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The Walking Recap – S4E14 “The Grove”

You guys… I don’t even want to do this one. I’m so depressed…

Well, prepare to have your whole fucking day ruined.

The episode’s stinger, before the credits, is a shot through a window, as a teakettle steams and whistles, of a girl laughingly running circles around a walker as it, y’know, tries to eat her.

Three guesses who this girl is.

Three guesses who this girl is.


After the credits, we see Carol and the devil Lizzie sitting on a log and musing on what it might be like at Terminus, whether it’ll be safe, if they’ll have food, if there will be other children there… How long until they get there. The moment is sweet. Hopeful. You actually kind of feel for Lizzie for the first time in… Ever. You want her to be around kids her age because, heck, maybe it’ll help her not be a crazy person for a while.

Then, Tyreese wakes from a fevered nightmare and it kind of kills the moment.

The next morning, after finding some maple syrup to put on Tyreese’s wound but not to eat, apparently, they discuss the girls. Lizzie is way too tough when it comes to people, but she doesn’t see walkers as a threat; rather, they’re victims. They’re different. Mika, meanwhile, “doesn’t have a mean bone in her body,” according to Carol.

Which is also how she described her daughter. *SOB*

Which is also how she described her daughter. *SOB*


Later, as they walk further down the tracks and discuss Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, they smell a fire off in the distance, but are unable to see it anywhere. The group splits up so that Tyreese, Lizzie, and Li’l Asskicker can rest while Carol takes Mika aside to look for food, but also to give her a little pep talk about how she’s got to toughen up. Mika says that she would never be able to kill a person. She’ll kill walkers if she has to, if she can, but she’s good at running and that’s what she plans to do. Carol tells her that Sophia ran, and that it wasn’t enough for her.

Fuck you, foreshadowing.

Fuck you, foreshadowing.


Meanwhile, Tyreese leaves Lizzie with the baby (WHICH THEY NEED TO STOP DOING) to go and kill a walker along the tracks, but he leaves it alone when it falls, its leg caught between slats of wood, and Lizzie asks him to spare it.

Which they ALSO need to stop doing. Stop leaving singular walkers alive-ish to literally bite you in the ass later, and stop catering to the crazy girl.

Which they ALSO need to stop doing. Stop leaving singular walkers alive-ish to literally bite you in the ass later, and stop catering to the crazy girl.


Back with Carol, Mika, who is the sweetest little girl in the world and DAMN IT I hate the writers of this show more than I ever have in this moment, tells her that everything is alright, brightly saying that her mom always said that everything works out the way that it’s supposed to. And then she spots a house where they can rest, smiling because she feels like her point has been proven.




The girls are told to wait outside, unsupervised because nobody is able to commit past mistakes to their long-term memory in this universe, and Lizzie starts to panic. Mika thinks that it’s because they see a grave marked with a cross and a pair of kids’ shoes, but her older sister starts going on about how Carol and Tyreese will find a walker inside and they’re going to kill it. Mika shouts at her that she needs to stop that shit, that they’re not people, and Lizzie tells her with an eerie calm that she’s wrong.

"You're all wrong."

“You’re all wrong.”


Their shouting match calls the attention of a walker that was in the house, but at the end opposite where Carol and Tyreese went in. Mika takes it out with three shots as Judith cries and Lizzie screams. Not out of fear for herself or the baby, as the characters think, though.




Mika apologizes for yelling at her, and helps coach her sister back to “normal” by looking at some flowers and counting calmly. So, clearly, Lizzie’s been a psycho since the beginning, and I really feel like their dad should have disclosed that shit from the beginning.

"Like, no, seriously, guys, you might want to duct tape some mittens onto that girl. Also, no sharp objects. Or exposure to walkers. Or small animals. Or large animals. Or people. Or sunshine. Y'know what? Just lock her in a cell with a bunch of jigsaw puzzles and stuffed animals for her to put together wrong and to eviscerate, respectively."

“Like, no, seriously, guys, you might want to duct tape some mittens onto that girl. Also, no sharp objects. Or exposure to walkers. Or small animals. Or large animals. Or people. Or sunshine. Y’know what? Just lock her in a cell with a bunch of jigsaw puzzles and stuffed animals for her to put together wrong and to eviscerate, respectively.”


