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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Trailer has been released

The first trailer for Sin City: A Dame to Kill for has been released.

The trailer does look good but so did the trailer for the first movie.  I liked the first Sin City, so I am hoping this one will be just as good.  Most sequels suffer from the second movie curse where they just don’t live up to the expectations of the first movie.  Since so much time has passed since the first movie I am hoping that will help this one to not suffer from the curse.

The movie stars Jessica Alba,Rosario Dawson and Mickey Rourke from the first movie, I am guessing a flashback of Bruce Willis since he is listed in the credits.  The movie also stars, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ray Liotta, Juno Temple, Eva Green, and Josh Brolin.

The movie will be released on August 22, 2014.

Some of our favorite stars at the Oscars

441098-oscars-2014-red-carpet-moments-jennifer-lawrencejennifer lawrence fall

The amazing Jennifer Lawrence our Katniss Everdeen, young Mystique, and everyone’s imaginary best friend.   I love this dress on her she looks absolutely amazing.  She is wearing Dior, which happens to be one of my favorite designers.  Of course being that she is J-Law she fell again, this time it was getting out of the car.  As you can see in the picture there was a horrible orange cone in her way.  Nick Hoult aka young Beast being the good boyfriend that he is, was there to help pick her up.


Chris Evans the handsome Captain America we’ll just forget that he as Johnny Storm at one point.  What man does not look good in a tux?  He stuck to the traditional look which I love, the only thing I am not feeling it all the beard.  I am not a huge fan of beards to begin with so for me that is the only thing I don’t like about his look.


Amy Adams the current Lois Lane, while she might have been an eh Lois Lane (that could have been the scripts fault) you cannot deny that she stuns on the red carpet.  I absolutely loves this blue Gucci dress.  I love how she let the dress be the showcase by not adorning much jewelry.


Benedict Cumberbatch the amazing Sherlock Holmes, was attending the Oscars for the first time.  He looks quite dapper in his tux, but did we expect anything less.  I love how he chose the classic look, which you can never go wrong with. This photo had to be taken before he was photobombing U2.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Sally Field who had taken on the role of Aunt May in the Amazing Spider-Man series.  I do love her look, she looks so elegant.  That dress looks great on her, I love the details on the dress and let’s be fair black looks great on everyone.


Christian Bale aka Batman (until the Superman Batman movie comes out Christian Bale is still Batman), while this does not give a full pic of his tux, he looks good.  I have never not seen Christian Bale not look good in a tux.  As with Chris Evans I am not feeling the whole beard thing.  I didn’t like the whole beard look on him in the Dark Knight Rises.


To compliment Christian Bale we have the lovely Anne Hathaway the most recent Selina Kyle.  I am normally a fan of what she wears but I could not get behind this dress.  While the pictures does not look all that bad, when she was on stage presenting, her dress was flashing so much it needed to come with an epilepsy warning.  This was just not a great look from Gucci.


Emma Watson the know it all Hermione, is usually much bolder when she picks her gowns.  Do not get me wrong I do like this dress and it does fit her really well.  Compared to what Emma normally wears it is rather dull in comparison.  In some ways this Vera Wang dress almost ages her instead of compliment her youthfulness.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the new Batman well at least according to Dark Knight Rises, looked great in his tux.  I have not seen any of the guys look bad in any of the tuxs.  JGL is pulling off his Calvin Klein tux rather well.

cate blanchett oscars

Cate Blanchett the lovely Galadriel in the LOTR /Hobbit series, who took home an Oscar last night.  Cate looked great on the red carpet in this Armani Prive gown.  While I am not a huge fan of all the flower like adornments on the dress, I do like the sequins and Swarovski crystals on the dress.  I do appreciate her earrings because they add to the dress instead of take away from it.

chris hemsworth oscars

The sexy lion Chris Hemsworth (that is at least what our lovely Patty calls him) aka Thor, looks great in his David August tux.  While I am usually not a fan of multicolored tuxs, I will admit I am a fan of the classic black, but I like the burgundy jacket and vest on him.

idina menzel oscarsidina menzel oscar

Idina Menzel the voice of Elsa in Frozen, while she only did a voice I had to include her because well Frozen won for Best Animated Feature and Best Song, which she sung last night.  I love this dress on her, it is so flattering.  I just love the color and her perfectly accented frosting.  I was so happy to hear her sing ‘Let It Go’ last night and she wore an amazing dress for that as well.  I love a well done nude dress.

Michael B. Jordan oscars

Michael B. Jordan the new Johnny Storm, well I have to say he look quite good in his tux.  He chose the classic look, which no man can go wrong with.  I am not sure how I feel about his shoes though, what is going on there?

jeremy renner oscars

Jermey Renner otherwise known as Hawkeye, looks very handsome in his tux.  I will admit I am more of a tie kind of girl then a bow tie kind of girl, so the white bow tie is the only thing I don’t like about this look.  It’s really not enough to make me hate it either.

jamie foxx oscars

Jamie Foxx, Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, look very handsome in his tux.  I have never seen Jamie Foxx not look good in a tux so it was no surprise that he looked good.  Jessica Biel also looked great presenting with him, she does get a mention because she was Whistler’s daughter in the third Blade movie.


For our last one Michael Fessbender the lovely young Magneto, he looked great in his tux, he stuck to the classic look.  While he does look good with a beard, I am just not a fan of them.  I do appreciate that he took him mom with him instead of his girlfriend so he gets major props for that.

benedict cumberbatch and michael fassbender

For a little treat Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Fassbender dancing together at the after party.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Sandman has a writer


Jack Throne has been brought on to write the Sandman movie that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is producing.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt also is hoping to star and direct the movie as well.

Jack Throne is a relatively unknown, one of the biggest things he is known for is Skins.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt has only directed one other movie Don Jon, which he also starred.

I do not know a lot about The Sandman but from what I have found it is about Morpheus who is the personification of dreams.  I am willing to bet that is a play on Morpheus from the Greek myths he was the God of Dreams.  Apparently, he was held captive for 70 years but he manages to escape.  Like any true superhero character, he has to seek revenge while trying to rebuild himself and adapt to new times.

This could be a really interesting movie since it deals with both the horror and fantasy genres.  Anything dealing with dreams is naturally going to have psychological aspects to it.  Since I am unfamiliar with this series, I can’t speculate if this will turn out good or bad.  From what I have discovered it does seem like this series will have a lot of facets to it.  In live action, it could be really cool, so I guess we will just have to wait and see as more develops with this story.