladies of the TFP.  Granted I am sure I will follow through with these, but just in case its good to have some extra motivation.


I have always been a comic book reader ever since I was little.  As I got older and other things happened in my life I kinda got out of it.  I want to get back into it, I already started by reading Amazing X-Men, which I have already started blogging about.  I am also planning to get into the relaunch of Wolverine and the X-Men, which happens in March.  They will be ending the series in Feb, so it is a perfect time to get into it.

Issue #1 of the Wolverine and the X-Men relaunch

Issue #1 of the Wolverine and the X-Men relaunch

I am also a DC girl, I love Catwoman, I am trying to figure out where to get back into these series (unfortunately the new 52 is not doing it for me), I am open to suggestions.

Star Wars

I have been into the Star Wars fandom since I was kid; this is something that can be blamed on my dad.  He is a huge Star Wars fan (he saw it every Sat for like 2 months in theaters) and got me into, which is probably why I am a Star Wars trading card on my bio.  I know a lot about this fandom to begin with, but really have not been involved in the fandom for a long time.  I decided that I would get back into reading the books, since I have always been curious about the time with Jacen as Darth Cadious, I have always loved the Solo twin, Jaina being my favorite Star Wars character.  I read most all of the Young Jedi Knights series when I was younger.  I decided that for 2014 I am going to read the Legacy of the Force series, all 9 books of it (which will be a great help to my 30 book reading goal for the year).

Looking forward to reading this series.

Looking forward to reading this series.

I have been really curious about the dynamic between Jaina and Jacen during this time, especially the affect on their bond.  I am really curious about how the ending is written because I don’t see that being something easy to write.

Sherlock Holmes 

Will be catching up on this before the 19th

Will be catching up on this before the 19th

I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes but that is not surprising since Batman was based on him and I love Batman.  Surprisingly enough I have not started watching Sherlock yet.  Since the 3rd season will be airing on the 19th here in America, I decided to watch the first 6 episodes before then.  That should be easy, as long as my viewing partner is up for it.  I have heard such great things about it so I am excited to get into this fandom.


LOTR series, its time to finally read it

LOTR series, its time to finally read it

Ok, I will admit I am horrible at this fandom, but in my defense my mother got really into it and would make me watch it every Sunday when I was visit her for I can’t tell you how long, it was definitely over a few year period.  I kinda got burnt out, but I am going to change that this year.  I am going to read the books, I have all of them but the Hobbit, I’ll just borrow that.  I am also going to see the Hobbit movies, since I have not seen them yet.  It is not a bad series; I just have to move past the fact that it was forced down my throat over the course of a few years.

TV Shows

I already watch a deal of shows, but a few have managed to escape me over the years.  As I said above, I will be adding Sherlock to my viewing list.


I will also be catching up on the first 2 seasons of Once upon a Time, naturally the 3rd one when it comes on Netflixs and maybe even the spin off.  If I can, I would like to catch up before the new season starts.


I am also going to catch up on the 1st season of Arrow and then the second when it is added.  This one I have to wait for my viewing partner to join in.  Some shows I can watch on my own and some I cannot, it happens.

doctor who

I also plan on adding Doctor Who in (I know, I know, how have I not been watching this?), I am going to fix that.  I am also going to watch Merlin which I have not seen either.  Yes, I do see a pattern with me and not watching BBC shows, I am working on it.


I have always been horrible at the getting into anime, as a kid I watched Sailor Moon and Pokemon. That does means that I am excited for the Sailor Moon reboot that is suppose to be airing some point this month, if they ever give a release date.

Getting ready for the Sailor Moon reboot

Getting ready for the Sailor Moon reboot

I know there are good animes out there, I have friends who talk about them all the time, but I fail at actually sitting down and watching them on my own.  I am hoping that I can get some of my friends to sit me down and put some anime on in hopes that something will catch my eye.  I know I didn’t mind it when my friends put Inuyasha on back when it was on Cartoon Network.  Maybe I can get myself to sit down and watch it from the beginning.  With any luck I will be able to report at the end of the year that I am into at least one new anime show.

One general new years resolution I have for the TFP, is that I am going to blog post more.  This is one the ways that you will know how I am doing with my new years resolution because I will be blog posting on it.   It will be easier to keep me accountable for what I have said as well.  With any luck, I will also start blogging about Sleepy Hollow, Agents of SHIELD, Grimm, Dracula and Elementary.  It might also help if I start live tweeting the last three as well.  I am using this week to catch up on shows.  I will also be adding True Blood and Game of Thrones in when those start up again.

These are just some of the resolutions that I have made for this year, I do feel like these ones will be among the easiest for me to actually accomplish.  The ones will affect all you lovely followers the most.  I know you will all be here to support and encourage me along the way.

Here is to a fun, geeky, nerdy 2014.