Once inside, they’ve got a roaring fire, fresh water from a private well on the property, plenty of pecans and peaches, they’ve spotted deer, they’re playing with puzzles, and Mika has found a doll which she’s named Brizelda Gunderson. Tyreese is in disbelief of how good they have it and, once again, a member of the group suggests staying. This time it’s Mika, and she’s little, so it’s understandable.

But also, she's trying to kill me with how wonderful she is.

But also, she’s trying to kill me with how wonderful she is.

But, the adults in the situation, for some reason, immediatelyt relax. In front of large windows. In a wood frame house. Like they’ve never been in that situation before. Like this isn’t the exact same scenario they were in when Carol finally found her daughter, zombified in a barn, and then that house was swept away by a massive hoarde of walkers.

Yeah. Like none of that happened.

Because, again, whatever’s got all of them carrying to walker virus or whatever it is also seems to have affected their sense of consequences and their ability to learn from mistakes made repeatedly in the past.

The next day, as Carol puts on a pot of water to make tea on this stove which inexplicably still has gas, we catch up to that initial image of a girl playing with a walker. Carol sees Lizzie outside, letting the walker get closer and closer, and rushes out, stabbing it in the head.

Lizzie loses it. She tells her that she was just playing with her. The walker wanted a friend. Lizzie would have led her away from the house.

Carol tells her that she could have died. Because of course.

Lizzie tells her that it’s the same thing. That she killed her. And… Wait for it… “WHAT IF I KILLED YOU?! WHAT IF I KILLED YOU?!”

Um........ Really, y'all? All these red flags and you're gonna let them keep waving?

Um…….. Really, y’all? All these red flags and you’re gonna let them keep waving?



The next day, Carol takes Mika out for a walk again. She tells her that she needs to learn to defend herself, and that even though Lizzie is bigger and stronger, Mika is smarter. The little girl even is able to tell Carol that that fire they smelled is still burning, because the smoke is still black; it would be white if it were finally out. BUT, Mika doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She really, really doesn’t. Because she’s the sweetest character they’ve ever had on this show, and she can’t bring herself to shoot the deer, and she smiles despite that because, hey, at least they have peaches, and I love her, and damn it, that’s never a good thing on this show.



Later on, Mika follows Lizzie as her sister sneaks off to feed mice to the walker that got stuck between the railroad tracks.

Because it was HER feeding the walkers at the prison and contributing MASSIVELY to the casualties there.

Because it was HER feeding the walkers at the prison and contributing MASSIVELY to the casualties there.


Mika tries to pull her away, but Lizzie is adamant on showing her sister that she’s right. She’s so confident that she’s about to let the walker bite her. A group of burnt walkers stumbling out of the woods towards them gets them moving, though, and they run back to the house. Mika almost gets bitten when she gets tangled up in the barbed wire, but Carol and Tyreese arrive, and they, plus the girls, take out the walkers, all of them kind of terrible shots. Most noticeably, though, Lizzie fires alongside them, looking visibly shaken.

Notice Carol's notice.

Notice Carol’s notice.

That night, Carol talks Lizzie down, and says that, yeah, it’s tough, but it’s a part of growing up now, and that it’s going to change you. This after Lizzie tells her that she knows what she has to do now. AND NEITHER ARE BEING SPECIFIC ABOUT WHAT, EXACTLY, THEY MEAN.

And, by the way, any time somebody says any variation of, “I know now what I must do,” it is never a good thing. Not once. So, please, in that event, ask for clarification before allowing them to take any kind of solo action.

The next morning, Carol and Tyreese go hunting and he opens up to her about his nightmares of Karen, and about how he’s okay with taking a while to get to Terminus, or even staying at this little house, because he trusts Carol.

Whoop. Awkward.

Whoop. Awkward.


Carol feels turrible, and it looks like she might confess, but she offers him comfort and they decide to head back to the house. Where Lizzie is waiting. With her knife out. Dripping with blood.

The blood of her sister.

Because now Mika will turn and she’ll wake up different, but then they’ll all see that Lizzie was right. And she’s so fucking proud of herself, and she promises to do Judith next.

Man, fuck this show...

Man, fuck this show…


I’m so mad. I’m so mad for so many reasons. There was no reason for this. The characters have been fucking up so much lately that I’m wondering how in the hell-o kitty they’ve even survived this long. Tralala, let’s ponder the insanity of this child, but continuously leave her alone with smaller, weaker children who will defer to her, and who wouldn’t be able to fight them off if they tried, and who we actually know wouldn’t even fight her off because we’re concerned about the fact that the one is a consistently self-proclaimed pacifist who is dedicated to the crazy one as they are, in fact, the only blood relatives either of the has left on this earth and, B.) that the other one is, in fact, AN INFANT.

Oh, my gosh.

This fucking show. It’s killing me inside.

It’s like season 3 of Downton Abbey all over again.

That poor girl. I was hoping she’d either grow as a character, or stick to her metaphorical guns and actually stay away from literal ones because, damn it, it would have been really interesting to see how a character could potentially survive like that.

And, I know, the whole point they’re constantly trying to make on this show is that the good ones don’t survive, you have to do awful things, you ave to become hard to live in this world, blah, blah, blah, but there would have to be at least a few survivors who are still decent human beings statistically speaking, or by sheer luck! Or if the people who have done bad things could keep their heads out of their asses long enough to protect those better people because they’re their metaphorical link to the small spark of goodness still left in themselves!

I’M SO MAD. I’m so mad. I’M. SO. MAD. Oh, my goodness, I’m so mad.

ANYWAYS. Back to what’s happening in the show.

Carol tells Tyreese to take Lizzie and Judith inside, assuring Lizzie that she’s just gonna tie Mika up so that she doesn’t go anywhere when she “comes back.” Then she tearfully unsheathes her knife and we get to go to commercial so that we can take two minutes to reflect on our lives and how they’ve come to this point where we emotionally destroy ourselves every Sunday evening and then we call it entertainment.

Later on, Tyreese has cleared Lizzie’s room of any weapons or sharp objects, and her fucking box full of mice, and he says that she confessed to feeding the walkers at the prison and to doing THIS to that rat or whatever because she “was just having fun.”

I much prefer the inorganic humanoid version of Operation, thank you very much.

I much prefer the inorganic humanoid version of Operation, thank you very much.


He muses that maybe she was the one who killed Karen and David, but he can’t figure out how she could have gotten their bodies outside. But, ultimately, he and Carol realize that they can’t let her be around other people. And, the next morning, she takes Lizzie out for a walk, tells her that she loves her and that everything works out the way that it’s supposed to and to look at the flowers and count to three, and, to quote a Facebook friend, puts her down like it’s Old Yeller. “She’s my psycho; I’ll do it.”

They bury the girls next to the other grave already there and head on inside. Sitting at the table with the unfinished jigsaw puzzle, Carol slides her revolver over to Tyreese… And confesses.

She explains her reasoning, trying to stop the spread of the infection, and when he asks if it was quick, she promises him that it was. But he can do what he has to and he can kill her if he wants to. Because, really, at this point…

Fuck it.

Fuck it.


Sophia 2.0 got got and Carol had to put down another surrogate child. So, let Tyreese know the truth like he deserves because he’s a good man and… Because he’s a good man, he forgives her. “But [he] won’t forget.”

So, they pack on up and head back out on the train tracks towards Terminus.


Just to piss me the fuck off.

EVERY TIME. Just to piss me the fuck off.

So, what have we learned from this week’s episode?

1.) The writers are bad people and they hate all of us.

2.) New RULE #1 for the Zombie Apocalypse: Sociopaths need to GO. Just right fucking away. It’ll save us all a lot of trouble later on.

But let one of them do it for you because survival is all about how efficiently you can use your resources. Like crazy people. Flamethrowers are important, too.

Now, with two episodes left in the season, it still looks like next week is going to be featuring only a part of the cast, with Daryl and his new captors/crew possibly meeting up with and/or fighting against Glenn and Company, possibly with a glimmer of Rick, Carl, and Michonne, if the trailers are anything to go by, but we all should know by now that the previews are often pretty misleading.

Because 1.) The writers are bad people and they hate all of us.

I’m gonna go and cry some more now.

Seriously. Do I secretly hate myself or WHAT?!

Seriously. Do I secretly hate myself or WHAT?!

See you next week if I can pull myself out of the pit of despair in which I currently wallow.



The Walking Recap – TWD S4E10 “Inmates”

Not a lot happened on last night’s episode and, at the same time, a whole fucking lot did.

So, let’s get right on down to it.

No Rick, Carl, or Michonne this episode. Instead, we focus on the other prison survivors (and some not-so-survivors, briefly). The episode opens with fan-favourite Daryl, currently traveling with Beth. Despite her attempts to desensitize herself to all of the everything earlier this season, she is super full of feelings in this episode. As Daryl broods, staring morosely into their campfire, Beth is trying to goad him into searching for the others. When he doesn’t respond, she tells him that she’s just going to go off and find them all herself.

That's emotional blackmail, Beth, you little punkass.

That’s emotional blackmail, Beth, you little punkass.


Daryl, of course, begrudgingly follows her. I kind of feel like he might be getting a little bit tired of this shit, the whole “hero” thing. Like, shit, it would’ve probably been way the fuck easier to just be a racist murderer/probably-also-a-rapist-because-let’s-be-serious-about-this-for-a-minute like Merle.

True stories of the universe.

True stories of the universe.


So, they head on out into the woods and Daryl uses his hunter/tracker skills to look for disturbances in the trees that are man-made. They come across some tiny little footprints, and Beth reasons that the kids must be alive. Daryl very practically tells her that it only means that they were alive four hours ago. She challenges him to a faith-off, and he reminds her that faith wasn’t terribly effective for her dad. She proceeds to give him “The Look.”

"Look out guys, here it comes!" Haha, remember "Home Improvement?"

“Look out guys, here it comes!” Haha, remember “Home Improvement?”


Uuuuuunfortunately, after a kind of very awkward walker fight, they come across more walkers, eating some poor bastard, and totally ignoring the two living folks coming up, none-too subtly behind them. Daryl makes short work of them, though, and they survey the remains strewn about the side of the tracks. And, even more unfortunately, Beth is a girl and recognizes the only piece of recognizable anything; a tiny little black shoe. So, one of the kids that ran off got got. And Beth starts to cry… Standing straight upright, arms at her side.

Kind of squeaking.

Kind of squeaking.


It’s awkward. Daryl thinks so, too, and starts to walk further down along the tracks, giving her a little, “C’mon, you can cry while you walk,” head nod. The next shot is her ripping up her diary for kindling in a campfire which is already going pretty strong, so it’s supposed to tug as your heart, especially, since she’s been narrating this whole time, all her hopes and dreams about how the prison is perfect and they’re all going to live, and her dad keeps giving her advice and comfort and blah blah blah, but, bitch, you ain’t gotta burn your diary yet. That’s wasteful.

Cut to the next little vignette, where we see the young sisters Lizzie and Mika stalking through the forest. Mika is a little ball of feelings, mostly sorrow and fear, and she complains that she wants Carol. Which, of course, we all kind of do. Because she was AMAZEBALLS in the first half of the season. Lizzie, ever the satanist pragmatist, tells her to stop crying and hands her a knife. Ahead of them walks Tyreese who, when he turns his back, we see is carrying Li’l Asskicker!

This brother got to protect three little blonde girls... Oh, Tyreese. Run. Run like you on fire.

This brother got to protect three little blonde girls… Oh, Tyreese. Run. Run like you on fire.


Lizzie asks him, flatly, if everybody else is dead. He doesn’t answer, and her own sister speeds up to walk with the older man and leaver her sister behind her a ways. Because of REASONS.

In the next shot, Tyreese busies himself by bandaging a wound on his arm, then feeding the baby as Judith starts to cry, which freaks out Mika. Where they got formula from, who the fuck knows. BUT, while they’re busy tending to the baby, Lizzie is where..? Oh, that’s right. MUTILATING A RABBIT FOR NO FUCKING REASON. Like, bitch, that’s food. Y’all could eat some rabbit right now. But you just want to take a knife to its twitchy little face and leave it inside out inside of a hollow tree trunk? Right. Okay. Remember this moment?

From the midseason finale, when she shot that bitch in the face?

From the midseason finale, when she shot that bitch in the face?


SHE SMIRKED AFTERWARDS. RIGHT after she kills a woman, she’s like, “Ha. Boom, bitch.”

In this scene, she proceeds to tell them that this crying baby is going to be a problem, but the sound effects of walkers set them back on the run before they can address the issue. Daylight come, and they change a diaper. Zee baby, she cries again. Tyreese can’t get her to calm down right away, so Mika thinks it’s a good idea to punish him by pinching his arm right where his bullet or whatever wound is. A rustling in the bushes right fucking next to them causes Tyreese to bust out the hammer (no Dr. Horrible jokes, please; he’s with children) but it turned out to be a bird. The bird’s escape frightens Mika, who randomly decides to bolt into the woods alone. They chase her tiny little ass down and she bashfully admits that she got scared.

He tells her not to be sorry... As Lizzie stares at them and imagines how she would look in a suit made of their skin.

He tells her not to be sorry… As Lizzie stares at them and imagines how she would look in a suit made of their skin.


He tells her that she did the right thing, that she should run if she sees a walker, but that she should stick to her group as long as she’s in one. She apologizes again, for not being like Lizzie and he tells her that it’s okay because it’d be bad if they were both psychotic they might be different but they both get things done. She likens it to him and his sister Sasha and Lizzie smugly tells her that she’s not like Sasha, because Sasha’s not here. Tyreese, clearly getting the insinuation that his little sister must be dead/is inferiour to these little girls, is saved from slapping a child on screen by the sound of a woman’s screams somewhere off in the woods.

Alright, Captain Save-A-Ho.

Alright, Captain Save-A-Ho.


He hands the baby off to the crazy sister and forces the girls to stand back-to-back so that they can see in every direction. Mika, in a moment of panic and damn good child acting skills, begs him not to go. He hands her a handgun and assures her that she’s tough enough to handle this. She’s left with a baby, her secretly sociopathic older sister, and the ominousness of the seemingly perpetual woods of Georgia.

And seriously, do we really think that this is a good idea?

Tyreese happens upon the people who were screaming, coincidentally the worlds worst survivors, using a baseball bat as a poking tool and a rifle as a defensive tool. He barrels in to help them, but all of them get bitten because they’re all terrible at this whole living thing.



In the woods behind him, the girls are being attacked by walkers, so Mika takes a shot. She misses, but it makes Tyreese turn towards the sound, just in time to see a walker that was sneaking up behind him. Lizzie, meanwhile, is precisely negative eight thousand percent helpful because this whole tile she’s been trying to get the baby to stop crying…




Moral of the story? In the Zombie Apocalypse, if you THINK someone is a crazy person, they ARE a crazy person.

Moral of the story? In the Zombie Apocalypse, if you THINK someone is a crazy person, they ARE a crazy person.

Tyreese finishes up with the walkers at the train tracks and turns at the sound of his name being called.

I actually shouted out loud at this part. I missed this bitch.

I actually shouted out loud at this part. I missed this bitch.


Carol is back, and has saved the girls, because she totally has not been stalking them this whole time at all. Tyreese’s expression is unreadable as he rushes towards her, and she looks a bit trepidatious as well.

"Whoa, fuck, okay. I guess he DOESN'T know that I killed his lover. AWESOME."

“Whoa, fuck, okay. I guess he DOESN’T know that I killed his lover. AWESOME.”


They turn their attention back to the last survivor from the group that got mauled, bleeding from a bite to his neck and pleading with them to stay on the tracks, to follow them towards a safe haven where they’ll be able to take the children. They nod and leave him to A.) weep over the corpses of his loved ones, B.) bemoan his impending doom, and C.) eventually turn, joining the throngs of walkers already out there when they could have easily even just addressed the whole, “Hey, would you rather we just put you down or what?” question.

One time-lapse later, they’re traveling down the road, baby Judith super psyched at having her primary caretaker back, and Mika proud of how she didn’t run from her sister. Tyreese affectionately ruffles her hair and they take a quick break to drink up some of Carol’s water and for her to visibly struggle with lying to Tyreese, taking advantage of the fact that he’s clearly ignorant of all of the goings on when it came to her character, and telling him that she hadn’t gotten back from the supply run with Rick yet, having opted to stay out and find more materials for the prison.

Up ahead, the girls, who have been walking with hands held (so at least Lizzie does seem to genuinely care about her little sister), find a sign post with writing on it:

“Sanctuary For All

Community for All

Those who Arrive


And it’s called “Terminus,” which literally just means “End of the Rail Line,” and was an original name for Atlanta, but it’s still kind of an ominous name for a supposedly safe place. So that’s not creepy at all.

So, what are we thinking? Woodbury 2.0? Let's hope note. Because that's lazy writing if nothing else.

So, what are we thinking? Woodbury 2.0? Let’s hope note. Because that’s lazy writing if nothing else.


Cut to the next group of separated survivors, and we get a bit of banter between Sasha and Bob as she bandages the bullet wound in his shoulder. Maggie, meanwhile, is listlessly sharpening her knife on a river boulder and intermittently staring at her wedding ring.

Boy, is now really the time?

Boy, is now really the time?

Sasha approaches Maggie, telling her that their little rock in the middle of the stream has a good vantage point and will give them plenty of warning should walkers approach, so they ought to camp there for the night. Maggie is like, “‘Kay, y’all have fun, then,” and is ready to throw up deuces, intent on searching for Glenn. She says that she already couldn’t find Beth. I do not know, however, why she would specifically not be looking for the both of them at the same time.

Sasha insists that they not split up, but Maggie stalks off, intent on finding her husband, so Bob smugly tells her that they’ll have to follow Maggie, since splitting up is a bad idea. They walk along the road the bus was heading towards, talking about how unlikely it is for Glenn to have survived, and Maggie can totally hear them, since she can bee seen glancing back towards them from her short distance ahead. Soon enough, they stumble across the bus, stopped, sans any signs of life.

Whoop, okay, let's go back and make camp, guys.

Whoop, okay, let’s go back and make camp, guys.


For a moment, Maggie looks as though she’s going to crumble, but she steels herself and soldiers on. As they step closer, the folks inside lunge at them through the open and broken windows. They’re all walkers.

Extras. Whaddya gonna do?

Extras. Whaddya gonna do?

Maggie loses it a teensy bit again and makes for the emergency latch on the back of the bus. When Sasha and Bob move to stop her, she tells them that she still needs to see if Glenn is in there. If he’s one of them. So they opt to let walkers out one by one, and Maggie’s going to stab them in the head and keep her fingers crossed that none of them is Glenn.

Um... But windows are still a thing.

Um… But windows are still a thing.


This works for the first few walkers, but they all press against the door in an effort to progress the scene, causing Sasha and Bob to have to take them out. This works out great for Maggie because she has another freak-out, going semi-catatonic as she watches them pouring out from the bus, terrified that one of them might be the man that she loves. She wakes up once Bob shoots a walker that was just walking right up to her. Once the action dies down, Maggie whispers an apology and Sasha comments in a very “this is bullshit”-y tone that these people had gotten away. They’d escaped the prison and this should not have happened to them.

Maggie surveys the damage and briskly walks to the bus again, determined to search the interiour.

She's easily the best accessorized of the survivors. Her maroon shirt goes well with her red laces in her boots...

She’s easily the best accessorized of the survivors. Her maroon shirt goes well with her red laces in her boots…


The sound of flies buzzing and spooky music fading in greet her as she passes the rows of seat, covered in blood and in one case a good chuck of a human limb. On the floor, towards the front of the bus where she last saw him, a walker with a black shirt and shaggy black hair lies pinned, face down, under a girl with a bullet wound to the head. Maggie lifts the body from it and the thing scrambles to its feet, grabbing madly for her. She is able to stab it in the head quickly and with that Maggie Greene ferocity we’ve all come to know and love.

BOOM, bitch, get out the way.

BOOM, bitch, get out the way.


She stands for a moment, then collapses onto a bench.

This scene ends with some truly excellent crying/laughing/clearly losing a bit more sanity from Maggie.

This scene ends with some truly excellent crying/laughing/clearly losing a bit more sanity from Maggie.

Now, the last bit of this episode, we see Glenn. He’s not zombified. Rather, he’s just waking up to the dulcet tones of a hoard moaning below his perch and reaching for him. It’s the shot from the preview last week, and just guess where it turns out he is.

Didja guess?

Didja guess?






Realizing that he’s been left behind, and that he’s surrounded by hundreds of walkers, he heads back into the prison to gear up, taking his rifle, his riot gear, a photo of Maggie (which he cries over briefly and that’s why we love him), a duffel bag full of supplies, and a bottle of liquor with him. This whole time, you can see that he’s still kind of feeling under the weather. His plan?



Yeah. That’s him with the orange-ish duffel bag on his back. Also, fun fact, that riot gear leaves his whole entire neck completely exposed. SOMEHOW, his scrawny Asian ass manages to escape sans bitemarks and the DP has set up this nifty little POV shot where we’re the ones looking through the riot helmet. Aaaaaand who do we see?!

Why are all of you people just hanging around here?

Why are all of you people just hanging around here?

Tara, the gung-ho girl from the Governor’s second group who panicked once she realised that she was one of the villains, is just chilling in a chainlink cage, staring at the ground. For a moment, Glenn looks like he’s going to leave her behind, but we all know that he would never, so he turns back and pep talks her into following him. They use the liquor bottle to make a Molotov Cocktail, cause a distraction, and book it right on out of there.

Sheath that knife, though, woman.

Sheath that knife, though, woman.

Once in the clear, they pass by that same sign warning about hitchhikers an that same fucking burned out car, so that means that Maggie and Glenn are really close by one another, and have literally just missed each other by a matter of hours, tops. JUST to fuck with me.

They're doing this shit on PURPOSE.

They’re doing this shit on PURPOSE.

Anywho, Glenn learns of Herschel’s death and it only serves to fuel his determination to find Maggie. He tells Tara that she’s going to help him, and that Herschel told him that all that he has to do is believe, so that’s what he plans to do. She says that she wants to believe, and he tells her that she has to, just as another swarm of zombies comes upon them.

They fight them off but Glenn passes out shortly thereafter, the strain apparently too much for him, since he’s still all flu-y about it.

Now is not nap time, Glenn!

Now is not nap time, Glenn!


One walker is still active, and Tara caves its head in with the butt of Glenn’s rifle, just as an armoured truck appears. Out of it steps…

This bitch with no pants?

This bitch with no pants?


Abraham Ford and his crew. Folks from the comics. So, fans of the comics are excited. I have no fucking clue who these people are. Par for the course, when it comes to TWD, especially since I refuse to read the comics.

SO! What have we learned from this week’s episode?

  • The crew are all still relatively close in proximity to one another, and they keep missing each other.
  • Daryl and Beth are traveling together and Daryl is going to keep that little girl going.
  • Lizzie is a psycho.
  • Carol is back, and Tyreese has no clue about her actions. This is likely to blow up at the end of this season, given her timely return.
  • Tyreese and his ladies are heading for another promise of sanctuary.
  • Maggie is on the fucking edge, yo.
  • Glenn is trying to live up to Herschel’s ideals.
  • The lovebirds are SUPER devoted to each other and I’ll cry if anything happens to either of them.
  • Tara is a character now, so she may be a point of tension later.
  • Sergeant Abraham Ford is in play and, apparently, he’s a pretty big deal.

All of that in one new episode, even though it really kind of felt like nothing really happened at all! Ah, the reasons we love “The Walking Dead.” Soon enough, we’ll learn a little bit more about our new buddies.Plus we’ll be getting another check in with Michonne and the Grimes guys.

Until next week!